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 Konoha Academy Group Training

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PostSubject: Konoha Academy Group Training   October 20th 2014, 21:08

The warm autumn wind blows with a crisp cool air that makes leaves sway in the wind gracefully as the colorful falling leaves swirl around the academy place as they are unable to enter the closed doors into the warm classroom within. Children slowly walk into the classroom as they yawn tiredly. One such child was Olbodiis who nearly falls into a heap at his desk, tired at morning times. Even though the children was already there minus some stragglers, they were still awaiting the teacher and the last little bit of students to walk into the large but very quiet and brightly lit room. The room was clean and had a crisp smell to it that left some of the students awake and perky.
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PostSubject: Re: Konoha Academy Group Training   October 23rd 2014, 16:32

Raijin walked up to the academy and sighed as he noticed one of the teachers wave over to him as if saying "hey over here!" he looked and nodded as he walked over, "glad you could make it, I was unsure you would show up today." the teacher said, Raijin shrugged his shoulders, "well I had to show up, have to see whose all interested in becoming a special style like I am." Raijin said as he smirked before he pulled his helmet off, "shall we?" he asked, the teacher nodded before showing Raijin to the classroom.

Allowing the teacher to enter the room first he waited a few seconds before he took a deep breath in before he let it out and walked into the classroom, "Morning class, today we have a special guest, a samurai, he's here to have a special training day with anyone who wants to participate, he'll grade you and possibly take you to train around the world, this is a rare chance for anyone in the world, although you will be a shinobi of Konoha and will be expected to act as such." the teacher said.

Raijin bowed to the class, "it's a pleasure to meet you all." he said as he stood back up with his helmet in his hand.

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Konoha Academy Group Training
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