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 Mission A Ranked - Protecting & Escorting Water Daimyo's Son

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PostSubject: Mission A Ranked - Protecting & Escorting Water Daimyo's Son   June 24th 2014, 13:59

The night of fighting with his father the young Asakura finally was happy to see his mother and father together once again. Thinking about he remembered his brother Raijin speaking of dealing with his father. Before long Grave shook his head out of it as he continued walking in the night on the path leading to the back way of the Asakura mansion where his grandfather was staying at. Coming across something that caught his attention Grave leaned over to pick up a strange piece of metal looking at it curiously. Before long it started to take a shape using his chakra. Grave blinked at it for a moment before dropping sighing heavily, "Great a battle broke out here…but what…" Looking around his surrounding he could not tell what happen as it was too dark before long a loud yell was coming from the north eastern part of the forest. Grave quickly took action running over to the location as he was dodging trees heading to the location. Arriving he noticed a large fire with shinobis fighting with one another. Grave shook his head as someone came from behind him with a surprise.

They took their blade having it swung at the priest whom ducked down kicking them in the stomach watching fly backwards on to their backs. "Oh okay now you all want to just come and attack my ass." Getting into a strange stance before three others came at him with their blades pull, Grave ducked to the right a bit watching the blade pass him punching them in the left side as the next blade was coming across his face. But he moved back as the blade traveled across his vision with his right leg kicking them into the left thigh. Before pushing off the ground as the next blade was coming at his ankles and wrists. While in the air he twisted his body having his fist coming crashing at them into the ground. Picking himself up Grave turned his attention to a young boy about to get struck with a sword. Grave transformed into his cloak rushing over to save the boy as the sword came down with him smiling at the boy whom was passed out after being saved. "Seems the shock got him…even better time to clean this up…" Grave roared as he rushed over defeating the remaining shinobi whom were left only to hear one yell out, "Retreat! Retreat!" Grave turned watching them all vanished.

It seemed like they were after something but it was unsure as Grave walked over with the cloak vanishing off of him to pick up the boy. Taking him over by a fire that was going from the attack, that moment Grave tried to get supplies as he noticed the boy was hurt. Sighing to this Grave luckily knew first aid so he treated the young man. Standing guard the young boy was mostly four to five years of age. Yet it did not make since for the shinobi to attack the young boy at all. But thinking about the ones that were killed by Grave he walked over to check their headbands as they had scares across their symbol. "Hmm…seems like they are rouge shinobis but…from where is the question…" Grave continued to examine the symbol before not knowing anymore but the design of it was something of four "s" on it. "I think I remember studying this before hand…the…" Grave thought back to him being in the academy before coming back with the answer. "The water country!" Grave blinked for a moment before turning his attention over to the young boy saying to himself, 'Okay…so you have water rouge shinobi after you…though why…nobody else is around…'

Grave walked back over placing the boy's head on his lap making sure he was close by. After which Grave leaned against a rock slowly falling asleep with his arm around the waist of the child making sure he was safe. Waking with the night sky being lit up by the full moon Grave sat up seeing the boy had awoken standing by the fire. "Hey…you are awake are you doing okay." The boy turned falling over nodding his head yes before Grave stood up dusting himself off before leaning over with his hand out, "That's a good thing…are you able to walk or anything." The boy kept quiet before nodding again lightly. Grave noticed the child was not talking at all for some odd reason. Before yawning from his nap as he looked back at the young boy saying, "Hey are you able to at least talk and say thank you?" The boy turned away saying under his breath, "T-thank…you…" Grave smiled a bit walking over to the boy saying, "Huh…I'm sorry I could not hear that…" the boy looked up pouting saying, "THANK YOU!" Grave leaned back smiling saying, "That's better now question where are you heading to?"

