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 From Grass to Lightning

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PostSubject: From Grass to Lightning   June 11th 2014, 00:46

Inshitsu took the scroll from under his arms as he walked out of the store. Inshitsu unraveled the scroll and stared at the blank parchment. Inshitsu tilted his head wondering what was supposed to be written in it. Inshitsu's thoughts of shocking the shop owner triggered the scroll's effect. Inshitsu was surprised looking around himself as his surroundings sudden became different, but familiar. Inshitsu was surprised to find himself at his old apartment. He realized that the scroll was no longer in his hands, and allowed his hands to return to his sides. Inshitsu looked around his apartment and tried to figure out what he could achieve while he was here.

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From Grass to Lightning
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