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 Chapter 1: Beginnings [Solo-RP]

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Beginnings [Solo-RP]   October 25th 2014, 14:37

Soon the portal from Hikari opened having Grave and Aokabi standing within the empty field of stones for a moment before he turned to glance over at the clone. "So this is the welcoming home of Iwa…" Grave said with a smile as Aokabi was not truly impressed with the scene he sighted looking up at the night sky within the sky the moon was not around only leaving the stars to shine brighter then every. Grave was puzzled for a bit but shook his head saying, "Come on we have to find some people that are willing to help use capture the powers of the bijuu if we want to have a change within the war if you understand that Aokabi." The clone shook its head remembering what its goal was and nodded to Grave saying, "I do understand but the problem is how long will it take for us to even battle against a powerful being like that do you think?" Grave thought about it for a moment before sighing heavily with his mouth placed under his chin to say, "Not to sure it be best to stop at the shop and think about a new plan before we move out agreed?" Aokabi nodded to this as they both headed for the capital of the Earth Country. But within the view things seemed to get foggy for a bit as they were lost for a moment with Grave leading from behind for a bit. Thinking to himself he glanced over to the sides before nodding knowing the way.

Cutting passed a canyon they ended up within the late town of Iwa before sighing heavily they were greeted by the guards who were on watch. "Stop, state your name and reason for coming?" Grave quickly shook his head saying, "The name is Shinji Koto, this is my body guard from the eastern boarder Daichi. He does not speak as he's the quiet type. We are hear to resupply and visit a blacksmith in fixing our equipment if possible." The guards looked at one another scanning the young man and the clone before nodding saying, "The blacksmith should still be awake knowing him he works almost twenty four seven. You should be on guard as he's not the type to show mercy to new comers if you understand what I mean." Grave had nodded to the guards as they got access to the village for a bit. Turning to glance at everything within site Grave sighed for a bit saying, "This place is nice compared to our home what do you think Aokabi?" Aokabi turned to face Grave for a bit before shrugging his shoulders to the idea of having a bigger village. Grave knew if anything the village was only a minor village until they could advance even higher in fighting the major countries. But on his mind was to take the powers of the bijuu before someone else could or the members of the Uchiha clan could do so.

That moment they came to the flames of a man whom was working on some new gear. Grave lifted an eye brow as he got a closer look at the man. It seemed to be an elderly man with grey hair coming to his waist but the man was working harder than another other blacksmith as his muscles were showing as he was taking the hammer to the metal and checking it more than once to look like it was in shape. Grave blinked for a moment waiting until the man finished as he was done forging the blade he turned to see two customers whom was Grave and Aokabi. Jumping up the elderly man dusted himself off walking over to the men saying, "Hello and welcome to the Iwa Weapon & Armor shop what can I do for you?" Grave had blinked for a moment before saying, "Hello, my name is Shinju Koto this is my body guard, I was wondering if you could forge a blade for me." The man blinked for amount saying, "I can forge any blade of all sorts what kind of blade do you need a katana or maybe a nodachi how about a zanbotou!" Grave smiled waving his hands saying, "No no, a special kind…"Handing him a small blue print the man blinked for a moment then looked at Grave then back at the blue print saying, "I…cannot make this blade you do not seem to even have the money for it honestly…" Within that moment Grave smiled saying with a good faith accent, "Actually…" Grave quickly performed a summoning technique calling forth 4 Diamonds saying, "Here take these as payment for the weapon being developed that way I can take a look around as well if you do not mind." The man blinked glancing up at the person confused only to shake his head saying, "How…ho…yes sir!"

Grave turned to wave his hand to get back to shopping as the man was starting to work on everything else for Grave. Aokabi was confused but at the same time did not question it at all saying, "Why did you do that?" Grave turned his head saying, "Well for one we have to get the weapon made and the items needed for it and third we are on a mission so its best to have the money we need now. I'm going to need you to fit in a bit more for when it comes down to finding members to help us with this mission. " Aokabi titled his head confused for that short time span then agreeing as he finally understood what he meant by it. "You want me to find the new people correct?" Grave smiled shaking his head, "I did not think you would want to do it but since you brought it up please!" Aokabi was left standing as Grave took off to do the shopping as Aokabi sighed shaking his head, 'I cannot believe I walked into it that easily.' That moment Grave had vanished leaving Aokabi alone in the middle of the street as the gentle breeze blew across. Having to walk to the bar to find some help Aokabi was staring around as everyone had stopped to look at him as though he was strange from the way he looked. But they started to continue what they were doing as he walked over to the bartender to ask some questions. "Excuse me, I'm looking for several kinds of people to help me with a task if that is possible?"

The man lifted an eye brow at the strange being sitting before him but believed it to be an armor of some sort saying, "Oh what are you looking for in mind?" That moment Aokabi remembered something as Grave was explaining something to him in Limbo. "Listen Aokabi, we are going to need a strong Ninjutsu and Genjutsu user a strong enough Taijutsu user and Medical jutsu user." Shaking his head, "I'm looking for the best of the bset in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Medical Ninjutsu." The bartender was going to question the man before he was just going to nod his head saying, "Well over there you have the Fujin brothers, they have a great boost in their aglity and reflexes to use any kind of ninjutsu. Then over to your right you have the strongest man nicknamed, the Phantom because of his skills in Genjutsu. Then on stage you have the lovely Taijutsu fighter though she hasn't used her skills unless some starts a fight in here. But a medical ninjutsu user you are better off going to the hospital for that." Aokabi had nodded for the information as he went to start his search with the Aokabi brothers. This left Grave on the outside purchasing a large amount of items smiling big. As he was finishing up thinking about it though he stared up at the night sky saying, "I wonder how Aokabi is doing…" that moment the clone had defeated the selected team before breathing heavily saying, "You will all do…though only one question remains what are the elements you hold dear to you?" Everyone was shocked but glanced at the figure answering his question the first two or twins said, "Our element is the same but we believe in the powers of wind." The female that thought she could take on the clone stated her element softly, "Mine…is of water." The final shook his head as he was recovering from the damage saying, "Though my illusions seem real my element is that of Raiton why do you even ask?" That moment the team was set and ready to go but leaving Grave waiting as the blacksmith walked out shaking his head, "You have a strange test in weapons you know that?" Grave shook his head saying, "I know because of how I love to develop new things it’s a hassle for me but other than that how much do I owe?" The man told Grave the price and nodded saying, "Understood thank you very much kind sir for everything." That moment Grave had finished developing seals on to the items of his choosing only to sigh for a bit. "I cannot believe its come down to this really…" After which the team that was assembled by Aokabi left Grave shaking his head saying, "Not bad seems you met some friends after all."

Aokabi sighed and did not answer as everyone was staring at the man in front of them as he waved saying, "It’s a pleasure to meet you all now as we leave this village I'm only going to say this once, "You will all die…" That moment they froze for a moment saying, 'DIE!?!" Grave and Aokabi explained how they were chosen for the mission that was at hand. That moment they paused as Grave lifted up a new sword as he was wielding a new power and wearing a strange belt around his waist saying, "I'm only asking for this because I'm trying to save the country of my love ones." That moment they glanced over shaking their heads as they got ready for the suicide mission."


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Chapter 1: Beginnings [Solo-RP]
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