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 Hikari - Solo RP[Justu Creation and Hospital]

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PostSubject: Hikari - Solo RP[Justu Creation and Hospital]   May 10th 2014, 18:07

Inshitsu’s walk to the clearing outside of the city felt very rejuvenating to him as the sun shined brightly upon the world’s surface, and the trees shimmered with the gentle breeze of the morning’s wind. Studying earlier with his knowledge of charka, Inshitsu had a vague idea and hope of what could happen throughout the day, ‘I either come out unharmed, or I don’t come out at all. Man, life is pretty brutal.’ Inshitsu took his usual spot at the center of the clearing. Inshitsu’s breathing became slightly unstable as the thoughts of what could occur went through his head again. Inshitsu shook his head to clear the thoughts of death out of his head. Inshitsu started to form the first hand sign, but hesitated as he struggled to remember the true formula of the justu he had left floating around in his head.  ‘Uh…what the heck did I think it was? Was it tiger or was it monkey?’ He stopped with his right hand tapping his forehead as he uncluttered his thoughts from earlier the morning.  Tracing his thoughts back to his studying, he realized that he had gotten the formula incorrect in the first place as he had used the incorrect hand sign to begin the justu. Inshitsu shook his head at himself, “Remember when you were smart?” He let out a sigh,”Didn’t think so.” Inshitsu regained his initial position placing his hands in front of his chest. Inshitsu’s hands blurred as he ran through the hand signs in his plan. Upon the completion of the hand signs pattern, he felt the energy drain out of him as the lightning crackled around his hands towards a rock lying in the clearing. The lightning struck the rock, causing it to crack along its outer layer. Inshitsu stood frozen, and stared blankly at the rock that he had shocked. Inshitsu’s right hand turned into a fist and thrust it into the air in triumph over his new found move. Inshitsu started to sway as he started to walk into the trees that surrounded the clearing. Inshitsu was traveling through the trees, but he tripped on a branch that was lying on the ground. His right hand scraped across a sharp rock that was also on the ground. It left a cut that went from the knuckle of his index finger down to his wrist. Inshitsu sucked a breath in from between his teeth, “Ah…definitely gonna need to visit for this. I think I pushed it as far back as I can.” Inshitsu’s visit to the hospital was supposed to be earlier this month, but he had deemed himself healthy. Inshitsu gathered himself off of the ground and kept his right hand covered by his other hand. Inshitsu got through the rest of the trees and managed to get within the limits of the closest city with a hospital. Inshitsu shoved his ways through the busy streets, ignoring all of the citizens’ curses, and managed to finally get to a clinic. Inshitsu looked the  woman standing at the desk,”Hey, would it be too much to ask for a bandage?” Inshitsu held his injured hand in the air to allow the woman to see. “Look, I’m sure that a paper cut isn’t going to hurt you, now please take your,” the words of the woman died as her head looked up towards the injured hand before her, “Never mind all that we need to get you patched up.” The woman walked around the desk she was standing behind, walked to the side of Inshitsu, and grabbed his uninjured hand to guide towards the doctor. The nurse opened an unmarked door in a hallway and walked in, still pulling Inshitsu along with her. “Doctor, we have a patient with a severe cut along their hand.” A man sitting in a chair in the corner of room looked up from a book that he seemed to reading, “May I see it?” Inshitsu lifted his right hand to the doctor. The doctor stood up from his chair and walked closer to examine the wound. “That is very deep. I could clean it and wrap it, but try to keep rested.” Inshitsu nodded at the doctor’s statement, as the doctor walked over to a cabinet and pulled a roll of bandages and a white rag. Washing the rag, the doctor rubbed it over Inshitsu’s wound, causing Inshitsu to grit his teeth to keep slient. Throwing the rag to the side, the doctor took the roll of bandages and rolled it around Inshitsu’s hand and cut the last strand of bandage. “That’s the best I can do, but again, rest up.” Inshitsu nodded towards the doctor,”Thanks, man.” The nurse stood in the open doorway, “I can take you back to the front.” Inshitsu turned back to the nurse, “Oh, yeah, let’s do that.” The nurse walked out of the doorway and Inshitsu followed her back to the front. Upon their return to the front room, the nurse went back to her desk and held out her hand, “Sorry sir, but we still need payment.” Inshitsu reached into his pocket with his uninjured hand and pulled out payment for the medical assistance. “Thank you sir, please try to keep safe.” Inshitsu turned to walk out of the clinic and waved his hand over his shoulder as a departure.

Word Count: 890
Word Exp: 445
Bonus Exp: 45
Total Exp: 490 Exp
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Hikari - Solo RP[Justu Creation and Hospital]
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