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 From Kusa to Awe Country

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PostSubject: From Kusa to Awe Country   June 6th 2014, 05:12

Grave started darting through the trees feeling the uneasiness within his stomach. 'Some thing isn't right...but the question is what is it...' Thinking about it for a moment Grave shook it off coming to a final stop as he looked around the night sky that was starting to become morning. "Seems the morning sun can ease my nerves just a bit." Continuing heading towards the next location Grave was certain that he could reach the new location soon. Thinking about it all the way, he remembered the village was known as the Rain Country but even he did not know why it was called that. Shrugging his shoulders he continued to hurry to the new location.

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From Kusa to Awe Country
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