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 Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton] (Inshitsu)

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PostSubject: Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton] (Inshitsu)   May 20th 2014, 20:03

Inshitsu’s day begun late in the afternoon due to a mishap that had occurred yesterday that had left him in somewhat of a stumbling state. Inshitsu’s head had ached almost the entire way to the clearing that he trained in, but it faded to a small throb by the time that he had gotten mid-way through the tree line that blocked the clearing from sight. Inshitsu’s throb wasn’t bothering him or his reaction time; it was his sight that was having the biggest problem as it blurred with every single throb of his head. Inshitsu walked with only a slight stumble to the center of the clearing. The sky started to dim as the afternoon’s light vanished with the sun behind the horizon. The tree line appeared more frightening to Inshitsu without a source of light shine and reveal whatever may have been lurking within them. Inshitsu tuned his focus out of the trees and switched it back to the reason that he had arrived in the clearing. Knowing that he had clearly improved within his own standards, Inshitsu had no personal desire to improve his skills, but he knew that the Brotherhood required more able assassins. He had no wish to be ‘cleaned’ by Kin, or any other assassin for that matter. Inshitsu’s throbbing had finally cleared as the moon rose in the sky to be seen by all of the nocturnal life that was running throughout the night. Inshitsu paused, looking at the moon’s surface to clear his mind of all his random thoughts. He stared at the moon for the easily a minute or three before turning his attention back to the clearing that he was standing within. Inshitsu raised his hands to chest level and started to form the hand signs of the technique that he had created. However, he stopped for a second before continuing the hand signs; he noticed that the more hand signs he performed the more that his vision started to blur. It also affected his throbbing and caused a slight increase in the intensity of it. Inshitsu’s hands wrapped around each other tightly, finishing the last hand sign, and allowed the lightning to channel around his hands. The lightning fuzzed around his hands, and shocked around his body to hit something behind him that he couldn’t see from his angle. The lightning dissipated from around his hands, and Inshitsu turned to see what the lightning had shocked. There was no clear sign of the lightning’s target except for the fact that there was a thin, glowing metal object sitting in the grass. Inshitsu walked over to the object as the glow that it had started to fade to a soft glow. Upon reaching the object, Inshitsu bent over to pick up the object. His hand was halfway towards the object before he had stopped it and clearly examined the object. It seemed to be a newly made senbon. Questioning the true reason behind it being here, Inshitsu decided to leave the senbon, not trusting the object. Inshitsu’s hand rose to his forehead as the throbbing of his brain intensified even more. The throbbing was causing his vision to just appear as a deep blur. He couldn’t identify anything when the throb happened. Inshitsu stumbled to the edge of the trees, stopping every time his head throbbed. Inshitsu had to resort to feeling around in order to move around because of the throbbing. Walking into the barrier between the clearing and society, Inshitsu crossed his fingers hoping that he could make it out with fewer problems than when he came in.

Word Count: 599
Word Exp: 300 Exp
Bonus Exp: 30 Exp
Total Exp: 330 Exp
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Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton] (Inshitsu)
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