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 Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton] (Inshitsu)

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PostSubject: Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton] (Inshitsu)   May 20th 2014, 22:07

Inshitsu’s hand had rarely left the side of his head since his return from the forest. The throbbing had started to shift rapidly between a subtle tap in his head or a right jab straight into his head. Inshitsu lacked a reason behind the shifting throb, but he kept his hand raised to his head for two main reasons: the first being that he wanted to be able to hold his head in case of a random pain throb, and the second is that it made him appear to be sick and injured which stopped any conversation that anyone may try to start with him. Inshitsu was walking in between the buildings of the town to get rid of that final chance that anyone would talk to him. Inshitsu’s awareness of his surroundings was at the peak to make sure that he would not be ambushed. The feeling of the night felt very off to Inshitsu, as if something major was supposed to occur this night. Thinking about it didn’t help soothe the throbbing of his skull, but the thought could not escape his mind due to his weak state. Inshitsu’s body sweated from the paranoid thought jumping throughout his head.  Inshitsu stopped for a small break, clasping his both hands around his head as he felt a heavy throb start to come on. However, the throb never came. Inshitsu waited a couple of moments before letting his hands drop to his side. Inshitsu stood confused in the darkness away from everyone wondering what had caused the throb to go away. The throb had felt no different to any other one that had occurred up until now. In fact, Inshitsu could almost guarantee that he felt more energized than he felt at all today. But there was a feeling that was left by the void of a throb; it seemed to be a prick that was crawling on the right side of his body. Inshitsu’s mind raced through the possibilities of what could cause a feeling of rushing energy in his body, and a feeling of a prick traveling through only the right side of the body. Inshitsu’s mind only produced two results and neither result pleased his mind or calmed his paranoia that had started to skyrocket from the sudden puzzle in front of him. Inshitsu looked in the direction of the prickling feeling and stared to see if he could spot anything out of the ordinary. It wasn’t visible at first, but as Inshitsu ran his eyes back and forth at the buildings, he noticed a faint red light. Testing a theory, Inshitsu started to walk to the right of him, and, sure enough, the red light started to trace his movements. Insihtsu sighed at the lack of a chance to test his combat abilities. Inshitsu’s hands rose to chest level. Wave of Inspiration! The red light blinked out in a flurry of sparks from the lightning striking the camera. Inshitsu watched the sparks go off, connecting with each other to get rid of the extra enegy. The sparks finished, leaving the camera, or what used to be the camera, a mess of black plastic. Inshitsu’s head remained clear, and for the first time today, Inshitsu finally felt that he could relax for that day. Inshitsu walked out of the alleyway, and didn’t mind the fact that the streets still had a couple of citizens that were ready for a talk. Inshitsu strolled, and talked to anyone who was ready to.

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Hikari - Solo Training [Raiton] (Inshitsu)
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