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 Leaf Dynasty: Escort the Daimyo To Mizugakure[B-Ranked Mission][Solo Mission]

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PostSubject: Leaf Dynasty: Escort the Daimyo To Mizugakure[B-Ranked Mission][Solo Mission]   June 29th 2014, 20:41

As it would turn out, all of Squad 3 was at least a Chunin rank ninja. Nara Nakagwa, simply because of his intelligence, had already become promoted to a Jounin. Nakagawa had sent the team a reminder of their mission and to arrive at the village gate within the hour. Heise who was twenty minutes late showed up at the gate walking and waving to his comrades.
“Hello” Heise said calmly. Nakagawa was upset but his personality didn’t allow for it to show.
“You’re late Heise. Don’t let that happen again.” He said. Fou, the orange haired girl turned to Heise and looked at him with disappointment. Mei-Lee turned her face and blushed. Oni remained quiet the entire time.
“Our job is to protect the Daiyamo on his journey.” Nakagawa said as he began turning around.
“Shouldn’t we wait for him?” Heise asked as he began to follow Nakagawa.
“He’s already left baka!” Nakagawa replied.

The Leaf Daiyamo was a prick of a man who lavished on many things. Once such thing was food,(which was probably the reason he held such a high weight class). Aside from Squad 3, who surrounded the Daimyo at different points, The Daimyo’s personal detail consisted of a few soldiers from the royal armor. Heise had counted fifteen in all though even he knew fifteen shinobi’s were no match for an advance ninja. He didn’t bother to turn his head when he stepped in a puddle though his mind was a bit intrigued. It was almost July and by this time the clouds shouldn’t have been out because it was the middle of summer.

Mei-Lee was the first to pick up the strange chakra emitting from the puddle.
“Whatever happens, don’t stop the caravan” She sounded over the intercom. Heise’s suspicions were correct when from the puddle rose a single man with a Giant Zanbatou and a Hidden Mist Head band over his forehead. He wore the Hidden Mist’s usual Anbu Attack gear as well. He placed his hand’s together and began forming hand seals. Heise immediately recognized them as the summoning jutsu. Once the Hidden Mist Ninja placed his hands on the ground 7 Anbu appeared beside him.
“No one lives” The leader said.

As it turned out, Oni and Fou made a perfect addition to the team. Oni had a sort of ability to control the magnetic properties of Iron which allowed him to protect the Daimyo. What was twice as interesting was along with his Iron Powder, he used Gold Dust to attack Two of the Anbu Members.
Fou was another monster added on to the team. She was a long range ninja using her Wind Release techniques as well as her Giant three star fan to combat two of the Anbu Members.
Mei-Lee had grown considerably stronger in her Jyuuken and her Byakugan abilities making her a Taijutsu expert at best taking on one of the Anbu Ninja with no effort. She striked him close to two hundred and Fifty Six times almost stopping the Anbu Member’s heart.
Even Lazy Nakagawa had developed some new shadow jutsu of his own and managed to take out his opponent without the help of anyone.
“Remain on the Damiyo’s cart” Heise said as he stood in front of the leader of the Hidden Mist team. “I will catch up with you guys later” He said.

Once the Daimyo’s cart was gone, The Hidden Mist Ninja and Heise stared each other down. Finally the hidden mist ninja began to place his hands together and began forming a complex set of skills while siting incantation.
“Shit that can’t be-“ Heise said. From thin air water particles began to merge together and form. Heise placed his hands together and began forming handseals of his own. When the water particles merged a large dragon of water appeared and rushed towards Heise. Heise immediately spit mud from his mouth. The mud on the ground instantly rose into a wall of earth and lifted itself. The sound of water crashing into rock screamed into the ears of Heise.

“I will get the Daimyo” The man said appearing behind Heise. Heise felt chills run through his spine. It was ominous feeling that the man was sending off. Suddenly a large gust of wind sent Heise flying into the slab of rock he created. When he stood he’d realized that the man was gone and that his rescuers were Fou & Nakagawa.
“I’ve never seen you freeze up like that” Nakagawa said as he helped Heise up. Heise couldn’t help but notice that he’d frozen as well. It was such a strange feeling that the man sent off.

Oddly enough, the Daimyo had been safely escorted to the Hidden Mist Village where a squad of Konoha Anbu began to Guard him. The team reunited at the gates of Mizugakure and Nakagwa spoke.
“Now, our second mission begins” He said as he began to walk back inside Mizugakure. The rest of the team would follow suite but Heise who couldn’t help but think about that man who had attacked them on the way.
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Leaf Dynasty: Escort the Daimyo To Mizugakure[B-Ranked Mission][Solo Mission]
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