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 Hikari - Solo RP

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PostSubject: Hikari - Solo RP   May 28th 2014, 21:41

Inshitsu had been pushing it back since he had met the strange shinobi that went by the name Grave. But, he couldn’t do much else while waiting for sun down to occur. He couldn’t go back home or outside for that matter for fear that Kin would catch him and round him up for more “training”. Inshitsu was getting a little tired about her training which really consisted of her showing something that she learned. At least when I do it, I call it showing off. Inshitsu shook his head to cast off the useless thought. No point complaining about something no one can fix; a motto that Inshitsu has had to live by his entire life. Yet, he couldn’t resist violating it sometimes. Grinning about his past mistakes, Inshitsu walked over to the chair next to a desk with stacks of scrolls on it. He pulled out about everything he thought he may be able to use in his life. Turns out that meant about the entire library onto one surface, a feat that Inshitsu was well proud of. Inshitsu sat himself down on the chair and prepared to waste away the night absorbing knowledge that he hoped was for the best.

Word Count: 203 Words
Word Exp: 102 Exp
Bonus Exp: Dropped
Luck Final : 153 Exp
Scrolls Read:
- Bijuu Scroll [Chapters: Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, Nanabi, Hachibi, Kyuubi]
- Sharingan Scroll
- Katon Scroll
- Fuuton Scroll
- Raiton Scroll
- Doton Scroll
- Suiton Scroll
- Yoton Scroll
- Inton Scroll
- Chakra Manipulation Scroll
- Nature Manipulation Scroll
- Mixed Nature Manipulation Scroll
- Wars of the Shinobi World
- The Yellow Flash Sacrifice
- Senju Vs Uchiha Tales of Two Great Men
- The First Shinobi - Rikudou Sage
INT Gain(+Luck): +230(+345)
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Hikari - Solo RP
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