The boy said lightly, "I was heading to Kumo because of the fact my family is found there but…the people taking me were attacked and some of them died…" Grave noticed that boy was still wondering what the child had to do with the Water Country. "Okay well, then can you explain why the hell the water country rouge shinobi are after you then?" The boy nodded saying, "Its because I'm the…Daimyo's son…I come to Kumo to visit my friends…" Blinking to this Grave sighed even more so finally understanding it all. "Are you shitting me…you are the daimyo's son yet you come here to see a friend…you seem to be a very important kid then…" Grave shook his head wanting to walk away from the problem before turning to the saying, "Okay… I'll help you reach where you need to go but we have to move quickly. Grave smiled as he reached over taking the boy's hand carefully saying, "By the way…I'm Asakura Grave…"The boy smiled saying, "My friend is an Asakura as well!" Blinking to this new information Grave figured it be best to take the boy to his grandfather's to see if he knew anything about it.

Walking down the back path once again with the young boy on his back Grave had been walking for several minutes but did not notice the sun not rising as it was still late at night. But with that happening Grave notice the fires of the Asakura Shrine's gate. Shaking his head he knew what that meant before looking up at the young boy, "We are almost there." It seemed Grave was going to make it after all with the child as he was nearing it something seemed off as he turned his head from one side and quickly spanning to the other side. Placing the child carefully behind his leg they had become surrounded within a split moment of arriving, "No…so close…" They each took out their katana's aiming at Grave saying, "Hand over the child and we may spare your life." Grave kept the boy behind him saying, "What of his life huh…" Knowing the answer already it seemed a bit stupid to even ask that question as they moved closer to Grave he moved back with his friend behind him. "Look…we only want the kid so you can go about your business and leave him with us how's that sound?" Grave shook his head, "Like hell you are getting that lucky!" Before they shook their heads picking up their katanas to bring them down on Grave's head before a rush of hit came melting them into nothing. Blinking to this action Grave watched as the shinobi's dropped their blades shaking their hands yelling, "What the hell…"

Outside the Gate was a red giant of flames holding someone in its palm. Then having a voice echo, "So…This is where you are at Yun Shu" The young boy looked up yelling at the figure, "Asakura Hao! Thank you!" Blinking at the moment Grave turned to the figure as they jumped back getting ready to perform a combination of suiton at his brother's fierce god technique. Before long Grave finished his hand seals as he picked up the boy as his figure god appeared taking the water blocking it from making contact on his brother Hao. "You know this kid!?" Grave yelled out as his brother looked over saying, "Grave?!? When did you? Yes I do he's my friend I met him on my travels." Grave was amazed as well from his brother before they stood by one another with their fierce gods out, "Shall we?" Hao smiled saying, "Why not." Their gods lifted their hands into the air before having them crush at the ground with the rush of fire and earth attacking the shinobi. The molten rocks sealed the rouges with a hard shell as their heads were showing. "There we go…"

Grave smiled jumping down as his brother relaxed with his fierce god somewhat vanishing having his brother with an arm and leg of fire. Grave remembered his brother had lost them in a mission but shaking his head he knew it was a matter of time, "So…what's the deal with the flames?" Hao smiled saying, "Its God Merging…it allows one to share their fierce God's powers but on a different scale that the body undergoes a small transformation. However its only a technique that last for several seconds. The young boy looked up saying, "Mister Hao you know him? He saved me twice now from those rouges! He also said his name is Asakura like yours!" Hao smiled laughing a bit before saying, Yun Shu…this is my younger brother…Grave." Yun Shu blinked for a moment pointing saying, "This is the one that you wanted to defeat in battle!" Hao and Grave laughed nodding to one another saying, "Yep" At the same time. As they were both the same age but twins with only difference is Grave's hair was short as his brother was down to his start of his back.

"Grave what brought you here anyway…" Grave turned to see his brother saying, "Grandfather…" Hao nodded saying, "I see…well come on." They all walked towards the Asakura mansion where Grave's grandfather was located.

+ Mission: Escorting and Protecting Water Daimyo's Son
+ Rank: A
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Mission A Ranked - Protecting & Escorting Water Daimyo's Son
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