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 Solo Mission - [1x A Ranked]

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PostSubject: Solo Mission - [1x A Ranked]   June 16th 2014, 04:58

Inshitsu wasn’t sure what he had really been expecting from the Raikage. Inshitsu paced back and forth in his bedroom, pondering on why it seemed like a simple task in his head. He just needed to walk to a place and not get screwed over. Granted, the walk could easily take some days, and the screwed over part may not be as avoidable as Inshitsu may want it to be, but regardless, Inshitsu felt as if he got the long end of the stick. Inshitsu walked out of his room into the living room. Inshitsu looked at the two blades that were leaning on the wall. He had become so accustomed to the blades that he was not looking forward to the moment that he would have to swap the blades in his arsenal. But for now, I can rely on them to save my life. Inshitsu grabbed the blades and holstered them both on his waist. Inshitsu walked over to his door, opened it, and walked outside. Inshitsu walked to the closest general store in order to grab supplies. Inshitsu waved at the store worker as he walked over to the travel section of the store. Inshitsu walked over and grabbed a map. Inshitsu returned to the store worker and paid for the map that he required. Inshitsu leaned on the wall of the store to figure out where exactly his destination was. He realized, with significant relief, the distance between him and his destination was actually about four times smaller than he expected it to be. Inshitsu rolled up the map and stored it in his pouch on his leg. Inshitsu went to the office of the Raikage to pick up the document that he was delivering to the Sound country. Inshitsu waved to the secretary as he walked into the Raikage’s office. Inshitsu realized that the Raikage wasn’t in his office, but the document he was supposed to be delivering was sitting in the middle of the desk. Inshitsu grabbed the document off the desk and tucked it into his shirt to make sure that no one would easily get to it. Inshitsu walked out of the office, ignoring the secretary talking to him. Inshitsu sighed as he walked out of the building. Inshitsu had a long walk in front of him. Inshitsu traveled to the gate of the village, and turned back to look at one more time before he departed from it. Inshitsu took in a deep breath as he started to walk towards Mt. Raijin, the only place he could rest on his trip. The route he took started out being familiar to him, but when he went past the cave he realized that he no longer anything that was around him. Inshitsu took his time as he analyzed the environment around him. Inshitsu would not have realized that he found the mountain if it wasn’t for the sun’s location. The sun was behind a silhouette of a ruined building on the side of the mountain. Inshitsu was shocked to see the building in a wreck because that building was Grave’s house.  Inshitsu didn’t even bother to stop at the building as he started to sprint directly to the location that he had needed to drop off the document that he carried. After some time, he saw the trees around him start to become thicker and they blocked him from being able to see around them at all. Inshitsu, out of instinct, placed his hands together in a clapping position. Shuuraigan! He saw everything in his field of vision suddenly sharpen as his eyes showed everything clearly. Inshitsu suddenly realized that some of the trees ahead of him had a strange marking on a branch. Inshitsu ignored the marked trees, passing them with his nerve on high alert. Inshitsu heard a sharp crack from behind him and twisted to look at the source of it. A kunai went pass his right ear, and struck the trunk of a tree. Four masked shinobi stood in front of him, two of them armed with a katana. Inshitsu stepped to the side as a shinobi tried to attack him from above. Inshitsu jumped back as he pulled out both of his blades. Inshitsu waited in a defensive stance to block the other shinobi’s attacks. Inshitsu saw as two tried to flank him. Inshitsu jumped into the air and holstered his blades. Inshitsu performed his second personal Raiton technique, Twin Spheres. He flung the spheres at the flanking shinobi as he touched down on the ground. One of the shinobi managed to dodge the sphere causing it to shock the ground beneath them. The other shinobi was not that lucky as they screamed from the pain of the technique, dropping their blade to the ground. Inshitsu leaned back as the other armed shinobi attempted to swing for his neck. Inshitsu grabbed on to the shinobi’s hand that was carrying the blade, and spun around, swinging his hand into the back of the shinobi’s neck. The shinobi gasped as they lost consciousness dropping the blade that they were holding. Inshitsu grabbed the blade and