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 RP Solo - The Sudden Request...

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PostSubject: RP Solo - The Sudden Request...   June 14th 2014, 04:01

Tsukiyomi came walking out this time doing some light stretches before he had to begin his daily training. As it was early in the morning it was a nice gentle breeze with the young male finally able to relax. Gripping his fists tightly he began throwing punches into the air and then a few kicks knowing what he had done. "I have to be able to defeat my brother." Yelling the boy was showing some promising techniques as he was finishing with a round house kick landing perfectly on the ground. Glancing at his hands he didn't feel the strength that he needed in order to beat his brother. Not even come close to even defeating the next genin before him.

Falling to his knees feeling weak only flashes into his head appeared as he felt weaker than before. Being the youngest of the two brother it seemed like he would never obtain the power he needed in order to defeat anyone or even protect his family. Shaking his head the young Uchiha thought it was time for a walk as he had headed outside down the stairs for a bit. He found himself within the town road but did not find it fun or anything as he continued to walk towards the next area. Appearing near the training ground where he was with his father at a young age. Then having to remember that figure appear before him defeating him once again.

The anger start building up within him wanting to cause some damage to something no to anything but it was finally stopped when he came to his senses. It was not long before he finally snapped out of it and walked over towards the lake that was by the training field. Feeling the emptiness swell within him all he could see was the reflection of himself feeling empty but then his brother appeared after which the reflection of the figure that defeated him appeared. He punched the ground only to start from a few feet back before jumping into the water sinking into the middle of the lake before stopping the darkness was swallowing the young boys heart slowly.

Thinking about it he was starting to hate the fact he was having to be last within the Uchiha but it was more of the fact he was starting to hate as he began swimming to the surface he was able to pull himself out of the lake before shaking his head wondering what he was going to do next. Before long he thought about it, "I wonder…If I could…" The mind of the young boy slowly turned into something else as he started walking towards the administration building the boys thought was set. But was it really something he wanted to do now. Entering the office he looked at Jounin saying, "I wish to join the ANBU Services…"The Jounin looked over at the young boy for a moment and was shocked by the sudden request to join.

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RP Solo - The Sudden Request...
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