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 Mission A Ranked: Deliver the Secret Organization's Document

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PostSubject: Mission A Ranked: Deliver the Secret Organization's Document   June 24th 2014, 14:05

As Grave was left at the docks smiling thinking about how he was going to miss his friend that was returning back to the Water Country. He started to remember a few bits of himself and how he use to fight to protect only friends and never himself. Now seeing it for himself as how weak he actually became. Grave sighed lightly turning away thinking to himself. 'I cannot believe it…I'm truly weak when it comes to it all…My brother has to watch my back… I have Nekomata watching me as well. I want to just be on the same level as them that way we don't have to protect me all the time.' Grave kicked a rock into the water before hearing rustling in the bushes as he turned his head to notice a rabbit coming out. "Hey their little buddy what are you doing wondering around this late?" Grave tilted his head at the color of the rabbit as it was white instead of brown. Catching his attention he sighed a bit looking around carefully trying to sense to what was going to happen. But he was unsure himself as the rabbit sniffed running off somewhere else. Standing up slowly two blades came across his neck as the person walked from the shadows with two shinobis.

"So this is where that young boy ran off to…how interesting to have to meet you, I believe your name is Asakura Grave correct?" Grave was shocked to have heard his name as he turned to glance at the man slowly. But nothing about him seemed familiar at all nor the image flashing into his mind. "I…do not know you so how is it you know me?" Grave asked waiting carefully trying to not make the wrong move. "Well you see I'm actually someone that has been watching you for some time until you recently vanished and then suddenly appeared again out of nowhere yet nobody understands how or why you vanished."The name simply said as he tapped down on the cigarette that was pulled from his pocket. "We have the right to believe you have been doing some illegal actions within the Water Country and even Wind Country. Do you have anything to say towards these small notes at all?" Grave heard the man as though he was trying to have him confess to something but the problem was Grave was unsure what it was he was actually aiming for.

"Please…I have never been to Water Country if anything. It is not one of several countries that has its own boarders closed from outsiders even coming into play here?" Besides even if Grave had been he would not tell them but the only two people he knew that had been to the locations are simply his brothers Raijin and Hao. Could it be that the man was aiming at him as Grave could hear the lighting sound from the lighter to have the flames start burning the cigarette. Grave could smell it as the smoke of tar was horrible as he breathed in. Causing Grave to cough a bit as he hated when his grandfather did it. "I seem to have misunderstood the facts of you traveling in and out of other countries am I correct?" Grave suddenly eyes widen a bit as he was wondering what that was supposed to be meant by. "What are you trying to get at huh… cause you are beating around the bush for something and it is really starting to become rather annoying and pissing me off slowly." Grave noted as he felt the slight rush of heat coming across his body knowing that Nekomata was going to step in soon.

The man nudged his head left and right as the two blades vanished with the shinobis following, "Please…we are simply trying to grasp an understanding as to what is truly going on with this information. You see we have been getting reports from villages in tracking down several shinobis and kunochis funny enough you just happen to be one so my team and I came to search you out of course. The whole issue is this we are going at each clan are own ways and it seemed you are not really someone to take lightly, Mister Asakura or should I say, Village leader of Kousenagkura." Grave's eyes widen as the man smiled walking in front of Grave, "I told you we've been watching you carefully now because of this sight of information I'd rather you do me a slight favor if you will we have some important documents that need to be transported to our headquarters. The best part is the place is real easy to find as its located within the Earth Country the village of stone - Iwa I believe you know of that place as you met your alliance there the samurai slash shinobi from Iron Country."

Shaking a bit with Grave not even wanting to accept the job he sighed a bit saying, "Fine…I'll take the favor from you what is it you want though?" The man smiled putting the smoke into the air as he finished the cigarette throwing it into the water saying, "Nothing I was just letting you take note into the mind of yours that "We" are watching you and wanted to let you know that I'm just as nice as anyone else until of course something has to be taken of action if you understand what I mean that would mean that you can carefully avoid any issue that could happen to your family or friends or someone that you love." Grave eyes closed looking away as he thought about Sakura and then Sakuya a bit it seemed they both shared something within Grave's heart but he had to stay focus just for a bit longer. "I see…so then what else do you want me to do after handing the information over to them huh?" Grave was trying not to snap at the person before turning his attentions to the man's eyes as one was a different color then the other one.

"Nothing after that you are welcome to leave and be on your way to whatever you were planning on doing after escorting that young man back to the water country. But just remember as I said anyone can be our target is that clear. If you were to try anything with us we could simply target you but it would be to is then. Also do not try using any idea that you can defeat us in battle or stop us from harming your family because if you were to warn them we could simply stop it from happening is that clear." Sighing to that note as well Grave nodded carefully as he was waiting for the document to be handed to him as the man smiled with his eyes closed handing him the paper envelop. "Okay now have a safe and fun adventure to the location. Oh please watch out for any rouge shinobi or bandits they cannot get the message what so ever is that clear. IF anything the organization will find you so you do not have to search for them upon arrival to Iwa."

With that the man vanished leaving Grave shaking his head as he hurried off to head towards his needed location only to shake his head thinking. About everything as he was rushing through the forest he was planning on using the time/space jutsu but he could not risking it becoming something of noted nor have it be something they could use against him. Sighing to the thought of having to be caught Grave just shook his head thinking of his family as he was rushing. Watching his sides it seemed nobody was after him but he couldn't place as to why someone would want the document in the first place even knowing of the fact that he had never knew of the this organization Grave shook his head as he came to the countries boarders. Watching carefully he was seeing if anyone was around. The land was a wasteland it had seemed as he could not figure out how to even move any closer. Shrugging his shoulders he jumped from the tree branch landing on the wasteland's dirt as it was kicked up into the air. Grave shook his head saying to himself, "I went through Fire Country and Taki just for this better be worth it in the end."

Grave walked on as he was heading down the dirt path showed a sign telling him which way towards Iwa was thinking about it. Grave sighed lightly as he remembered about the Bijuus within this country. Muttering to himself, "I better be on guard if anything I rather not have the Bijuu just come at me like I'm some prey to them." That moment a voice crossed over his, "Please..they won't hurt you if anything they like the land they are in control of my brothers are not something to mess with on their own grounds I should know." Nodding to that Grave looked up noticing he had finally arrived at the Earth Country's hidden village, Iwa. After which someone appeared walking over to him saying, "So you are the one to bring it after all. Seems the target is the key to everything please hand over the notes thank you." Grave raised an eyebrow for a moment before taking a step back, "Why should I hand you the document just like that." The man took a kunai out saying because, "Gen said you would without question!" Grave kicked the man into the stomach as other shinobi appeared to arrest the man.

"Please…the man never even gave me his name!" Grave yelled out as the real group appeared to take up the shinobi reaching over for the document. "Sorry about that, he had sunk into the village and we lost track of him afterwards but we figured he was after something." Grave nodded handing the document turning to head back home. "So…this is the organization that's watching us…wonder why…" Grave muttered to himself as he hurried back to Kumo.

Mission: Organization Document
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Mission A Ranked: Deliver the Secret Organization's Document
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