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 The X-Factor: 001 [B-Ranked Mission]

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PostSubject: The X-Factor: 001 [B-Ranked Mission]   June 20th 2014, 00:34

Kanzanaku Temple was a newly built temple in the Northern most region of the Fire Country where the Goddess Athena was being worshipped. Heise had read up on the new religion that celebrated gods known as Olympians and Others known as Titans. As Far as Heise knew, he wouldn’t have time to ask the Templars about their Religion. He arrived at the front with his bag and a giant scroll wrapped around his back. When he was buried, a scroll was buried with him that had the Sage Monkey’s on it. When he opened it he realized that it was blood contract and his own blood had been signed it. Even the name had read Heise on the scroll.
In about ten minutes after his arrival, Mei-Lee arrived with little equipment. She held her pouch and another small satchel. Heise had quickly found out she was an aspiring medical ninja and had potential to surpass Sakura Haruno.
“Hi Mei-Lee!” Heise said with a smile waving his hands. She turned and allowed her long brown hair to cover her scarlet red face.
“Okay then…” Heise said.
“Yo!” Shouted someone. Both Heise & Mei-Lee looked up to see who had sounded the alarm. To their surprise, Nara Nakagawa was walking their way. Though incredibly smart, Nakagawa was incredibly lazy person and didn’t like the idea of work.
“This is going to be such a drag!” Nakagawa said as he got the blood moving in his arms.
“And action, Our four heroes find themselves in a quest to face a dastardly set of foe upholding the temple!” A voice shouted.
“Please tell me He’s not doing the acting thing again” Heise muttered underneath his breath with his head in his hands.
“Oh yea, He’s doing the acting thing again” Nakagawa said. Shizou appeared in the midst of trio with his scarlet red hair and dark brown skin.
“Alright team! Let’s go!” He shouted.
“I’m going to regret this” Heise admitted.

The Journey was about an hour travel but over the travel, Squad three had time to go over the layout of the missions.
“And so our story begins with-“
“Sensei Just stop.” Nakagawa said jokingly as he jumped from tree to tree. He turned to Mei-Lee and nodded.
“Mei-Lee is going to provide everyone who didn’t read the report a breakdown of the assignment. That means you sensei!” Nakagawa continued. Shizou slumped but listened to what Mei-Lee had said.
“A group of rebels know as Rocket have attacked to newly organized religion for their beliefs. Our task is to send them all to Tartarus, as made plainly by the organized religion.” She said.
“Confused, Shizou asked-“
“Why are you talking in first person Sensei. You’re not a movie director.” Nakagawa replied. Heise knew what everyone was thinking so he decided to explain it to them.
“Tartarus is hell. They want us to kill the bandits.” Heise said.
“Oh Joy!” Nakagawa said, “This is going to be such a drag.”

“Begone from this temple!” One of the priest said slowly backing away from the oncoming bandits. Surely there were thirty or so of them there. One bandit so daringly took a kunai out and threw it at the priest. To everyone’s surprise the Kunai had been hit by another projectile and sent flying away. Everyone turned to see Mei-lee smiling at the bandits. Heise didn’t know before but Mei-lee was very accurate with her projectiles and was among the best in the village.
“Mei-Lee, show them the new result from training with the medical staff” Nakagawa said with a smirk. She turned and faced Heise blushing then turned back to face the bandits. She closed her eyes and then immediately opened them revealing her Veins bulging. She raised her fist slowly and then quickly dropped it down. Instantly the ground began to crumble.
“Is that Doton?” Heise said lifting himself off the ground and towards the enemy.
“Shizou laughed! NO IT’S PURE Strength!” Shizou said again in 1st person.

5 enemies stood before Heise and he looked.
“The odds are fair and right” he said with a laugh. He motioned for them to come to him.
“Shall we dance?” He said as he launched himself at the first enemy. His body was fluid and graceful avoiding their Kunai’s and swords. He could have took his staff out at any moment but he chose not to. Instead they weren’t worth the effort.

When the battle was over the trio stood by as Shizou spoke to the priest.
“I counted twenty” Heise said as he stretched himself.
“Three” Nakagawa said as he sat down yawning.
“Fifteen!” Mei-Lee shouted. Heise and Nakagawa stared at her and were indeed surprised what the Hyuuga could do. Heise turned to Nakagawa.
“What do we do now?” He asked. Nakagawa yawned and closed his eyes.
“I suppose we go back to the village and turn in our mission. I also suspect we do some training with Sensei as well. He’s been talking about showing us each the same skill but something new at the same time.” He replied. Heise shrugged he was complacent with whatever.
Once he arrived back at Konoha, Heise took the liberty of going to the Hospital and healing up on his wounds. He then decided he would go training again.

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The X-Factor: 001 [B-Ranked Mission]
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