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 If I End Up Living....

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Spec. Jounin
Spec. Jounin

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PostSubject: If I End Up Living....   July 24th 2014, 00:53

< - Village Leader | Kage Special - Match – Hokage Vs Senju Heise
< The leader of your village has decided its time to train you. To see if you have obtain the right requirements in becoming a shinobi. Pushing your body to the next level is something teachers want their students to over come. Now survive in a match against you leader and prove your worth.
Restrictions: [Can be done Once]
HP Marker: +4
Requires: 20 Post, [Manager Interaction]
Reward: +50% MAX EXP | 2,000 Ryo | Item: Leader's Seal: "Hope" [During Battle increase all Stats by +35 for 3 turns.]

(This is my Special Jounin Test from Hayabusa. So Uqh... Let me know what I can do!)
< - Power of a King/Queen. -
< Deciding it was time to create a new home by taking over or by putting money into it. With your rank you'll have many citizens wanting you to protect them or give them power to get revenge.
Restrictions: [Max 2 Countries Per Member][Must have 50,000 Ryo for Country]
HP Marker: +5
Requires: 10 Post [Coming into ruling]
Rewards: Your Own Country/Territories [Map will be updated to fit location]

< - Kyuubi - Shrine of Fire -
< A shrine named after the Kyuubi, "Come if you dare, human." Is written at the entrance once you enter the hellish heat will arise until you reach the end touching your hand against the statue of the Kyuubi itself.
Restrictions: [Can be done once]
HP Marker: +4
Requires: 10 Posts
Rewards: 15% to Katon Mastery Element
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PostSubject: Re: If I End Up Living....   July 26th 2014, 00:35

Okay your good to do these afterwards.
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If I End Up Living....
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