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 Hikari Country - Mission(s)

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PostSubject: Hikari Country - Mission(s)   April 26th 2014, 06:30

The day was newly born and the century old sun rising over the ocean, Raijin laid in his bed still. Peacefully asleep and not minding the dream he was enjoying, the young man finally stirred from his slumber as he heard some bustling about in the city where he and Grave now ran and controlled, it was hard to believe that they now owned their own civilization, for it was a rather tough place to be and become accustomed too but he was fitting in well enough. Sitting up he slowly opened his eyes and rubbed the eye gunk out of them he looked around his empty room and sighed as he turned and sat up at the edge of his bed before yawned deeply, a loud knock knock at his door woke him up fully and alerted him, “now who would be knocking at this early hour?” he thought to himself as he walked to the door of his bedroom opening it before he threw on a shirt as he walked to the front door.

Opening the door with a steady yawn he peered out the door to see a young genin holding a scroll, “the village elders sent me to give you this scroll Raijin-sama.” the young genin said with a bow, taking the scroll he looked to the boy and motioned for him to come inside, “don't be shy boy, come and enjoy the presence of one of your upper class shinobi... even though I am a samurai.” Raijin said as he turned around and walked into the house, walking to the kitchen he placed the scroll on the table before he grabbed a couple glasses before filling them with juice from the fridge, after a bit of tinkering around in the kitchen he returned to the living room where the young genin was, he smirked as he entered the room to find the boy staring and gawking at Raijin's swords that rested on the mantle in the room above the fireplace. “Weapons are tools and are mainly mostly known as an extention of ones body, never to be thought of just as a weapon.” Raijin said the genin turned around and nodded taking the advice in. Setting the glasses down he sighed as he opened the scroll and slowly read it as he enjoyed his glass of juice, while he read it he sighed with exhaustion at the end, “get further in the world... everything gets better when your stronger!” Raijin said mocking himself as he set the glass on the coffee table before he looked back to the boy, “take your time with the world, don't ever rush to be like me, even if you want to fight to change the world, it will always requires a large sacrifice on your own behalf, not to mention you have to put in more time on missions and stupid stuff like these.” Raijin said tossing the mission scroll onto the coffee table.

The young genin turned and looked at Raijin with a confused look on his face now, “what do you mean Raijin-sama?” the boy asked, Raijin looked at him and laughed, “I mean, take your time with youth, your still young, hell I'm still young but I was cursed with the nobility and honor of being a samurai, I must firstly follow the way of the bushido.” Raijin said as he grabbed his glass of juice again and started to drink it, “I also mean, the stronger you become, and the more experienced you become, the more the higher ups demand out of you, hell, I'm probably barely older than you by 5 years, how old are you?” Raijin asked, the genin looked at him, “I'm only 12 sir, but I want to become strong just like you and Grave-sama.” he said, once Raijin heard this he burst out laughing, “boy, we're not strong, we just have a strong bond between us that allows us to push ourselves further than we normally could on our own.” Raijin said as his laugh simmered to a soft chuckle now. “Believe it or not I'm only eighteen and I'm only a chuunin from the land of Kumo but my ancestors derive from the great samurai line of Iron Country, a land forged of cold and hardness, everyone is a more concerned about whose better then who and all these other things that I find useless and a waste of time, I care not for whose better than who, I just wish to end the world of all the suffering and hatred everyone seems to have for one another, but how the world is going, chaos and death will first be known, a burden me and Grave will have to bear to free the world of all this hatred and malice.” Raijin added as he stood up, “Run and tell the village elders I will meet with them about the mission, first I must get my gear together and get ready, as well as prepare.” Raijin finished before he finished the rest of his juice before he made a few hands seals and placed his hand to the floor, after the smoke settled a woman stood there, “ah, Aoi, glad to have you back, I'm going to need your assistance on this mission.” Raijin said as he continued to his room to get his gear and everything ready.

