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 Mission A Ranked: Document for the Raikage and the mysterious force

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PostSubject: Mission A Ranked: Document for the Raikage and the mysterious force   June 24th 2014, 14:03

Before things were starting to settle down with all the missions Grave had been taking on. First starting with his father wanting to see where he was at with strength seeing if he was strong enough to even continue on his own. Then the fact that he had travelled back home only to be stopped because of the fact he had to save the young boy, Yun Shu whom was the water country's daimyo son. Then afterward having to meet the spy within the Kumo village that had some rather interesting to the civil war that was about to start within Oto Country. Even though Grave had dealt with the people before it seemed rather strange for him to do it again. But meeting the priest that was the head of everything that was the rebellion. Grave was able to speak his mind allowing the man to change his ways. But even more so it was odd before all that to have a document stolen from his clan's quarters by bandits trying to make a quick ryo in order to continue on their own job. It seemed like it was odd enough that it all started upon his return. Then meeting with Sakuya whom took ill ways but she showed it by stealing the document from the spy.

After which everything happen till the last mission to him having to research a lab that was located within the snow country. Though arriving Grave met with the shinobi of the snow that had been trying to get in. However the lab was locked from the inside but using a seal that caused the seal to open. Grave was able to enter but there was nothing in the lab at first so they decided to blow it up. However though Grave searched deeper within the lab and did not find anything until falling through a wall allowing him to locate certain information. After taking the information from the old lab he took it back to his lab to and use for it his own purpose. It was unsure as to why he was set on getting this completed for himself but it in the end he was aiming at something more than just himself he was aiming to create something from this idea. That data even showed it within the nature as to how he wanted the side project he was working with.

"Hmm I better keep it under the radar I cannot have someone finding out about it. Besides…there has to be a way to complete the project a bit faster for myself if anything…wait a minute…" Grave was suddenly hit with the idea to create another area under the base allowing him to complete the lab faster. Smiling about this Grave was stopped as his brother came walking by, "What are you talking about brother?" Grave turned saying to himself, "Oh nothing just thinking of something interesting and related to a project for myself." Smiling about it trying to have it brushed off he knew his brother was trying to get the best of him and trying to understand what his brother was truly after."I got a report from the priest that you helped before saying you changed his mind with the way you were thinking. I know you designed the techniques for the phase one of the country but what of the other techniques…What happen to them?" Grave had paused turning his head back to his brother saying, "They were put into place besides I have a better idea of protecting it from damage if anything I just first have to come up with an idea."

Hao walked over to be by his brother side saying, "You are pushing yourself into doing something that you better not regret if anything you should ask grandfather or father for help and you already know mother will help us both if anything were to happen." Grave nodded to this information only to hear the old man's voice, "Grave come here!" Sighing lightly the young priest started to drag his body over to his grandfather's living space as the old man was going through the documents that was recovered from the bandits. "Listen the jutsu is completed I need you to run it over to the Raikage in Kumo quickly if anyone tries and stop you do not stop and continue on with the plan I rather it be given to him in person if anything. Do not hold back even the slightest is that understood?" Grave bowed to his grandfather grabbing the documents for the jutsu getting ready to leave from the quarters until being stopped once again by his brother. "Hey…Grave listen remember what I told you…some things are better to be left alone if any do you understand what I mean?"

Grave nodded saying, "I do... But I have to act on my own actions now I cannot and will not allow this world to be thrown into chaos again." Hao blinked for a moment before sighing finally starting to understand the thoughts of his brother. 'I see… you are aiming to change the way the world is viewed… you are going to change yourself before you even think about changing the world. Grave…my dear brother understand what you are doing to yourself if anything… you are starting to cause more of a destruction on yourself then anything…' Grave began leaving the step heading down towards the village with the document on his back relaxing for a moment to think about the words that came from his voice to his brother. It seemed like the right thing he wanted to say but it seemed unsure as he was starting to feel as though his aims were a bit different. But shaking his head wildly Grave came to the conclusion of what he must do in order to save the world. Closing his eyes he finally understood the meaning of his own life coming down the mountain he was stopped by several people with pikes.

"Do not move…hand over the document right now!" Grave's attitude changed into something different it was like he did not care anymore as he opened his eyes lightly rushing at the person picking them up by the through saying, "How dare you…try to question me like that if anything you will never understand what it is I can truly do!" The four others got behind him as they aimed their spears at him Grave put the man down quickly lifting himself into the air as the spears all went through the man. Standing on the other side Grave continued walking as the man was bleeding the side of Grave was trying to turn him to heal the man but he continued to walk away. Grave had his fist gripped tightly wanting to turn away before remembering his grandfather's words, "Do not stop continue…" Grave finally was allowing himself to become something else something that he was not afraid or scared of doing. Hao had arrived to see the person barely breathing as he took his skills to heal the person, "What happen?" The other man turned to say, "We came to take the document from a young man…but he had us stab our brother and walked off."

Hao felt something was off after hearing that moment. Several minutes later arriving at the village gates Grave looked at the sky as it was becoming dark once more. Smiling at that he wanted to see the stars but continued to head into the village as he was reaching the administration office two guards stopped him from entering saying, "What business do you have?" Grave closed his eyes saying softly, "I have to deliver the document considering the jutsu that is to be used." The guards looked at each nodding allowing him to walk into the building heading to the office of the Raikage only to be stopped by a female with glasses as she stood in front of the doors. Grave turned his attention to her, "Move…now…" The female lifted and eyebrow saying," Like…He…" Within that moment Grave quickly grabbed her by the throat lifting up saying, "I asked nicely… I'm not having a good night so far…so I'd suggest you move now is that clear…" the female tried to grasp for air but wasn't able to breath as he let her go having her drop to the ground coughing for a moment with fear in her eyes.

Walking passed her he opened the door seeing that the Raikage was out searching the room he sighed lightly taking the document on the desk saying, "I'm leaving this here…if anything I do not care what happens to it if at all… its in your hands now." Grave said with the eyes of having his emotions gone for some odd reason, he quickly opened the black hole for limbo as his body began to swing into nothingness. As it was closing the female ran over trying to stop him to get his name but was unable to as he had completely vanished from her sight as though he was never there to begin with. Appearing within the forest of where his old home use to be Grave was stopped by his brother's voice, "Grave what the hell!" Turning to see his brother he smirked saying, "What?" Hao shook his head throwing his left hand to the side saying, "You let someone almost die lucky I knew how to perform first aid but how could you leave someone to die just like that?" Grave turned away for a moment looking at the sky saying, "Grandfather…said do not allow anyone to stop me… the mission is something I must do until the very end now."

Hao stared at his brother confused as to what happen to him within that short period of time yet he did not seem like him but physical it was his brother.

Mission: Secret Document to Raikage's Office
Rank: A
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Mission A Ranked: Document for the Raikage and the mysterious force
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