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 Mission A Ranked: Escort Water Country's Daimyo's Son to the Lightning Country's Port City

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PostSubject: Mission A Ranked: Escort Water Country's Daimyo's Son to the Lightning Country's Port City   June 24th 2014, 14:04

Shaking his head rapidly Grave looked around confused for the moment as he was glancing at the old home that he was living at confused for a moment, "What the hell happen…How did I end up here?" Grave's attention seemed to return yet it was odd for him to feel weaken and shaken at the moment before rubbing his head confused to see his brother standing glaring at him confused as well. "Grave do you really not remember what happen?" Grave shook his head confused. After which it was strange but Hao thought about it for a second, "What did you do after you took the scroll from grandfather?" Grave thought about it saying, "Oh I remember I was talking with you then I started walking and got tired but after that I do not remember the rest why?" Hao nodded saying, "Somehow you were placed under a genjutsu…and it seems whom ever did wanted to make sure you caused some trouble for others but I'm not sure who or why they would do that. But we have to get back to the house at once grandfather wanted to see us about another mission. It seems we are earning a lot from it honestly."

Grave nodded as he and his brother took off into the forest during the night as the moon was half full. Sighing to the thought of having to complete another mission once again. Grave and his brother arrived with Yun Shu in front of the door saying, "Hey guys how are you doing!" Grave nodded to Yun Shu saying, "I'm doing, good how about you Yun Shu?" The young boy looked down saying, "I'm getting ready to leave its time for me to head back to the Water Country." Grave turned to see his brother Hao nodded saying lightly, "Yep its time for my friend to head home and we are given the guard to escort him to the port city within Lightning Country in order to have him return but you know the problem with that is people are going to be after him if he was to go alone. I would go but I have to rest that way I can keep the…technique up allowing me to have an arm and leg." Grave nodded turning to see Yun Shu with a smile saying to him, "Yeah I can watch the little one he's my friend as well at least I think he is isn't that right buddy?"

Grave turned with a smile on his face getting ready as well only to see his brother hand him some things. "Here you need at least some kind of weapons besides your fists and that cloak of yours as well." Laughing loudly he nodded to this saying, "That is true okay Yun Shu are you ready to leave?" The young boy nodded with a smile on his face getting up with a backpack on him as he got ready to leave. Grave took only a few kunais and shurikens with him as he turned to look at his brother. "This should do right?" The boy started walking off with Grave following behind him for that moment he smiled as they were working on getting down the mountain once gain. As they quickly was going down Grave was carrying the young boy on his back going down the mountain's side carefully watching for anyone in the night. Thinking about it all who did place Grave under a genjutsu thinking they could get away with it to even begin with. Shaking his head the young boy placed his hand on top of Grave's head saying, "Hey why are you moving like that huh?"

Yun Shu asked as Grave turned a bit to say, "I'm having to watch for anyone that would love to get a chance on us and try taking you away for some odd reason." The young boy laughed saying, "You are strong like Hao-san! He told me how you both use to fight in order to prove which of you was stronger." Noting to that the young boy was smiling happily to know the boys were good brothers before having to speak saying, "Who always won cause he never said he just ended saying until next time kind of things." The stories allowed him to relax a bit more as they were walking carefully through the forests path." Answering his question with a simple answer, "He did always!" Grave smiled to Yun before focusing on something moving in the forest. Grave stopped to slide on the dirt to notice the shinobi that was chasing after them. Grave kept Yun Shu on his head smiling turning to see that shinobi come running at him with a blade pulled. Reaching down to counter the blade with his own using the kunai that was given to Grave by his brother.

They slid back a bit before Grave ducked down with Yun Shu still on his shoulder to come back upper cutting the person in the fact having them flying backwards into a tree. "These guys are weak…then again…" Moving to the right side quickly another kunai came flying across from the right side only to be blocked by his kunai turning to place Yun Shu on the ground saying lightly, "Stay behind me…okay and do not move from that wall if anything we have no choice but to fight here." Grave turned only to clash with another shinobi before moving down to place his right palm on the left side of the enemy to bring his left leg over nailing the person in the head. Having the fall to the ground with a great force following behind as Grave crushed his fist into them. 'Great… How many more do I have to deal with if anything it better not be more than what I'm hoping for if anything.' Grave thought to himself only to see the reflection of katanas coming from behind him. The moment came as the cloak of the black and blue flames grew around him.

'Nekomata…thank you for the assistance…' He could see her nodding to him as he came back to reality watching the blades make contact only to travel down burning the shinobi's hands. Turning quickly Grave make sure to punch each of them within the stomach only to jump back watching for another as Yun Shu was still behind him. Soon after Grave felt a technique coming for them as the chakra was densed but suddenly vanished. Looking down he smacked his hand to the ground to feel where the enemy was hiding. Lifting up the young boy from any surprise attack until hearing from his mouth, "Grave its above us!!" Turning to see the attack was a raiton elemental as it was coming down with speed. "I've never seen a technique like that before!" Darting over to the side to watch it make contact with the ground Grave blinked for a moment before hearing, "Raiton…Fierce God!" Blinking for a short second a lightning jin appeared before Grave as it stood releasing a loud screeching sound in the air. The echoing noise even was heard by Hao from above but he was unable to move as he was getting treatment.

"No…only…an Asakura could…perform that technique…" As it came rushing at them taking the form of a giant wolf Grave knew he could not even summon his as the element of lightning would over power his earth element. "Shit!" Grave quickly reacted by completing the hand seals for Limbo hitting the ground and placing Yun Shu in, "Stay there I'll be back for you I promise!" After the moment Grave closed it only to be struck by the technique having him sent flying backwards. To the ground sliding on the dirt feeling the shocking static of the attack surge through him. Shaking his head he looked up as his brother saying, "I don't get it…how did something like that be allowed to hit me if…" Grave sat up slowly breathing heavily with the burn marks over his body. Before lone a large attack from the side came as the shinobi jumped backwards looking into the air confused for a moment but vanished leaving Grave slowly passing out on the ground. Several minutes later Grave was opening his eyes slowly to see the female kunochi that saved him. "Grave are you alright?" Grave turned his head noticing it was Sakuya.

The awaking allowed Grave to lift his head up opening the limbo portal quickly as Yun Shu walked out only to peek his head for a bit saying, "Is it safe?" Grave nodded saying, "Yes…it is…" The young boy walked out with Sakuya taking his hand slowly saying, "What happen?" Grave turned to say angered, "We were ambushed by shinobis…but the problem was the last one…it performed the Fierce God…a clan technique that was developed by the Asakuras…" Grave stood up walking over to the young boy saying, "We are going to have to move quickly this time I have no idea when the person will show again and if they do I'll be weak against the attack cause of my element. Sakuya looked over at Grave, "I'll report it to your grandfather and see what he knows about it." Grave nodded as she vanished taking Yun Shu through the limbo portal once more this time walking along side him to get him company. "Grave…what is this place…is it another world?" Grave turned his head before reopening the portal saying, "Its another dimension on that I created allowing me to come and go as I please…"

As the portal opened with them stepping out several Kiri shinobi got ready for a battle before Grave lifted his head and the young boy said, "Its okay he's my friend!" They nodded helping the young man to the boat as Grave waved to him, "Next time…you come I'll be sure to spend more time with you and my brother." Yun shu nodded with a big smile as they parted ways.

Mission: Escort Water Country Daimyo to Lightning Country's Port City.
Rank: A
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Mission A Ranked: Escort Water Country's Daimyo's Son to the Lightning Country's Port City
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