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 Hanata Clan - Gesshokukure | Beast Country

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PostSubject: Hanata Clan - Gesshokukure | Beast Country   October 16th 2014, 08:52

Quote :

A somewhat mediocre sized clan of nomadic origins, the Hantā originate from the Earth Country.  Long before the establishment of the Shinobi System, and when the ninja World was in its darkest age, a small group of Hantā began their long journey South to the Wind Countries Coastline (where the terrain was not so barren) in order to make roots in Fishing, Farming and Agriculture.  The head of the Family sought a more humble lifestyle for his kin.  This vision was successful for generations and this branch of the Hantā Clan experienced prosperity and abundance that had rarely been seen in the war torn World.  But where there is 'wealth' there are also those that seek to exploit it and either make it their own or destroy it, and in a Country where a majority of its landscape is a barren wasteland the Hantā outpost was a beacon for survival and resources.  A decade before the establishment of Sunagakure the Hantā outpost was raided by a sizable ninja Clan who also hailed from the Wind Country.  Although the Hantā possessed knowledge of jutsu and combat, decades of domestication and farming had blunted their skills causing their defense to crumble in a matter of hours.  Unfortunately many were killed but their sacrifice paved way for a few survivors to travel north into the desert to escape their assailants.  The Family once again experienced the nomadic lifestyle of their forefathers, but years of comfortable living weakened their ability to sustain themselves in the Wind Countries harsh environment and lack of sustenance.  They were at the brink of death when they were ultimately saved in the form of another small local clan, the Lydecks whom had offered refuge and sanctuary at their estate.  This was mana from heaven which eventually led to the two clans working together for survival and dominance over other aggressive clans.  By the time Sunagakure had been established the two families bred, the two different chakras creating a new generation of ninja that evolved a unique ability, the doujutsu 'Ejikigan' which paved the way for the Hantā Clan.  However, it was later discovered that only the combination of Hantā and Lydeck chakras could unlock this special ability.  The two Families would forever be in partnership.

.ORIGIN. Sunagakure | Wind Country
.LOCATION. Gesshokukure | Beast Country

.TYPE. Dojutsu


A new doujutsu created through the combination of chakra from Lydeck and Hantā through their offspring.  Because of this techniques recent birth it is unknown how it came to fruition.  What is know is this, both Lydeck and Hantā energy are required to trigger the Ejikigan.  Unlike some Doujutsu which demand certain thresholds to be met before its activation, the Ejikigan is offered at birth and can be used freely by its wielder much like the famous eye technique, the Byakugan.  Once activated the shinobis original cornea color is replaced by deep gold with three slightly faded circles surrounding the pupil at equal intervals.  The scelra darkens until it is almost pitch black, the ivory gone while the doujutsu is used.  This somewhat emphasizes the gilded eye as it brightly glows amongst a sea of ebony.  Two thick intersecting lines also cross, and integrate, over the pupil.  The main emphasis on this doujutsu is not so much offensive or defensive techniques, but rather passive support in the form of increasing the capabilities of ones eyesight.

With the activation of the Ejikigan a Hantā has access to not only the visible spectrum of light (seeable by a normal human eye) but also ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic fields.  The curvature of the lens found within the eye, behind the pupil, is also able to change sizes rapidly and to a greater extent than most mammals.  This allows a Hantā to focus on something at a great distance even while it is moving, and quickly adjust their focus on a close object instantly without the time requirement to adjust their sight.  An interesting fact, the Ejikigan also allows a Hantā to process extremely fast moving objects.  What would appear to normal shinobi as a blur would easily be picked up, and tracked with fine detail.  It is capable of detecting slow movements also and is able to process the movement of the sun and the constellations across the sky, which is imperceptible to normal humans.

EJIKIGAN "Eyes of prey"
One of the newest Doujutsu created through the merger of Lydeck and Hanta chakra, this eye technique mainly focuses on supportive abilities to its user rather than offensive and defensive jutsu making it one of the weakest, and least sought after, ocular abilties.  Despite its draw backs in the hands of a suitable shinobi this doujutsu can be formidable and even deadly.
.Chakra Cost: 60 (activation) 30 (sustain)
.Stamina Cost: 15 (activation) 10 (sustain)
.Grants: Spectrum, Lens Control, Perception
.Restriction: Eye cannot be used by those without Lydeck and Hantā chakra.
.Unlocked: Available at birth

