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 Leaf Dynasty: 012 [Mastered Sage Mode][Traveling Konoha To Taki][Solo RP]

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PostSubject: Leaf Dynasty: 012 [Mastered Sage Mode][Traveling Konoha To Taki][Solo RP]   July 8th 2014, 12:10

Heise was now fully equipped with the armor of the Senju Clan stood at the gate of Konohagakure. His outfit consisted of the same usual gear: A covert garb as an undergarment, his plated sandals, his three Giant Scrolls, and his Gunbai and Shukajo. Heise turned his head to a vortex of sand that was suddenly appearing out of nowhere. The sand began to clump together and form into Sabu. Heise never found that to be comforting knowing that his help was literally sand. He wondered how he breathed.
“Mater Heise” The clone said. Heise also found the whole Master thing weird. Though Heise bowed to Lord Hokage and usually his teachers he never used the term Master. The whole slave thing was kind of out dated to him by a few 100 years.
“Please don’t call me Master, Sabu. It’s Just-“
“Strange. The kid’s like 17 years old.” Another voice said. Heise turned and two his surprise Monkey King Enma and Sun Wukong were standing there. They were always appearing together. Heise wondered what he’d have to do in order to get away from those two completely.
“I know for sure I didn’t summon you guys!” Heise said as he slumped over. King Enma walked over to Heise and “patted” him on the back.
“We summoned ourselves! What’s up clone?” King Enma replied. Heise slowly stood back from the ground and rubbed his back. King Enma apparently didn’t know how much strength he had. Sun Wukong walked over to Sabu who was trying to process how to respond to King Enma and Sun Wukong.
“Hello” Sabu said. King Enma would burst into a roar.
“Sabu, stop being such a tight ass. Loosen up your butthole a bit” King Enma said. Wukong, Sabu and Heise all stopped their joking to turn to look at Enma who had apparently taken a joke too far. Enma raised his hands admitting defeat and turned around.
“Where’s the other one?” Sun Wukong asked. Heise started nudging a bit and moving around. King Enma stared at Heise who looked like he was having convolutions.
“Child what’s-“He started but then noticed the snake leaving Heise’s armor. Once the snake was on the ground the Snake began to shape shift back into a human. Heise gasped as he stared at the red snake man who wore the Gesshoku Robe.
“Damn, you are one ugly ass snake” Sun Wukong said. King Enma fell on the floor laughing as did Heise. Sabu made some sort of sound and stopped the laughter of Heise and Enma. Sky shrugged it off and looked at Heise.
“We need to head to Taki” He said. Sabu’s body began to disperse into sand and latch onto Heise’s own body. Sky’s body began to revert back to its original snake form. Rather than hide inside the body of Heise which was again awkward, the snake coiled and wrapped around his arm. Sun Wukong made a growling noise for a bit.
“Are you jealous of sky?” King Enma said with his laugh. Heise turned to the two Chunin who stood at the gate watching the entire series of events unfold. Heise remembered when he was filling in for people like them who sit and watch the gate all day. The both seemed to be having the time of their life watching Heise struggle with the four sentient beings.
“Sky which way do I go?” He asked. The snake slithered for a bit.
“That is so disgusting” King Enma and Heise said in Unison. Sun Wukong looked at both King Enma and Heise and laughed.
“And you thought I was weird for not liking them.” He said.

