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 Leaf Dynasty: Espionage Episode 2 [B-Ranked Misson][Solo Dolo]

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PostSubject: Leaf Dynasty: Espionage Episode 2 [B-Ranked Misson][Solo Dolo]   June 29th 2014, 23:50

For about ten minutes Heise and the Mysterious Jounin clashed back and forth using only Kunai and Senbon. Heise had grown accustomed to using Senbon over Kunai due to their versatility. Fou had managed to clear the Fog away with her Giant fan but it seem the Mysterious Jounin didn’t need it. Heise was only going toe to toe with the man not doing better or worse.
“Who are you?” Heise asked as the two had a moment away from each other. Neither soul was tired, in fact neither soul had really expended that much energy at all.
“Those documents contain assassination targerts. Please return them to me and the Mist Anbu will spare your village” He said. He began moving his right hand towards the hilt of his Zanbatou. Heise grabbed his Gunbai and Shukajo as well in order to prepare against him. Once the man grabbed his blade he began swinging wildly at Heise though no wind force or chakra force showed. But Heise was visible damaged by an invisible force.

“What just happened?” Mei-Lee yelled as she clenched the tree. Oni turned to the man and raised an eyebrow as he thought for a moment than suddenly his eyes widened.
“That’s Pikon of the Fog! One of the Mist most deadly assassin’s ever. They said he was to be the wielder of Zabazua’s blade but never indeed tried for the Seven mist swords man claiming that swords were two weak for his tastes.”

Heise overheard Oni speaking and raised his eyebrows.
“If I’m fighting a true champion” He said to himself, “Then I better take you seriously” He said as he began performing a barrage of hand seals. In the midst of those handseals Heise had managed to perform his own Shunshin allowing his body to move at intense speeds heading towards his opponent. When he appeared right in front of Pikon he drew his body back a bit and shouted.
“Water Style: Water Bullet technique” He yelled and Immediately he shot a heavy bullet of water at Pikon sending him back quite a distance. Heise huffed and puffed realizing a combo like that had taken him quite some energy.
“I must admit that caught me off guard” Pikon said standing up and dusting himself off. He then began to form the long hand seals he had performed in the battle before with Heise.
“The water dragon Jutsu” Heise said to himself. Heise closed his eyes and his body moved at intense speed disappeared backwards again. Heise began to perform his own hand seals as well.
“Water style Water dragon!” Pikon Yelled.
“Wood Style: Wood Dragon!” Heise Yelled. From thin air a large leviathan appeared and from the Ground behind Heise a large wooden dragon appeared as well. Both dragons fought though Heise’s was strong and destroyed the water Dragon. Pikon charged energy into his Zanbatou and leaped into the air cutting the head of the wooden dragon. When the dragon fell to the ground a small tremor arose.

Heise closed his eyes realizing it was time to end things for they had to head back to their village and report the success of the three missions. But Heise remembered the Golden rule of Nakagawa. He placed his right hands outward and a ball of chakra began to form and rotate at a high speed.
“Is that?
“When did he learn-“
“Heise that devil”
Heise smiled with the praise of his team mates as he launched himself at the man. Pikon saw the attack and didn’t move till the last second. Heise would miss creating a large hole in the ground. Pikon appeared on a branch and looked down at Heise.
“Clearly I’m not strong enough anymore to take someone like you on.” Pikon replied. “I bid you farewell” And with that his body disappeared.

“He ran away” Heise said as they were walking back to the village. “He was winning and he still ran away” Nakagawa couldn’t help but laugh at Heise.
“You’re clueless aren’t you?” Nakagawa replied. Heise turned to Nakagawa with a confused look.
“What do you mean?”
“I means what he says Heise. You had him on the ropes the entire time. Even his strongest Jutsu the Water Dragon Jutsu was no match for you wooden dragon. And once he saw that Rasengan… well let’s just say he was fed up with losing.” Oni said as they walked. Heise said nothing for the duration of the trip. Once they returned Heise immediately headed to the Hospital to rest his wounds. When he was all healed up the team went and reported to the Mission advisors that their word was complete. Heise and Oni handed over the documents without asking what they were true to what he said he would do.

Heise returned to the Team Castle first where he would rest the remainder of his gear. He decided he would place the training weights on and begin to run around the village seven times. In any case the training weights would have given him a small boost during his session. After that Heise would continue to work on his nature release.

+ Hospital
+ Training Weights
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Leaf Dynasty: Espionage Episode 2 [B-Ranked Misson][Solo Dolo]
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