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 Solo RP - Yin & Yang & Defense System [Hikari Country]

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PostSubject: Solo RP - Yin & Yang & Defense System [Hikari Country]   January 31st 2014, 18:04

Grave had awoken with the young girl that he met standing over him. “Hi  sleepy head!” Grave jumped back with shock a bit and started at her. “Why….were you over me like that?!” She laughed tilting her head, “Because you over did yourself again. But I was also making sure you were okay.” She had pointed to the village they had constructed. “Nice…isn’t it…we were able to do this together everyone came and placed the village together while you were resting.” Grave had let a small smile break from his expression as he turned a bit shaking his head. “Alright…well then it seems like its my turn to begin the next phase of the plan. Since I’ve released the jutsu I should be able to take care of it all.” Smiling back at her he had soon smiled and turned to place his hands together, “Kage Bunshin no jutsu!” After which seven clones had appeared this time looking over at him. “You all know the mission correct?” The clones nodded as he gave them each 2 rectangle tag. “Using the front side for the barrier…the back is the sealing jutsu that will stop enemies that see the tag. Its going to be a double protection barrier. The first layer is hidden while  the second one will be noticed on purpose. The third barrier will be me….that way the village can stay somewhat safe.” The young girl looked over at Grave and leaned over towards him saying, “You had this planned out didn’t you…” Grave turned his head, “Yes…it was the help from my brother that it became somewhat possible. Because I wanted to make the village safe but also keep the children safe. I cannot become the leader of the village just yet…not until I prove my worth in Kumo.”

Grave smiled at her and then turned away saying, “I’m a priest…but also a Kumo shinobi…I didn’t want to scare the children which is why I never told when we first met.  I had hidden my headband…So please forgive me for that.” She shook her head lightly, “Forgive you? You came to us willing to protect us and get everyone out from this dark world we were living it. To bring us to this world of light…please continue what you do best and show the children of the village what it means to truly be a savior.” Grave blinked nodding at her as he quickly vanished off with the clones  to me on the shores of the island. As they appeared he looked over at them, “Now…there are two rules for the tags…the first is simple, upon placing the Barrier jutsu you must make the rule, “Active upon placement.” That way the barrier will trigger, but for the sealing jutsu the rule must be, “Seal Upon Removal.” This will cause the second jutsu to trigger upon removal. Sealing one’s chakra from which only I can unseal is that understood?” The clones nodded as the each vanished off to their different locations. That afternoon it seemed to be different for Grave but he wasn’t too sure how it would be. As he was jumping to the northern part of the island with the trees passing him and the sunlight beaming down from between the open branches.

Grave soon arrived at the northern part of the island to set up the tag’s placement. Though Grave was placing the tag up on a tree he felt as though something or someone was keep watch of him. ‘Odd…the seal has been placed up and I figured I didn’t need the barrier to detect anyone…but this feeling…’ Before he could even finish his thought the attack came with swift at Grave. Jumping up onto the tree he quickly pushed off with his feet and  launched away from the attacker. Only to see that it was a white tiger, “Strange…I didn’t notice the wildlife here to begin with.” But soon he got into a defensive stance watching the white tiger only to notice its eye had given off a shine. After that moment of watching the tiger’s eye, Grave jump upwards as another tiger came from behind him trying to strike him down. “Tag Team?! What in the world…I’ve never seen anything from animals.” Grave landed looking over at them and smiled, “You to…must be brothers…” The tigers roared at Grave as they charged at him once again. Grave jump up avoiding the attacks once more landing in the tree keeping watch of them but soon was attacked from the side, “What the hell!? How did you manage that!?” The black tiger appeared with ease coming at Grave from the side only for him to quickly duck watching the tiger jump over him. As he landed on the ground the White Tiger came from above to get Grave only for him to quickly jump backwards looking carefully at the tigers.