After about an hour or two later Heise, Enma, and Wukong stopped by a river to get food. Sabu withdrew himself from the Skin of Heise and Sky reverted back into a human.
“What’s it like being able to use the Mokuton element? I heard you’re the only one who can really use it now that what’s his face is dead” Sky said. Sabu shot Sky a quick look as did everyone. But Heise remained calm and smiled.
“His name was Hashirama,” Heise began as he washed the fruits he’d just collected, “He was the ninja who first used the Mokuton element. After Yamato his clone and Madara Uchiha, no one else really was able to use the technique for some reason. I suppose it has to do with using the blood of Hashirama.”
“Then how do you have it?” Sky jumped in.
“God this snake is stupid” King Enma said as he walked to the stream to drink. Heise shot Enma a look and he backed off. Heise never really thought about it before either. If only people could use it if they had Hashirama’s blood that must have meant he’d have direct lineage to Hashirama.
“I guess my blood is directly related to Hashirama’s” He said as he began to mush the berries into a sort of drink like substance.
“That’s a bold claim.” Sabu said as he stared at the rest of the group. “It’s one thing to claim to be Senju but it a completely opposite thing when compared to claiming to be within the direct lineage of the great Hashirama Senju.” He said.
“The Sand Snake is right,” Sun Wukong said as he turned his head to Heise, “I Don’t think the world is ready to hear tha-“ Sun Wukong stopped as did all the sentient beings. Heise also paused for a moment. Sky would be the one who would break the silence.
“I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad new but-“ He began.
“Yeah I know I feel it as well.” He said. Enma and Wukong’s feral instincts both kicked in and they both began to growl heavily. Sabu immediately dispersed into sand and latched on to the body of Heise. Sky Turned into his snake form and coiled around the arm of Heise.
“Heeeees’ssssss coming” Sky hissed.

From the tree bark a tall man emerged. He was a fair man with black skin and white hair. Heise immediately recognized him as one of the targets Lord Hokage need help procuring.
“Excuse me little boy. But I need you to come with me.” He said.

Heise didn’t say anything. Instead he now stood while turning away from the stream to completely face the man. The two monkey’s launched themselves at the man but were both knocked away to the side with the single flicker of the man’s hand. Heise could immediately tell he had amazing strength, no not strength but chakra control. The man had directed chakra to his hands to force his strength to be amplified.
“Are you going to come quietly?” He asked. Heise struggled to remember the name of the man.
“You’re a wanted criminal I’m going to return you to Lord Hokage.” Heise said firmly. The man looked at Heise and sighed.
“Tisk tisk and I expected better from you” He said as he launched himself at Heise. Heise reached for a kunai and blocked the man’s Kunai with his own. He then jumped back and reached into his pouch throwing two shuriken at the opponent. Heise than began to form hand seals and shouted.
“Shadow Shuriken Jutsu!” He yelled. The man disappeared and reappeared behind Heise.
“To slow!” He yelled. Heise instantly was ejected from the Sand body safely and the clone remained in sand. Once they all landed on the ground Sabu returned to the skin of Heise.
“He can obviously transfer chakra to any part of his body to make himself stronger though it requires a lot of stamina I suppose” Heise muttered to himself underneath his breath. “I guess I just have to be faster” He said. Heise began performing seals and marked two of his Kunai with his Hirashin symbol. Heise threw the first Kunai at The man. But the man easily evaded it by charging chakra to the soles of his feet. Heise next flipped his kunai into the air and jumped to the other Kunai that he’d thrown before. Next Heise would jump to the kunai that was now in the blind spot of man. Heise brought his right hand foreward which now held a rasengan and slammed it into the back of the man sending him into the Ground.
“He’s so fast” Enma said sitting upwards. The man recovered from the attack and stood up holding his chest as if that was where the pain was coming from. He sent chakra to the soles of his feet and began to retreat.
“I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad newssssss… but. He’ssssss getting away.” Sky hissed. Heise didn’t worry to much his body disappeared and reappeared on the back of the man sending him to the ground again.
Enma and Wukong appeared by Heise’s side in a few moments.
“Take him back to Lord Hokage. I’m sure he’ll rot in prison for a long time” Heise said as he stood from atop the man. He turned his back to the three individuals.
“I’ll summon you, Wukong & Enma when I need you again” Heise said disappearing.
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Spec. Jounin
Spec. Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: Leaf Dynasty: 012 [Mastered Sage Mode][Traveling Konoha To Taki][Solo RP]   July 8th 2014, 12:12

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Leaf Dynasty: 012 [Mastered Sage Mode][Traveling Konoha To Taki][Solo RP]
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