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 Leaf Dynasty: Ryutoki[Solo - RO][Jutsu Training]

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PostSubject: Leaf Dynasty: Ryutoki[Solo - RO][Jutsu Training]   July 7th 2014, 20:36

With two techniques now fully mastered, Heise was ready to move on to creating a third technique or so he thought. He realized he was already still extremely drained from the nature training he’d perform earlier. He decided he would head to the hospital so that his body could rest and heal.

As he sat in the hospital a man flew through the window. To his surprise Sensei Shizou had appeared. Shizou looked a Heise and smiled.
“Hey there trooper.” He said. Heise tried to get up but his body was too wounded from the training.  Shizou raised his hand motioning for him not to get up.
“How’s the rest of the team?” Heise asked realizing he’d been gone away from them for a while. Shizou sat down in a chair and stared at Heise.
“They’ll be better once you come back from Taki with Hayabusa” Shizou said. Heise raised his eyebrows and suddenly the memory had come back to him. After one of their meetings Shizou had noted to Heise that he would go on a spying mission to monitor the movements of Hayabusa.
“The Waterfall country? What’s there? Why Would Hayabusa be going there?” Heise asked now sitting up in his seat. Shizou slouched over learning towards Heise in the bed.
“I don’t know but you are going to go with him there. I know you’ll be meeting again tomorrow morning or tonight. Fully rest up and prepare to go on a S-ranked Mission alone. I’ve already informed Squad 3 of your temporary absence and I’ve informed the Hokage. You have permission to leave the village.” Shizou said. He turned and began to walk towards the door. He gave a quick look at Heise and then left the room.

Heise had managed to heal and no time and was getting ready to move on into training when Squad 3 appeared in front of him.
“Shizou told us you were going on a special mission. We just wanted to wish you the best of luck” Nakagawa said as he raised his hand. Heise smiled and enjoyed a few moments with his team before they were off on another mission. Mei-Lee was more than depressed before she left. Heise never really mentioned it but he and Mei-Lee were on the verge of using the actual term Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
“How long will you be gone?” She asked.
“As long as my target remains in Taki. Once I gather enough intelligence than I shall return” Heise replied. Every ninja knew not to share the details of their mission with anyone who was outside the selected team but Heise didn’t really care when it came to Squad 3, or Mei-Lee. The two shared a passionate kiss and Mei-Lee disappeared into the sunset with the rest of Squad 3. Heise made his way to the training ground where he would begin working on yet another Mokuton Technique that was crafted by the great Hashirama himself during the time of his prime.

The story of the great Wooden Golem technique also falls within the folklore of Ryutoki the Dragon Lamp Demon. Ryutoki was generally shown as a small Oni with a dragon around it’s torso. It’s power came from the Shitenno which had the power defeat evil. Hashirama had taken the legend and visualized it with his great Mokuton abilities. Heise decided he would be the next person to visualize it.

Once arriving on the field he began extracting Suiton chakra to his right hand and Doton Chakra to his left hand. After which he placed his hands together which would be the second step to creating the technique. Hand seals were used to mold chakra but the hand seals that Heise was currently performing where more advance than usual. Not only was he molding chakra but he was mixing the chakra of two different elements. Next Heise began to visualize what he wanted to create and immediately that visualization came to life when he created the final hand seal. Behind him a large dragon began to rise up from the ground. Heise formed another hand seal pouring more chakra and molding and combining at the same time. Another creature rose up from the ground. This time the creature was a Oni but he was larger Oni, large enough to have the dragon wrap around it’s torso. Heise smiled as he sent chakra to the soles of his feet and used it to push his body forward. He now stood on the head of the Demon and smiled as he adjusted the Kanji Head band.

“A true shinobi of the leaf mastering techniques like that”
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Leaf Dynasty: Ryutoki[Solo - RO][Jutsu Training]
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