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 Hospital Visit....cause i was going to die soon!

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PostSubject: Hospital Visit....cause i was going to die soon!   June 11th 2014, 02:59

Glancing around the room a bit Tsukiyomi lifted up in pain as he looked to notice the wounds from trainings and missions finally started to take effect. Sighing to this carefully rolling out of his bed he noticed on the ground a note with something in an envelop. Reaching over to take the package and opening to read it carefully. Pulling the paper out it read within his head, 'Dear Brother, I've noticed you have been working hard on things so I'm giving you a little extra money on the side to see you take care of yourself do not go blowing it on the girls that you want to chase around got it!' Smiling at that note he placed in on the table and took the money out smiling at it happy from his brother. "He really does have his own way of caring it seems. Maybe I can go to the doctor and get a check-up.

Moments after getting ready the young Uchiha member sighed as he left to head towards the hospital to get healed up. Rushing over the Uchiha finally was able to check in and get looked at for all his wounds. After several minutes had passed the boy walked out yawning lightly saying, "Finally I can get back to training! Though I better keep some money just in case of something happening I cannot get in trouble by brother for sure if he knew I blew it all up.

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Hospital Visit....cause i was going to die soon!
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