leaped back from the limp shinobi. The last two shinobi were standing beside each other, each staring at a different fallen comrade. They looked back at each other and they nodded as they both put their hands at chest level. Inshitsu saw as they performed the same hand signs, spitting fire balls from their mouth. Inshitsu reacted imminently performing a single hand sign. He watched as the fire balls incinerated the corpse of their second fallen comrade. “Argh!” The cry of anger made Inshitsu snap his head to see a fist coming towards him. Inshitsu simply held his hand to catch the fist. Inshitsu swung his fist towards the face of the shinobi that had attacked him. The shinobi fell to the ground holding their self up on all fours. Inshitsu stomped on the back of the shinobi, pressing them to the ground. Inshitsu raised the blade and attempted to strike the neck of the shinobi. Inshitsu missed as he was tackled to the ground. Inshitsu looked at the shinobi that had got on top of him. Inshitsu saw that they brought their fist back. Inshitsu grabbed on to the head of the shinobi and brought his head to meet theirs. Inshitsu gathered himself up as the shinobi held their head. He got on top of them and started to head butt them repeatedly. Inshitsu saw that they went limp on the fifth head butt. Inshitsu looked back at the shinobi that he was originally going to kill.  They held their mask in one hand and the blade that Inshitsu attempted to stab them with. Their hair covered their face stopping Inshitsu from figuring out what gender the shinobi was or even what village had attacked him. “You are a RUTHLESS MONSTER!” The voice was one of a woman, but the scream had nearly deafened him. Inshitsu felt no pull on his emotions, and he pulled out his own blade, the Kusagani no Tsurugi. The woman charged at him, but he simply stayed with the blade out on his side. Inshitsu raised his blade to block her downward slash. Inshitsu didn’t falter as the two-handed swing connected with his block. The woman however, dropped her own blade. Inshitsu used his other hand to shove the woman. She tripped up as she tripped down to the ground. Inshitsu held his blade to the woman’s throat. Inshitsu spoke with a soft whisper, “Life of a ninja should tell you one thing, nothing is forever.” Before the woman could even respond, Inshitsu slashed across the throat of the woman. As her hands shot up to stop the blood flowing from her throat, Inshitsu raised his blade and shoved it into the chest of the woman. Inshitsu holstered his blade after wiping the blade off of it. Inshitsu bent over to the corpse of the woman and lifted her bangs that covered her forehead. Upon lifting the woman’s bangs, he saw that the headband that she was wearing bared the symbol of the fire country. Inshitsu scrunched his face after discovering the shinobi’s origin. Inshitsu left the bodies without moving anything and he continued on to the village. Inshitsu walked onto the village that was his destination before he had gotten attacked by the Konaha shinobis. Inshitsu walked through the gate of the village of the Sound Country. Inshitsu asked around the village into what was the administration building. It took no time at all since the second person he asked was actually a guide around the village. He thanked the person and walked to where they said the building was located. The building was slightly unfriendly looking, but Inshitsu steeled himself and walked into the building. There was no secretary; there was a hallway with a single door at the end. Inshitsu walked down the hallway to the door, and he knocked on the door. “Come in.” The voice had a light slur, but sounded genuinely nice. Inshitsu opened the door to walk on to the leader of the village. “I have something for the Sound’s leader.” The leader of the village simply nodded as he stood up from his desk and walked over to Inshitsu. “So I’ve heard, I’m personally glad that you arrived in one piece.” Inshitsu reached into his shirt and handed it to the leader of the village. Inshitsu wasn’t exactly sure how to exit from the building so he waited until he was dismissed. The leader scanned the document. As he finished, he looked back up at Inshitsu, “I’ll tell Raikage that I have received the message loud and clear. You may leave now.” Inshitsu bowed to the leader as he walked himself out of the man’s office. Inshitsu walked to the door of the building wondering if he should look around to explore what was to offer in the land. Inshitsu shrugged to himself as he pushed the door open to walk outside and explore.

WC: 1673
Word Exp: 837
Bonus Exp: 84
Luck Applied: 2303 Exp
+ 22,688[9,075] Ryo
+ 4 HPMs
+ 2,063[825] Exp
+ 825 Ability Pts.
+ 300 Rep. Pts.
+ 9,075 Ryo to Kumo
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Solo Mission - [1x A Ranked]
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