After a while Raijin emerged from his room with all of his gear equipped and he sighed as he was finishing tightening one of the belts to ensure his gear was equipped properly, he turned and looked in the house as it was spotless once again and he sighed, “time to go.” he said as he closed the door and locked up the house and turned and walked out into the street before a cloud of smoke sudden appeared in place of Raijin, he reappeared outside of the elders of the villages building, a old folks home if he ever saw one, sighing he kept the samurai helmet with the mask on and walked in through the door to walk face to face with the village elders, “Ah! There you Raijin-sama, we were waiting for you, come we need to talk to you in private.” one of them said as they turned and walked towards the meeting room. Once in the meeting room Raijin looked over at them both as they sat down in a pair of chairs that were side by side each other. Raijin walked over and leaned on a chair that was across from the village elders, “So what's this mission that your so concerned about? The scroll you gave me was a bit... scimp on the details.” Raijin said as he looked to the elders, they looked at each other before one of them pulled out the information needed and shown that it was classified, “normally we'd make this a special ops mission... but you and Grave are the only strongest shinobi we have strong enough to encounter one of these missions... your rank we found out is only chuunin rank, so we lowered it to your level but that's the problem, we had to make it a special case and which case it's a BB-rank mission, but you need to be very cautious about this mission thought, because it might be another country trying to invade upon us, or it might be bandits trying to take over the village taking it over to hold for ransom, what ever you find be careful.” one of the elders said, the other elder looked over and nodded, “I agree, be careful on your mission, for you and Grave our the top ranks of this village, this is why we are entrusting you with this mission right now.” the other elder said. Raijin looked at the elders and sighed heavily as he walked over and leaned on a the back of a chair, “I hear what your saying and I will be very cautious on this mission and I'll do my best to sabotage them and their attempts, to do anything too soon, and I don't intend on dying at all lately because I have things in my life that I need to have done.” Raijin said as he looked over out the window, he stood there for a moment and looked back to them and shrugged his shoulders, “I'll see you when I get back, but the gear I get on this mission I keep.” Raijin finished as he stood up and walked to the door before he turned around and said, “well? Do we have a deal?”Raijin finished as he looked back at them.

Raijin turned around and walked out the door before they could answer, as soon as he walked out the door before the door fully closed a cloud of smoke appeared where he once stood and was no longer there. Raijin appeared outside the city walls and sighed heavily before he looked back to the city before he vanished again in the direction of where the village was, after a long boat ride to the islands shore before it turned back. Standing on the shore he looked up to the sun and then back to the rest of the island, “so this is the infamous island that these people have gone missing from, weird...” Raijin said as he took a step forward before he looked around, taking in his surroundings, “I wonder whats going on around here...” Raijin thought to himself as he walked further into the forest, looking around carefully as he did, eventually showing up around the signs of life being nearby, but at the same time it wasn't. Raijin remained hidden within the trees or shadowing himself enough to blend in to the surroundings, “somethings not right... somethings not right at all here...” he thought to himself, there were some traces of differences in feet size and movements,

Raijin looked around even more so until he heard a voice off in the distance, “what the hell is going on?” he thought to himself as he looked in the direction of the voices, he walked towards it keeping to the shadows before he heard the voices getting louder, looking around he found a patch of forest and ran to it as stealth was the whisper of the wind in the shadows of night, but the problem was once he got there the patch of forest exploded and he ducked down to avoid most of the chunks of forest that was shot out at him from the explosion, looking around his ears were ringing from the explosion, his vision blurry as he looked around until it all came back, before he saw it, a ship, with cannons on the side, what the hell was going on? No one dared sail these waters for the sandbars were randomized unless one knew the waters well enough, the water itself shifted the sands around in these waters and made it that much harder to sail the waters. But a ship? What the hell was going on! Raijin got up and vanished into another cloud of smoke before he appeared off in a lock of trees before he pulled out a tag and scroll sealing all the gear he couldn't swim in and got all the gear he needed for a stealth mission like wire, stealth weapons like kunai's and shuriken.

Running out along the beach he ran and dove into the water and swam deeply down and looked up using the sense and feel of his skill to feel around the water from his training with the mizukage herself, swimming up now he came underneath the ship and noticed that the things in the water were something more feared then most normal sea creatures, he avoided them easily enough though, rising to the surface slowly he rose his head out of the water slowly enough to not make a sound, he placed his hands on the side of the boat and started to climb up out of the water, after he scaled the side of the boat he could here sea lovers on the ship, “why the hell are pirates here of all places?” he thought to himself, sneaking onto the ship he made his way through the ship without being spotted before he placed explosive seals all along the ship making sure they would be seen, he found no traces of the villagers on the ship yet before he heard one of them talking about them, “man, that chiefs daughter was a total babe! I wish I could have shown her how to handle my--” one sailor said, “shut your pie hole, the captain will have you lashed for talking that way.” another said before he got up and walked away leaving the one alone by himself Raijin looked at him and waited to see if there was another before he blended in with the ship and snuck up on the sailor by himself, pulling a kunai and grabbing the sailor and pulling him him backwards placing the kunai's tip against his neck and pulled a cloth around the sailors mouth to prevent him from yelling out in alarm, the sailor kept quiet and tried to take in the sight, “scream and I'll remove your voice before you have the chance.” Raijin whispered into the man's ear, the sailor tried to struggle against Raijin but failed as he had the grasp and hold on the man, “you have no chance of escape and none of your friends will find your body.” Raijin added as he pressed the katana into the man's throat towards his adams apple.