“Great…I didn’t even finish the damn seal with…I might as well finish this battle off and get back to work.” Grave stated as he pulled his shakujo from behind him and spun it around his hands aiming it at the Tigers. “You want to play then here we go!” Soon the tigers let out a strong roar as they were reacting to the staff. Grave tilted his head for a bit of confusion as the beasts started walking off towards something in the woods. Grave shrugged following closely behind them, only to arrive at a strange sight that had the same staff placed into the ground. But beside it was the remains of a priest that wore a blue and white robe. Blinking at this Grave noticed that boy had turned to bones already. The tigers laid beside it as though they were carrying for it. Soon Grave nodded, “I see…so the person use to be your master…” Grave sighed lightly only to see a phantom appear before them. The tigers looked up at it knowing of its presents already. Grave stepped back watching as the phantom came into view. “Hello…young priest it seems you’ve come meeting my dear friends…Yin and Yang.” Grave was about to answer until the voice said, “Do not try and speak as my chakra is placed within this staff is fading…I wish for Yin and Yang to have a new master but nobody would be  able to understand them like a priest could. If you would be so kind could you please watch over them both for me. As my time in this world is now up…” Grave bowed before the priest as the person stepped closer to him placing their hand on his head.

After which the phantom vanished only in a blinding light having Grave set up with his eyes glowing faintly a sky blue color before fading. “Hmm…odd I thought I felt something…” Soon the tigers roared in sorrow as Grave smiled saying, “Yin and Yang come…you can come live with my friends and family. But I have to place up this tag and get everything started.” Upon turning to reach his first point on the island Grave bite his thumb and craved the techniques within the front and back of the tag and placed it up. “Now…everyone else should be done..” Doing the first hand seals he slapped his hands together yelling out.” Asakura - Hachi Kasho Kekkai Fuuin” The tag glew as it started connect to the other tags creating a barrier bubble. But he hurried to the next location to place up the second barrier as he had the tigers follow behind him. As they reached the next location Grave quickly placed up the next tag and took his blood across the tag placing it up onto the ground as he quickly did the hand seals, “Asakura - Hachi Kasho Kekkai Fuuin” After which the seal was placed now it was time to trigger the actives of the seals, performing several different hand seals grave finished, “Tensha Ketsueki Fuuin, Active! FRONT – ACTIVE UPON PLACEMENT!!, BACK – SEAL UPON REMOVAL!” After which the tag he had placed started to glow bright red before fading back and becoming a normal tag. “Good…Now everything is up and set for the protection field its time to head home don’t you agree Yin and Yang?” The tigers roared as Grave took off heading back to Kousen. As he arrived at the village Grave sighed to see the clones appear and nodded as they all did their hand s seal to vanish to have Grave smiled with him saying, “Asakura - Hakken Kekkai” Clapping his hands on himself the barrier expanded outwards on around himself but was pushing little further only expanding to the amount of 70 meters. “This is as far as I can get it until later…training.” Grave sighed as he started walking over to the children as the tigers followed behind him. The kids looked wanting to pet them, “Hey…can we…pet them?” A few kids asked having Grave turned laughing a bit. “That’s up to them not me to decide.”

The tigers looked at one another as though they were nodding to each as they picked up the two young kids, one a girl and the other a boy. The silver haired girl looked over at them as the kids where riding the tigers. Smiling at them she turned to see Grave smiling back as the tigers playing with the kids. Grave sat down on the ground as some other came over to start work on building the village up a little bit more. “How did everything go Grave?” Grave turned his attention to her saying, “Everything went well actually but I’ve decided we need to have everything else.” Turning his attention over at the work areas before smiling, “Now with everything completed we should be able to run our own lives right easily?” The young girl nodded at him as she continued to blush behind his back. As the tiger’s roars could be heard he smiled looking at them and the children playing. “Time to get the houses build up and ready to go I rather have an emergency location for all of us.” Grave smiled as he started paying the laborers for there help.

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Solo RP - Yin & Yang & Defense System [Hikari Country]
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