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 ~The Redemption~ {Shadow|Christine}

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PostSubject: ~The Redemption~ {Shadow|Christine}   January 22nd 2014, 21:36

Shadow walked through his underground Lab before he went into his medicine room, looking at the finished progress on the things he had been making. He added ingredients to those that needed it. He turned and walked back out, and now that the hours had gone by, he had come to the room that had been in the sleeping quarters. He saw Christine sitting there, curled up in a ball. She looked as though she had slept, but it hadn’t been the greatest sleep that she had. Shadow unlocked the door and came in.
“I’m assuming that you didn’t sleep as well as you would have hoped…” he said. She looked up at him, then back down. Shadow sighed. He gave her a clean cloak that says she was a recruit of Gesshoku. “Let’s go…” he said as he had put chakra strings on the cloak. She put it on and stood up, looking at him.
“Why… are you helping me…” she said.
“Because… you are skilled, and you are alone… much like I had been.” He turned and, with his chakra now attached to her, disappeared in a black flash, with her behind him. They reappeared in his office. He sighed. She looked around, confused.
“How did we…”
“Never you mind, woman.” He walked out of the office. As he walked by, he saw an oversized new recruit who seemed to be very cocky. Others moved to the side as the Black Serpent walked by. As they crossed path, the oversized man pushed Shadow to the side, making him hit the wall. Some gasped, as the sidekick of this oversized man whispered.
“What the hell were you thinking… he’s the Black Serpent…He’s a Phoenix… “ he said. The man stopped and looked at the man, before turning to look at Shadow who had just been leaning against the wall.
“You mean that puny punk…” he said. He began to laugh. Shadow sighed, as he felt this connection between his summons and his mind. The one wrapped around his waist with light blue streaks came snapping out of Shadow’s cloak like a tail, gripping the man up by the shoulder. It pulled, as Shadow twirled, and held his arm out, letting Nishash come out of the arm, grip him but the neck, and slam him against the wall. Without any seals, Shadow hit the man in the chest. About five seconds later, ther man screamed for dear life. He then stopped, shaking. Shadow had just put him in a Genjutsu. He dropped him, and the man slid down the wall. He hung his head low, as to bow to Shadow. Shadow petted him.
“There, there, my pet…” Shadow continued walking, with Christine following him. He walked through, before getting near the monitoring room, where there had been dozens working, with a fellow Phoenix working as the head.
“What is this place…” Christine asked. “You seem so evil, yet you’re working with Eliot…”
“We are an organization. Gesshoku Akatsuki. We are compromised of both light and darkness, co-existing to be unbiased to any task.” He began. Eliot turned, looking at Christine. He just stared for a minute, before he looked at Shadow. Shadow walked up to him.
“Might I ask… why her… you know what she did to us…” he began to whisper.
“She’ll be useful, I’m sure… we know what she is capable of.” Shadow said.
“Yea… betrayal.”
“Well… so be it. We can handle it. I don’t say I trust her… but she now has nobody. And if everything about her is evil… we know how loyal she can be.” He said. Eliot sighed.
“Very well…”
‘Dark Ops to HQ’ said a voice in the headset of Eliot.
‘Vision here… go on.’
‘Vision… great, a Phoenix. We’re a pack on an operation for the Black Serpent… we found information…” he began, before Eliot pressed a button and the feed began to go back to Shadow’s head set. “The ones you are looking for have headed to Konoha… they are actually on a Mission to find the Black Serpent for… stealing something in question. They are sending ALL of the higher ups…” he said. Shadow smirked.
“You’ve done well…” Shadow said. “Return to base, take two days off to get drunk and get laid…” he said. Shadow grabbed one of the generic Gesshoku masks and gave it to Christine. She put it on. “Pour chakra into this and it turns into a mask…” he said. She could feel the control. It closed into a full mask. He turned to Eliot and bowed. He turned to Christine and they walked towards the armory.
“What’s going on…”
“Revenge… that’s whats going on. All those in the Black Spider Clan… all of the higher ups, are looking for me. They are going to Konoha.”
“So… we kill them. All of them… you need to sleep easier.”
“We can’t honestly take them on…” she said. Shadow nodded.
“But we can…” he said. He walked her into the armory. “Get everything you need…” he said. She looked around. He looked back at him.
“Seriously…” he said. She smirked. Her confidence had returned. He smirked as she geared up. “You ready?”
“Lets go…”
With his chakra still on her, they vanished into the nothingness, reappearing at the home he previously had in Konoha. Shadow looked around, and there had been nothing tampered with.
