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+ - Return of Jidai (Season 2) - +
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 00. Archive of the Dragons

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PostSubject: 00. Archive of the Dragons   June 4th 2014, 08:17

< - Ryu [Dragon] - >
+ Many years ago, these great beast that ruled over the skies, mountains, and lands that had humans. They were supposed to be immortal gods. As they existed they watched over all things that was mortal and even devoured them obtaining powers. Though during time as time had passed they fore saw the crashing of a large meteor on the planet’s surface but from it they did not care too much. Until years later, a white haired female would defeat them ending or enslaving them to her powers. It was not until much time passed that a man known as Ryuan Huro would come to the picture. He would take it up on as his job to protect the seal of the flying beasts. Though as time passed he started to hear the voices of the dragons from which he listened and learned.

+ Training to obtain powers that seemed stronger than before, he would change his name to be known as Seiryu and after which passed on the knowledge of that he obtained from each of them. From their followers came to him and they formed the Ryu clan from which they even now still guard the seals of the Dragons. Though the seal will only break if one knows the language of the dragons. From which the seal will open allowing a person to pass and obtain the same knowledge he obtained.

+ Summoning a Dragon: +1 Dragon Tome "Tongue of the Dragons" & Empire of Scales "Tomb of the Dragons, Ryu Clan's Grandmaster Seiryu help (Staff).

~ Heads Up! ~
- All Dragons are Manager Interaction.

+ - Dragons (Ryus): Masters of the Elements - +
> Ryu’s born with two wings and four claws allowing the use of elements of the five basic elements in the most purest forms. They show no mercy to anyone as they were slain before by a past figure. They fight only to guard themselves and protect anything they see valuable. They are known to have powerful talents of using techniques and enchantments that allow one to even battle the strongest of enemies.
+ Location: ? (Varies)
+ Status: Alive
+ Rank: Varies (Upon Contact)
+ Element: Varies (Upon Contact)
+ Note:There exist several types of dragons within their domain, each one is stronger than the last it goes from weakest to strongest.. (Young, Adult, Elder, Ancient, & Twlight.)
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00. Archive of the Dragons
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