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 Hikari Country: Solo Rp: MY Bad

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PostSubject: Hikari Country: Solo Rp: MY Bad   January 21st 2014, 22:13

Inshitsu's head ached as he woke up in a bed. Inshitsu sighed assuming that he had been knocked out by Grave. 'Maybe one of his clone did it.', Inshitsu grimaced as he remembered yesterday's events up until landing on the island. Inshitsu threw the sheets off of him as he picked himself up off the bed. Inshitsu opened the room's exit and descended down a nearby staircase and walked out of the front door of the building that he had awoken in. He raised his hand to the top of his head feeling the throbbing of his head increasing rapidly. He saw that a hospital had been built three buildings down from where he was standing. He walked over to the front door of the hospital with his hand resting on top of his ever increasing pain originating from his skull. Inshitsu pushed the door opening witnessing the empty waiting room, with the nurse reading a book under her desk. Inshitsu walked to her desk placing his hand on top of the desk. The nurse noticed his hand and marked her page in the book, and turned to look at Inshitsu, "Yes?" Inshitsu groaned the words, "Can I get a checkup?" The nurse looked at him before looking at a file that was sitting on the corner of her desk. "The fee would be 190 Ryo if you can afford that." The nurse had a piercing glare that reminded Inshitsu strongly of someone that he could not figure out with his head in pain. Inshitsu placed the money for the check up, "Where is the doc?"

The nurse stood up, "Follow me." The nurse started to walk into a hallway that was on the right of the nurse's desk. She walked past 4 doors before stopping at the fifth door to guide Inshitsu to lay down on the bed inside of the room. "The doctor would be here shortly, I would recommend being asleep before he arrives." The look in the nurse's eye started to mess Inshitsu's thoughts making him question his option on his arrival here. As the nurse left the room, Inshitsu laid in the bed, his eyelids feeling heavy.

Inshitsu awoke to the sun shining into the room to a window across from the foot of the bed. Inshitsu gathered himself off the bed, rubbing his hand across the spot where his pain was coming from. As he rubbed over it, he felt a small lump. Inshitsu shook his head, walking over to the door to exit the hospital. Inshitsu walked back down the hallway that nurse had guided him up. As he reached the waiting room, he noticed the lack of a nurse at the greeting desk. He shrugged as he walked over to the front door pushing it open. As he left the building he heard a voice say behind him, "Cya." Twisting around to see who had said the word, he noticed the back of the nurse's head that had guided him in the hallway. Smirking to himself, he let the door shut behind as he walked out into the sunny day to meet up with the shinobi that had brought him here in the first place.

Word Count: 533 Words
Exp: 267 Exp
Bonus: 27 Exp
Total: 294 Exp
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Hikari Country: Solo Rp: MY Bad
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