“They haven’t quite made it here yet…” he said to her. She looked a little paranoid, but she quickly sobered up at the looked at him looking at her. He put his arm out, and Nishash came slivering down his arm. She went out the window and began to scout. Shadow, on the other hand, went to the kitchen and grabbed some drinks.
“Now… when they come… we have to take the fight outside. This is partly my home. I don’t want it being destroyed…” he said. Shadow handed her a drink, and they sat there, just quietly for about fifteen minutes. Soon Nishash had come slivering back in, and into his cloak from his leg. “It’s play time…” he said. He stood up, and Christine stood in front of the door with an oversized fan. He smirked, as he held out his arm, and Nishash came extending from it. Hayabusa could see their chakra waiting outside the door. They were about to penetrate, five men strong. The moment they bursted through the door, she waved her heavy wind bearing fan, as Nishash blew out a ball of fire. The two combined sent out a heat wave that sent all of them blown away. Shadow smirked, as they both stepped outside. There were seven other people with green and white cloaks with black spiders on them. One of them had been Bayman.
“So… you escaped…” he said to Christine.
“Ok… listen…” Shadow said. I will let the lot of you live… all you have to do is bring me the new Cobra…” he said. They all laughed. “I know the grand council know where he… or she… is. Do so now… or simply… you will die…” he said. He smirked under his mask as they all continued laughing. Shadow smirked. He shrugged.
“Ok…” he said. He looked at Christine, who had finally snapped out of her insecurity, and gotten serious. This was her past crew. “Here… we go…” he said. Shadow performed a few hand seals, and there before hime, black flames rose up. They formed a clone. They quickly began to run forward. Five of the seven ran forward, as Two of them went straight forward the clones. Shadow had been apprehended by two of them, as Christine had been in one on one conflict. The two had both slashed the clones in half, and the moment they did, the clones bursted into black flames, engulfing the both of them and putting them in critical condition. Christine had engaged in hand to hand combat, activating her Cobra style. She would have made for a good Hyuuga. She had the upper hand. Shadow looked at the two coming at him. He jumped forward, twirling in the air. The one snake came from the tail, biting the neck of one, whilst Nishash came out, wrapping around the other. The other had use Shushin No Jutsu, getting out immediately, before reappearing behind Shadow. Shadow turned, round house kicking her into the air, before quickly performing handseals and blowing out a Black flame that disintegrated her body completely. He smirked, as he looked at the unconscious body by him, that had been one of the first two victims. He took out a kunai and lodged it quickly into the body. It killed that one off. He looked at Christine, who had just lodged her fingers piercing into her opponents throat, ripping it out. She then looked at the other unconscious one on the ground, running towards it ready to pierce as well. Bayman had made it there first, grabbing her wrist before the heart of the knocked out one was struck. The second and final remaining fighter had been so quick that she had been right behind Bayman, with his blade out, ready to strike Christine down. Shadow, in a black flash, reappeared right in between them. He moved his left wrist in a counter clockwise direction, then used his right to place a seal on the man’s arm. The man looked stunned, as he looked at the seal on his black skin. He put his hand on Bayman, whose foot had been on the other partner, and the three of them disappeared instantly. Did this person have the same exactl technique? Shadow turned to see them grab the dead bodies of their fallen comrades.
“Do not think this is over… Christine… and you are?” said Bayman.
“Just call me the Black Serpent of Gesshoku Akatsuki.”
“Very well… you will be seeing us again…” he said. The three remaining alive, with the three dead bodies vanished. Shadow smirked. He looked at Christine, whose battle lust had been at its highest. He closed the door behind him, summoning one of his snakes.
“Watch this place, Nisha… if you see any body, let us know immediately.”
“Yessss Lord Sssshadow…” he said. Shadow looked up as the snake slivered away. He wondered…
“Yukimura…” he said. He looked at Christine. “Come on… lets go get a drink…” he said. She smirked, and off they walked…
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PostSubject: Re: ~The Redemption~ {Shadow|Christine}   January 22nd 2014, 21:37

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PostSubject: Re: ~The Redemption~ {Shadow|Christine}   January 22nd 2014, 21:37

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PostSubject: Re: ~The Redemption~ {Shadow|Christine}   

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~The Redemption~ {Shadow|Christine}
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