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 Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village and Sites

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PostSubject: Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village and Sites   August 19th 2011, 20:09

- Tsuchi no Kuni - (Land of Earth) -
> Not much is known about the Earth Country, within the village though the shinobi have developed and interesting jutsu allowing one to be able to fly. It's rare for them to even share this secret outside of the village. But within the village it has been know they've been working on more creating jutsu because of the uproar of civil wars within the minor countries.
+ Country Data +
x. Prominent Clans: Mibu, Jiin
x. Border Policy: Normal
x. Standing Point: Peaceful
x. Climate: Cool climate like weather.
x. Population: ??,000

+ Government +
x. Damiyo: Eto Ichiro
x. Village Leader: Mibu Kyoryu (Yondaime - Tsuchikage)
x. Advisers: Mibu Kyo + Mibu Shin
x. Alliances: Shinobi Union
x. Military Strength (SPAG): 2 (+5 During War)
+ Resting Lounge +
x. Hospital + Price:
Open + Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Fully Restore HP, Chakra, Stamina)
x. Inns + Price:
Open + 50% Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Restore 50% HP, Chakra, Stamina)

+ Surrounding Countries +
^ North of: Forge Country
v South of: Beast Country
> East of:  n/a
< West of:
+ Hazards +
Blood Ronin Squads
Bandits & Thieves

+ Notable Sights +
Village Hidden in the Earth: Iwa - Effect: -15% to Resting Lounge for Iwa Shinobi
Owner: Daimyo: Eto Ichiro
The village hidden within the earth, stone towers guard this village however even with the people living in the village make sure to have a heavy defense when facing against them. Be on guard cause not only can they use the earth as a playing field but they can use the entire village.
Iwa Administration Building - Effect: n/a
Owner: Daimyo: Eto Ichiro
Like a stone castle the administration building stands tall to view over the village. The Tsuchikage is known to leave the building once in a while. Be on guard as jounin guard over the village carefully wanting to keep their leader safe from harm.
Earth Entrance - Effect: n/a
Owner: Daimyo: Eto Ichiro
Guarding this entrance are always two guard stations filled with at least five jounin within them. If any slightest move is made they will move to capture their target.
Forest of Stones - Effect: n/a
Owner: Daimyo: Eto Ichiro
As the name says, the valley of stones that only exist to create a forest of stone. Within this a beast jumps from side to side waiting to strike at lightning fast speeds that is what has been said, as the lightning beast exists here some believe, the Rokubi lives within these lands but that has yet to be proven true.
Volcano - Ensho - Effect: 50 Words = -30 HP (Effects Missions and Quests also) (Poison Gases)
Owner: Yonbi - Sokou
Sealed within the base of the volcano, the powers of the four tailed bijuu Yonbi exist releasing its poison mixed with the smoke of the volcano. Its believed the beast sleeps at the bottom of the volcano but those that went to see for themselves have never returned. Travel to the belly of the volcano to see the creature.
Valley of Heroes - Effect: n/a
Owner: Daimyo: Eto Ichiro
The graves of all the fallen heroes exist here, if one travels through they can read the names of all heroes within the Iwa country on the side of the canyon walls.
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Earth Country - Hidden Rock Village and Sites
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