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 Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton]

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PostSubject: Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton]   May 3rd 2014, 20:20

Inshitsu stood outside the limits of the village of Kousen in a nearby forest that he saw when leaving the village. The forest wasn’t large by any means, but it was dense enough to bloc k people outside the forest from seeing. Inshitsu walked through the forest, placing his hands on the trees to ease his footsteps; he saw a clearing near the edge of the wall of trees that had blocked outside sight. Stepping into the clearing, Inshitsu looked up to notice that the sun had just hit its noon position in the sky. Inshitsu nodded to himself, “Gotta finish up quick, I need my wellness nap after all.” He stood still near the middle of the clearing and held his hands in a tiger hand sign to allow himself to clear his mind of any and all thoughts. He felt his thoughts vanish from his hand as he began to form hand signs that he had seen in a dream of his. He did not know what the hand signs would do, and he certainly had no clue as to what element the justu would be. He just wanted to see if he had a clue as to what it would be. As he finished the hand sign of the justu, he felt the energy start to build up. Holding his breath, Inshitsu thought, panicky, what he could’ve done. The pent-up energy vanished shortly after he tried to think of what the result would’ve been. Cursing himself for not focusing all of his energy into the technique, Inshitsu let his hands drop to his side as he felt the fatigue hit his body. Pushing aside his feeling of failure, Inshitsu started to transverse his way through the trees surrounding the clearing that he had been training in. Inshitsu took one glance at the noon sun before he headed into the mess of trees in front of him.

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Bonus Exp : 16 Exp
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Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton]
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