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 Forge Country to Iron Country

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PostSubject: Forge Country to Iron Country   June 6th 2014, 04:18

Raijin arrived at the docks in Forge Country before he took a deep sigh before he looked around the villages port city, “man, this travelling thing is getting rough…” he said as he turned and bolted as fast as he could vanishing through clouds of smoke. Reaching the border almost in half the time before he was finally in home lands, “I’m home… after all this time, Iron Country…” Raijin said as he walked through the boarders before he was suddenly stopped by the border guards, “HALT!” a samurai said as they charged over to where Raijin was, he held his hands up before he removed his helmet, “I am Raijin Mitsurugi, I—“ Raijin was trying to say before he was cut off, “Mitsurugi!? Head straight to the capital, Lord would like to speak with you.” One of the guards said, before he stopped and looked at him again, “wait, you’re not Lord Mitsurugi, you his son?” he asked, Raijin looked at him and nodded, “sorry for the mistaken Identity, your father has been summoned repeatedly by our Lord and yet he refuses to show his presence!” the guard said again smack talking Raijin’s father.

Raijin just sighed and shook his head, “watch your tone, he may be a bastard of a father and a no good lazy drunk now, but he still would show a low ranked guard like you whose who for a damn good reason.” Raijin spat at the guard before he vanished into a cloud of smoke to appear in front the Samurai before he stopped his hand before he could draw his katana, “and I’m damn well a lot stronger then the likes of you.” Raijin said as he vanished again before the man’s eyes.
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Forge Country to Iron Country
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