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 Leaf Dynasty: Espionage Episode 1 [B-Ranked Mission][Solo Dolo]

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PostSubject: Leaf Dynasty: Espionage Episode 1 [B-Ranked Mission][Solo Dolo]   June 29th 2014, 23:20

The second mission of Squad 3 would be to gather info on that Status of certain Ninja within Mizugakure. The Hokage wanted to be completely prepared when having his ninja defend against the homeland, or so they were told. A recon team had scouted the tower of babel a week before while in Mizugakure and had tipped Squad 3 that the information they sought would be in either be in room 101 or room 403 which. In order to complete this mission, Squad 3 would have to wait the enormous signal sent by the Anbu team who was currently guarding the Daimyo. Ironically, The Daimyo had a sudden emergency when his daughter, which everyone knew he didn’t have, sent him a distress message back at the Hidden Leaf. Once word reached the team that the Daimyo was safe Nakagawa had begun the plan of action.

“This is just another game of politics” Heise said as he leaned back in his chair drinking his could of tea. In a remote part of the Island Heise had created a house of Wood which served as their temporary hide out. Nakagawa, the only one standing, moved across the room.
“Heise is right” Oni said as he created some form of art work with his Iron Sand. Heise turned and watched Oni and was completely fascinated.
“Politics or not it’s still our mission and we have to complete it.” Fou said enjoying her lollipop. Mei-Lee who had just finished a shower came downstairs and sat close to Heise. By now Heise had caught the Idea that Mei-Lee had cared fondly for Heise. Oni would never mention it but he did see Mei-Lee and Heise Kiss before. One could say they were affectionate.
“Fou is right,” Nakagawa said as he walked over to the center of the room so everyone could have a clear view of him, “ A mission is a mission and we must complete it. So here is how tomorrow will work out.” He replied.
“Heise and Fou will infiltrate the Pyramid” (The Pyramid was a name most ninja in Mizugakure used to call their information storage) “Heise will search room 101 and Fou room 403. Oni will join you in order to prevent anyone who is not Konoha elect from entering the Pyramid until your mission is over.” Nakagawa said. He paused for a moment to make sure everyone was following along.
“Do I get to fight anyone?” Oni said as the black sand dropped to the ground. Everyone couldn’t help but share a laugh to lighten the mood. Everyone was already tense as it is because of the danger level of the mission.
“Where do you and Mei-Lee come in?” Heise asked as he stood upright.
“Mei-Lee and I will be at the gate securing our escape route.” Nakagawa said. Everyone stood to go off to their separate rooms to prepare for tomorrow.
“One rule” Nakagawa said forcing everyone to stop in their tracts. “Whatever happens we don’t kill anyone. Understand? We will not be the reason Mizugakure & Konohagakure go to jail”

Heise sat in his room in an upright position concentrating on focusing what little nature chakra he could feel.
“You shouldn’t tire yourself” A familiar voice said. Heise stopped his actions and turned around to see Mei-Lee had slipped in without alerting him.
“Did you need anything Lady Mei-Lee?” Heise said bowing respectfully. As it would turn out, Mei-Lee was in the Main House of her family though she currently resided in the Team Mansion.
“I just wanted to see you” Mei-Lee Said blushing.

The next day al went according to plan. Heise and Fou arrived at the Pyramid with Oni as their back and sweeped through until the found their information. Once the Information was collected they left the Pyramid and began to make their way back towards the Leaf Village. Though no one had died, Heise, Fou, and Oni left plenty of disabled people and bodies.
“It was a clean mission. Now our next mission is to return the information back to the village safely” Nakagawa replied.
“And I plan on stopping you” A voice said. Heise remembered the voice clearly and the trembling returned. Most ninja from the hidden Mist village use the Hidden Mist Technique to cover the field and hide their bodies but what came over the group was different from a mist. This thick blanket of smoke seemed more like a Fog and it filled the atmosphere.
“Aww the Earth Boy is shaking” The voice said. Suddenly a whimper came from Heise than from a whimper it grew into a laughter.
“I’m trembling with excitement” Heise said. “Everyone leave this man to me” Heise said as he landed on the ground yet again. The remaining of the group stopped to watch the fight as they were all interested to see Heise take on this strange Jounin with the Giant Zanbatou. The man appeared behind Heise and held a Kunai to his throat.
“Shall we dance” Heise asked as he spun fast enough to maneuver the Jounin’s Kunai away from his own neck and place a kunai at the man’s.
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Leaf Dynasty: Espionage Episode 1 [B-Ranked Mission][Solo Dolo]
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