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 Solo - x4 D-rank Missions

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PostSubject: Solo - x4 D-rank Missions   June 7th 2014, 20:22

Getting bored sitting around the house Susano~o looked out the window before he heard his mother call out for him, getting up and putting away his book he was reading before he went down the stairs, “yes mother?” he said as he walked towards the door where he heard his mother’s voice, she turned and looked at him and smiled, “I have returned from a mission, and while I was meeting with the Hokage, he asked if you do some as well, and I accepted them for you, here are you missions.” Their mother said as she handed him the scrolls, “do you want me to accompany you on your missions?” She asked, he shook his head, “no, they all seem to be chores, and helping out around the village, should be trivial easy stuff, I should be good, thank-you for asking mother.” Susano~o said, he noticed her carrying a bunch of scrolls for herself and he smiled, at least he had his mother’s motivation and drive when it came to being a shinobi.

Susano~o went up into his room and grabbed his gear and his forehead protector and put it on before he flew back down the stairs before he gave his mother a hug as he departed, flying out through the doors he took off running down the road to the first location that he was required at, “seems I’m to help out the Daimyou’s wife with her shopping.” Susano~o said as he sighed heavily, “Using the lower ranked shinobi as a slave, I thought they have servants for this kind of stuff.” He thought to himself as he continued to run forward.

He arrived soon after to find the woman standing with a bunch of servants and guards around her, he approached the guards and stopped at a short distance, “I’m here to help her shop, I’m Susano~o, the hired genin.” He introduced himself before he pulled out the scroll slowly and tossed it over to the guards, they drew their weapons before the head guard halted their progress, “STOP, his credentials check out.” He said, “Welcome aboard young Uchiha, thank-you for coming on such a short notice.” He added. Susano~o nodded before they left off on their adventure of shopping. While they were shopping he noticed that her tastes were a bit more refined but also she loved the lesser things regardless of rank or style of things, everything was to be appreciated.

Well after a while of helping her shop he finished his mission and bid them a good day and turned to run off to his next mission, his next mission he had to go and deal with was to help some carpenters out with their work as they were short a couple hands, when he arrived there they called out to him, “Up here!” one of the construction men called, “bring some of those two by fours up with you, and if you can some nails and a utility belt throw that on as well. After doing so he quickly shimmied up the area carrying as many 2x4’s with him as he went up with a utility belt equipped as well with all the items he needed in it. After he made it up they quickly got to work, they showed him what he was to be doing and the foreman watched him to make sure Susano~o knew what he was doing.

After a few hours had passed by the building was framed and ready, the foreman called out to Susano~o now, “Thanks for your help, we should be able to get the rest finished now.” Susano~o nodded and took off after taking off the stuff he borrowed for the job and turned and ran off to the next jobs location. After reaching the next location he skidded to a halt, “mom?” he said as he looked at his mother, she turned and smiled, “Ah, there you are, we’re gunna cook together, you remember what I taught you when you were younger?” she asked, nodding he looked at her and smiled, “I see why you got all those missions scrolls together, you hired me as well.” He said, she nodded and patted his head as she opened the door to the back of the restaurant.
After walking into the kitchen Susano~o and his mother got to cooking and pumping out a large amount of food until the restaurant closed, then they made a nice meal for each other before they sat down and ate, “so… Susano~o, why did you become a shinobi? You could have chosen a peaceful life, or to live a different path.” Mother asked, he looked at her and shrugged his shoulders before he finished chewing and swallowed his food, “I guess I chose to because you’re a shinobi and I wanted to join the fight, so that when I’m stronger I can protect you in the future.” Susano~o replied. When he said it, his mother just smiled and laughed a bit before she took a bite of her food and smiled, “this is good my son.” She said. Susano~o looked at her and wondered what she laughed about, “what’s so funny mom?” he asked looking at her before he took a bite of his food she made for him, she shook her head, “I thought the same way you did when I was younger as well.” She replied putting ease into his mind.

After a while they cleaned up and finished closing up shop, Susano~o wondered about something but he shook it from his mind, “was that all the missions I had to do today?” he asked turning around to face his mother, she shook her head and smiled, “we’re delivering food home for your final mission.” She said, Susano~o just smiled back, “I wonder how Tsukiyomi’s doing…” Susano~o voice aloud before he looked at his mother, she smiled and nodded, “Let’s go find out.” She said before they started walking forward, once they got home they put the food on the table calling it out for the rest of them to come and eat as they went off and did their own things.
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PostSubject: Re: Solo - x4 D-rank Missions   June 7th 2014, 20:37

You do know...that D ranked Missions require a team of 2 to 4 people.... >_>
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Solo - x4 D-rank Missions
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