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 The return of the Uchiha [Solo - RP]

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PostSubject: The return of the Uchiha [Solo - RP]    October 20th 2014, 19:22

The sun was slowly setting, as the young uchiha was staring at the sky waiting for the sky to turn black and fill with the twinkling light of the stars. Turning his attention back to the ground of reality he was stopped by another ANBU member whom was introducing himself to the new team before having to bring some information about a target. This gave Tsukiyomi the moment to jump down to get into the conversation. Standing up tall with his eyes slowly opening to see the person before him, he softly spoke from his lips. "Why are you even here to begin with?" The ANBU member turned his attentions over to Tsukiyomi only to speak carefully within the range of the young man saying, "A target within the bingo book, I believe we have found the location of him if you wish to take a look into it after all it would seem like the best time or moment to even get the target before he or she even escapes."

Tsukiyomi shook his head saying," I cannot believe this information because of the fact you are saying he or she when the target's gender was already provided to us within the bingo book from the Hokage." The ANBU member took a step back for a moment before being surrounded by another group of ANBU members. Tsukiyomi pulled his Yamato blade aiming at the throat of the figure that had came to bring the information to them. That moment the captain of the unit of Tsukiyomi appeared pulling his sword down saying, "Calm down he's not an enemy its his first time and he was not issued a bingo book so all of you stand down." Tsukiyomi took the blade back and sheath it saying, "Yes captain though next time he should state that instead of going off with information in front of us making us seeing him to be a spy which we could have ended him quickly." The captain nodded saying, "That I understand but you of all people should understand we do not turn on our own unless something is truly wrong."

Nodding to this Tsukiyomi listen to the rules that was given to him and began to kneel down knowing he was in trouble but then stood up standing by the side of his captain for the moment before hearing the full story as to what was going on. The captain started from the beginning of how he met the new member leaving Tsukiyomi to close his eyes and finish after finishing up with minutes passing by Tsukiyomi was handed information saying, "Here…the target you already know and I wish for you to take him out before anyone else does. I could care less of alive or dead, but its best to make sure you can battle him at an even level is that understood." Tsukiyomi nodded to the paper only to vanish leaving no trace of him behind in order to be on the move to his location of obtaining his mission's target and goal. The sights seemed to be every lasting with things finally going his way.

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The return of the Uchiha [Solo - RP]
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