The Ejikigan allows the Hantā to see not only the light visible to Humans, but light on both sides of the spectrum including ultraviolet, infrared and also magnetic fields.  Ultraviolet allows those using Ejikigan to see and distinguish colors not seen by the human eye in both day and night whilst Infrared allows those to activate the sight of heat radiating off all objects.  The Hantā are also able to see the magnetic current of objects and lightning including those who possess or use Raiton based jutsu.
.Grants: Infrared Vision, Ultraviolet Vision, Ability to see magnetic fields
.Restriction: Cannot see different spectrum of light or magnetic fields simultaneously and must switch between modes.  Each mode has a 3 post duration and a 1 post cool down must be experienced before the activation of another mode.  One can switch between modes during activation but the overall duration still applies i.e Switching from Ultraviolet on the first post to Infrared does not reset the duration to 3 posts, instead it shares the duration for the next two posts.  Can only switch another mode once per post.
.Unlocked: Can choose any three modes in desired order.
1 Mode: Available at birth.  Pupil remains circular without lines.
2 Modes: 030% Doujutsu Mastery.  Pupil now changes form with the addition of a horizontal line running through it.
3 Modes: 060% Doujutsu Mastery.  Pupil changes form again with the addition of a vertical line running through it.

The Ejikigan has the ability to rapidly expand or contract the pupil to accommodate the required distance needed for perfect focus.  Upon standard activation the pupil will expand to the third out most ring and remain until ranges have been changed.  Focusing on mid ranged objects will contract the pupil to the second ring with the third ring outlining, focusing on long ranged objects will contract the pupil further to the first ring with the second and third ring outlining while focusing on distant objects will contract the pupil to its final stage with all three rings outlining the center.
.Grants: Distant Focus, Long Range Focus, Mid Range Focus
.Restriction: Unlike the Spectrum Ability, Lens control suffers no penalty to rapidly, and consistently, adjusting to different ranges.
Mid Range Focus: Available at birth.  Pupil is able to contract to the second ring outlining the pupil.
Long Range Focus: 030% Doujutsu Mastery.  Pupil is able to contract to the first ring outlining the pupil.
Distant Focus: 060% Doujutsu Mastery.  Pupil is able to contract to the regular size of a normal pupil.

An ability which either slows or increases the information sent to the brain from the eyes, allowing the user to perceive time slower or faster by requirement.
.Grants: Slow Perception, Swift Perception
.Restriction: Cannot see different perceptions of time simultaneously (with the exception of standard perception in addition to another), instead the user can only see one mode per post i.e cannot switch between more than once on the same turn.
.Unlocked: Can choose mode in any order desired
1st Perception: 040% Doujutsu Mastery
2nd Perception: 080% Doujutsu Mastery

Members of the Hantā Clan (Lydeck Branch) are not born with an innate, or genetic, element that ties them together.  Each individual is born with the natural proficiency unique to themselves hence Hantā members can choose their starting element of choice.  Consequently this also means that the Clan does not possess any unique elemental jutsu of their own.

A member of the Hantā Clan of the Lydeck Branch, and the product of the two clans breeding together resulting in offspring born with the ability to use the doujutsu Ejikigan, which they are born with.  Because of their Parents mixed heritage it is not uncommon to see offspring take on various traits and appearances, unlike other clans who generally share several visual markers.  Because of the meticulous requirements needed to create children capable of using the Doujutsu their numbers are limited and they are essentially a rare breed.
-Born with the Ejikigan | Mastery 000%
-Must have one Lydeck and Hantā Parent

The only jutsu avaliable to the Ejikigan which is executed by sending a pulse of charged chakra from the users eyes.  This technique does not require eye contact at all but can be dodged if the opponent possesses the ability to see or sense chakra.  Once the jutsu hits the opponent the chakra interferes with their natural bio electric current which is used to send commands from the brain to bodily functions, and in turn inverts the effects i.e left becomes right, up becomes down, forward becomes back.
.Type: Ninjutsu
.Chakra Cost: 300 (activation)| 150 (sustain)
.Stamina Cost: 150 (activation)| 75 (sustain)
.Hand Seal: None
.Rank: A
.Damage: None
.Effect: Interrupts with targets brains bio electric current and inverts the signals to the body | -3 Attack/Evasion Roll on Opponent
.Requirement: 100% Doujutsu Mastery
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Hanata Clan - Gesshokukure | Beast Country
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