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 Mission A Ranked: Asakura Clan Stolen Jutsu Document Get it Back

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PostSubject: Mission A Ranked: Asakura Clan Stolen Jutsu Document Get it Back   June 24th 2014, 14:00

The night sky was soon turning into a lovely light blue as the sun was starting to rise with the sun beaming over the mountain tops of Kumo. While on top of one mountain the mansion and clan quarters of the Asakuras sits on with its back to the sun allowing the beams to come into the training grounds outside of the quarters. As it was slowly rising Grave smiled walking beside his brother Hao whom was holding his friend on his right shoulder. "Grandfather… it seems you have a visitor." The old man could sense his Grandson's energy before saying, "Ah…Grave so you have finally return to your roots. How are you doing my boy." Grave came nodding at his Grandfather whom was sitting outside the front doors saying, "I've returned and I've come asking you a favor…" Grave's knows of the answer but want to be sure if his grandfather would allow him. "The old man soon hit Grave upside the head with a cane saying, "No…you come here all undress and think I'm going to allow you to do whatever you want you must have another thing coming…"

Grave was actually shocked to hear this side of his grandfather the man whom wanted to train him to death until he could master the secrets of the life of an Asakura. But Grave understood standing up giving his grandfather a hug. Hao blinked and smiling watching his grandfather break a smile and a few tears, "You…leave…then I have to come search you…to complete missions…that's hard enough on my age." Grave nodded saying, "Please forgive me I did not mean to have you do such things though. I figured things had calm down since I left." Grave said with his grandfather turning around saying, "Nothing ever calms down with the countries you should know that of all. Day in and day out people continue to try and turn the balance of the world in their favor. Please understand this is something that cannot be stopped if anything. Human nature is to continue fighting until the world itself is nothing but a wasteland for nothing to exist." Grave sighed at the thought before saying, "I see…that would mean that there is no such thing as peace is there grandfather."

Grave's face was aimed at the ground before his brother came saying, "No peace is real, you and I obtained by the fact we exist together instead of at each other's gravesites. Even more so we are here happy now instead of in two different worlds." That moment Grave got some hope as he remembered his brother as well nodding to that moment with Grave saying, "That is right…I cannot allow myself to fall that low if anything grandfather there has to be a way to help things along or allow me to get stronger isn't there?" Grave sighed at the moment before his grandfather pointed saying, "yes…but first you must obtain a document from down in the valley some bandits believe they can crack it before the day ends. However that document contains information of a jutsu that was being worked out by the Asakura for the Raikage. If anything obtain it and bring it back to me so I can finish it before having it be used the wrong way." Grave nodded to that fact as he waved to his brother and Yun Shu before darting to the valley thinking of which valley it was.

"Its right under us boy!" Grave heard from his grandfather knowing he had left not knowing how to deal with all. Before Grave head down the mountain side he began thinking to himself about certain things allowing him to come up with some way of battling others while wearing the weights he knew he had the cloak but he was not sure as to what to do with the idea of using it. As he continued to run down the mountain side he just closed his eyes thinking a moment before hearing the voices within his mind of an idea to come together. But shaking his head he did not want to use the bijuu for negative things sure he would try talking it out with others before having to act again. Sliding down the remainder of the mountain Grave landed in the valley as he saw a group of bandits working on something before Grave glanced over a moment saying, "hand over the scroll now!" They had turned to look at the young man before laughing at each other with the look of surprised someone was demanding something.

"Please…you going to make us hand it over to you or are you just going to stand their crying like a little baby cause you cannot take something that does not belong to you. Get him boys!" The chief raised his sword into the air as a group of ten started to come at Grave that rushing moment he took a deep breath in as he moved down under the first two to deliver a straight punch into both of their stomachs within that moment he noticed one coming down at him as he jumped back do bring his right leg of making contact with the heel of his foot to the other bandits face as they went to the ground sliding pass him as his back was turned three more tried to jump him from the air as he jumped into the air with them he punched one in the right side of the face gave the next one a swift kick with his knee and then head-butted the final one. The chief looked at Grave confused for a moment as the last men looked at each other running off as they did not want to get beat up by the young man.

"Where are you cowards running from its just one man!" Turning Grave was in the face of the chief saying, "That is right they are men and I am one…but power comes with a high price sometimes and other times it takes a strong person to even having to deal with this kind of knowledge." Grave reached over taking the scroll away from the man as he turned hearing the mutter something he took his blade rushing at Grave with his back turned. After turning around slowly Grave transformed into the two tailed bijuu roaring at the chief as the man was shaking in fear not knowing what to do as the Nibi was moving closer with it growling as it was about to take the man's life. After that moment time passed before a black hole appeared for the awaiting members. Confused for a moment Grave stepped out from the warp hole before shaking his head, "Hey did you miss me?" Grave's grandfather tilted his head confused for a moment, "What in the world…" Grave lifted his index finger into the air saying, "That's right I never told you about the technique but then again it was one that I worked on with Hao before leaving."

Hao nodded saying, "Its true…its completely harmless if anything but why did you use that Grave to come back?" Waving his finger that moment he sighed saying, "Well listen to this carefully, I got tired of wanting to run up the mountain so I got lazy and did it this way. Besides that bandit will not be coming around here anymore because of what I did to him." Pulling the scroll to hand to his grandfather as the elderly man took it nodding he began walking into the house waving his hand for the boys to follow. Grave's brother looked at him saying, "What did you do?" Grave turned his head thinking of the flashback of what happen. As he had transformed into the Nibi the man fell over in fear yelling at the top of his lungs for mercy. As Grave was in control he lifted his palm to bring it down on the man before having to stop in the mid with the cat's paw almost crushing the man, "Now…If I hear or get told that the Asakura Clan has been attacked had something stolen from them… I will personally find you…and make you pay for the unjust act you have performed against them!" Grave thought back as the bandit nodded in fear only to chase after his men leaving Grave to revert back into his human self with a smile.

Before looking up at the long road Grave opened the world of limbo and traveled through it having it appear before his brother and grandfather with a smile with Yun Shu happy to see the young man as well. "And that's what happen Hao!" Grave's brother was twitching a few moments before saying, "You tamed the powers of the Nibi?!" Grave covered his brother's mouth saying, "No I'm working with Nekomata as she is a very nice cat and personally not that bad once you get to know her." Grave's brother blinked at the moment and glanced at his brother saying, "You named it…and you looked at what gender it was… Brother you need to get a new hobby…" Grave shook his hands before hitting his brother upside the head saying, "NO I did not, that is her name and whom she wishes to be called. So please respect my partner." Hao stared at the moment before a book came flying at his head from his grandfather's direction.

"Hao…it is true that bijuu's name is Nekomata and it’s a female as well. Your brother has worked along side it for a while now. It's because of him being a jinchuuriki he was gift with this power. One that seals the powers of a bijuu within them have one of two choices. Becoming the demon that they sealed or becoming one with the demon that have sealed. Grave has worked hard to obtain the respect for using the powers of Nekomata…so I can allow it be part of the Asakura Clan." Hao nodded to his grandfather before hearing, "Grave…you have more missions a head of you I suggest getting them done before continuing with your training." Grave nodded as he took his time leaving the house wanting to head to the village for the next mission.

Mission: Asakura Clan Stolen Jutsu Document Get it Back
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Mission A Ranked: Asakura Clan Stolen Jutsu Document Get it Back
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