The sailor quickly nodded his head and squirmed trying to get the blade from within his skin, a few drops of blood skirted their way down his body until they vanished either into the clothing he was wearing or else where, “where did the villagers go?” Raijin asked, the pirate squirmed a bit more before the cloth was loosened up just a bit, “dar gun mud del da wen sor--” he pirate tried saying before Raijin pulled the cloth from his mouth a bit but kept him frozen still, “I was trying to say, that they made a deal, that deal with south, now their being held captive in a cove until their leader gives up or die--” the pirate was saying before the kunai entered the man's heart from a weird location that wouldn't reveal he was stabbed, but someone soon would find him dead. But he wouldn't alloy them to do so before he blew up the entire ship.

Running and diving off the ship back into the water and making his way back up the beach he snapped his fingers and the ship erupted in a giant explosion before he vanished into a cloud of smoke. After a long while Raijin appeared at the entrance of the cove where the pirate told him of the location, “great... time to do this all over again.” Raijin said to himself as he vanished again walking along the roof of the cove being careful to remain with the shadows of the coves roof, he wondered around until he found the layout of the map, he then turned to find the guards layouts and routes. After a long while he found the layout of their surveillance and their patrol routes, he then continued to find the leader which wasn't to hard before he found the villagers but not the village leader. “Where the hell is their chief? He's got to be around here somewhere...” Raijin thought to himself as he continued to search the cove until he found that there was a secret hidden tunnel in the cove that they were hiding him in as they tortured him, Raijin watched closely before he found an opening and their weaknesses before he dropped to the floor of the kid with his katana drawn before he threw a shuriken into the back of a guard to catch all their attention, “what was that?” one of the pirates said to the captain, “I don't know you blundering baffoon, go look you scallywag!” he said as he kicked on of the men in the ass and sent him sprawling, before he turned around to the chief of the village and pulled out a dagger and placed it against the chiefs skin, “now tell me... where is the gold that you and your people hid?” the captain asked inquiringly, the pirate that was sent sprawling towards where the dead pirate was regained his balance and looked amongst the body of the dead pirate before he slumped over with a shuriken in the base of his neck as well, “Cap'n we got us a prob'em seems dar be an infil--” the pirate said before the captain shot him in the back of his head, “SHUT IT! YOU BLABBERING SCALLYWAG!” The captain shouted before he holstered his pistol again, “I'm trying to hear this man tell me where the hidden booty is!!” he added, Raijin stabbed the last pirate remaining in the room with his sword before he vanished back into the shadows to appear behind the captain after it caught his attention all of his men were dead, “bloody 'ell!--” the captain started but was cut off by the fact that Raijin removed the pirates head from his neck with a clean slice, “silence is virtue.” he said before he cut the chief free, “gather your people and take them home, all the guards and the last of the pirates are all dead.” Raijin said as he vanished from the site of the chief completely.

After a long amount of running back home he finally made it after he found a port and bought a boat ride back home, after returning he arrived to be greeted by the village elders as soon as he arrived and sighed heavily before he turned to look over his shoulder in the direction of the island, “the mission is complete, your going to need to train sea fighting based shinobi on patrol in our area, as there are now pirates trying to take over villages for their own personal gain.” Raijin reported before he sighed heavily and scratched the back of his head, “I'm exhausted so I'm going home to sleep.” Raijin added as he turned and vanished into a cloud of smoke from the elders and arrived back at home. He walked up to the door and rested against it for a brief moment before he unlocked it and went inside and closed it behind him locking the door and just walking in as he undid all of his gear dropping all of it on the floor of his room, “sleep... I'm exhausted...” Raijin said as he plopped onto the bed passing out back into a dream of distant fake reality that he could enjoy the rest of in his sleep.
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Hikari Country - Mission(s)
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