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 Among The Gods Arch: 002 [Solo Training]

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PostSubject: Among The Gods Arch: 002 [Solo Training]   June 22nd 2014, 02:54

It had been a week since his training session in the Forest of Death and Heise had still felt uneasy about himself and his abilities. Mei-Lee managed to get hurt and Nakagawa was experiencing some strange things with his body. Heise undoubtedly knew that he and Nakagawa had left the forest with new powers but Heise couldn’t quite put his finger on what Nakagawa’s strength was. Whatever it was though it certainly had to do with the mark on his neck.
“Heise” A voice said. Heise quickly turned around with a kunai in his hand to face a black man with Scarlet red hair. A sigh of relief escaped the mouth of Heise.
“Sensei Shizou, dear God you scared me.” Heise exclaim. Shizou was in a more serious state than usual. He didn’t bother to greet Heise but instead he got straight to the point.
“Heise, You and Nakagawa need to go investigate who attacked us.” He said. Heise could tell that Shizou was not in a joking mood.
“But Sensei, You said it was Kumogakure that attacked us.” Heise replied raising his hands in confusion. Shizou turned away from Heise from a moment.
“You’re right, but I think… I think someone else was behind the attack as well. Kumogakure and Konohagakure to have the easiest of friendships. But nothing would make them go as far as to try and steal a Kekkai Genkai from us again.” Shizou said. He then turned and his face widen in shock. Heise pointed at himself and then he turned around and his face widen as wall. Nakagawa had appeared the more so dressed in his clans uniform with a rough wool jacket and a laced under shirt. His black hair had grown long and spikey enough to cover the marking on his neck. Even his eyes seemed a bit greener than usual.
“Nakagawa?” Heise said expecting the man before him to be someone else.
“Sensei, I think your assumption was right. One of the men…” Nakagawa replied, “He had an alternate objective. Someone is trying to breed war.” Heise was always confused when Nakagawa and Shizou spoke. It was always as if two intelligent people had their own language when around him. Mei-Lee arrived on the scene shortly after Nakagawa though not in her usual garb. She work a long white dress and her hair and been tied. Obviously for medical reasons. Nakagawa wouldn’t dare look her in the eye.
“Hey Mei-Lee,” Heise said with a smile breaking the awkward silence. Mei-Lee bowed respectfully and then turned to Shizou.
“Sensei, You’re getting ready to send them on a mission. I want to go.” She said. This yet again shocked everyone. Shizou shook his head.
“I’m sorry, I can’t allow that. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He replied. For a few moments Shizou and Mei-Lee bickered back and forth.
“You’re the Heir to the Hyuuga Clan You can’t leave !”
“I can protect myself.”
“You were hurt in the hospital pretty bad”
“My wounds heal fast. I’m a medic. They need me.”

After a few moments Nakagawa spoke and broke the tension.
“Sensei, Heise and I can protect her now.” He said referring to their new abilities both of them discovered once the left the training field. Shizou had yet to discover them for himself but he could tell there was something different about the way Nakagawa and Heise were acting. There was a maturity that had seemingly developed over night. And the confidence both of them had in their abilities was astounding.
“Nakagawa isn’t just an Intelligent being, he is incredibly strong to now.” Heise said sticking up for his friend. Shizou looked at the team and realized even if he continued to say no they would bring Mei-Lee along the mission with them.
“Your mission Squad 3 is to investigate the Forest Of Death. Search the bodies that are there for clues. Than after that return to the leaf village and report what you have learned.”
The team nodded all agreeing on the task at Hand. Heise raised his hand and replied.
“We have a C-Ranked mission to take care of first before Than but it will be done Sensei.” Heise said. Shizou nodded and raised his left fist. When he opened his hand the team dispersed and left to go prepare for the tedium of the mission.

Heise had returned with a completely knew look. His uniform had become a bit more old century Chinese styled and his hair had been tied back into a ponytail with two bangs on either side of his head by a metallic diadem of some sort that wrapped around his neck. In the center of the diadem was the symbol of the leaf village which Heise had now called home. He had stopped by the Hospital and tended to his wounds which he planned on doing again after the mission was over.
Nakagawa arrived on the location along with Mei-Lee. Something was different about Mei-Lei as well. She seemed stronger and more focused though her shyness remained when Heise spoke to her. Heise had noticed her shyness towards him had risen after he protected her from the ninja back in the forest of Death.
“Squad 3 we each know our task. We must investigate the attack on our squad.” Nakagawa replied. Though it had only just been a week, Heise was not looking forward to heading back to the forest of death. He knew if they had gotten into trouble once then they were bound to get into trouble again. But he said nothing. His eyes only turned to focus on Nakagawa and the strange marking on his neck.
“Just how strong have you become Nakagawa?” Heise thought to himself. “And a what price?” Nakagawa opened his eyes and raised his hand.
“Let’s go!” He yelled and immediately the trio took off returning to the place where their new adventure had begun.

“I will protect them all” Nakagawa thought to himself as he traveled.

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Spec. Jounin
Spec. Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Among The Gods Arch: 002 [Solo Training]   June 22nd 2014, 02:56

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Among The Gods Arch: 002 [Solo Training]
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