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 One Thousand Skills: The Eight Gates[Taki To Konoha][Gate 1]

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PostSubject: One Thousand Skills: The Eight Gates[Taki To Konoha][Gate 1]   July 15th 2014, 03:13

War was coming and Heise needed to prepare himself, his team and his friend for it. He couldn’t lead the battle either if he was weak. People in wars generally tended to follow people who were strong. Though those who were Tactical often had followers as well but people who were strong generally had a bigger chance. Heise knew war was coming and it was inevitable. He turned his direction and head towards Konoha.
“I’m going to head there now.” He said as he stood. Sky and Sabu looked at each other as they watched Heise stand up.
“Where are we going?” Sky asked. Heise turned to him and smiled. “We’re going to Konoha” He replied. Heise knew he was going to get chewed out by the Hokage but it was only chance to recover his body and prepare his equipment. It was also where he’d begin learning the eight gates. The Eight Gates were a forbidden technique that Heise had seen Mei-Lee use before in one of their battles. If he could master the technique than he for sure would be able to take part in the war without the need for help from his friend Hayabusa. He would be able to continue on his own effectively.
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One Thousand Skills: The Eight Gates[Taki To Konoha][Gate 1]
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