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 Hikari - Mission - B-rank - Solo

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PostSubject: Hikari - Mission - B-rank - Solo   January 9th 2015, 03:53

Raijin looked around Hikari as he stepped foot outside of the portal to look around and sighed, “Another day, more things to bother and bog me down from doing what I want.” He said with a slightly annoyed tone in his voice before he noticed someone walking up to him, he remained still and watched as the person walked up gave a scroll with a mission rank on it before giving a slight bow before turning around and walking away. Looking at the person Raijin was slightly confused for a bit before he shrugged his shoulders and opened the scroll and looked it over, “hmmm… looks like I get to go play spy in another country…” he said before he sighed shaking his head, “this game has become very boring lately and the only other person that was of interest is weaker than I originally thought.” He said to himself before he shrugged his shoulders.

It sure as hell beat doing completely nothing all day, that was for sure. Raijin looked at the scroll and sighed, “I guess I better set up some gear and the other things I’d require to sneak into the country and get my mission completed.” He said as he sighed, “being a leader is annoying at this stage, I need to be free and moveable to get what I need done.” He thought to himself as he continued walking in the direction he needed.

Upon arrival he found out that most of the requirements and necessities that were needed were completed already but something seemed off about it, so he had others made in secrecy just in case so that no one would know who he was or where he was from. Looking at the scroll again Raijin sighed and placed his hand on the back of his helmet and pressed while he rubbed so that he could relieve an itch that was hidden under his helmet before he noticed he was suddenly surrounded by a group of guards, “sir, you’re in a close countries borders, we’re going to have to ask for your identification.” One of them said, Raijin just held his hand out revealing the ID passport that he had with him that was fake, “his information checks out, keep on searching for the terrorist.” The leader said after looking over Raijin’s fake passport.

Raijin looked at them weirdly, “terrorist you say?” he asked before he pulled out an ID of the man who gave him the already made passport but with the picture and information changed on it this time, “would it happen to be this guy?” he asked curiously, the leader took the passport and looked it over for a moment before he nodded, “yes, but something oddly doesn’t link up yet here…” he added as he looked back at the man, “how’d you know we’d be looking for this man?” he asked, Raijin shrugged his shoulders, “oddly, I just found the passport on the ground and thought I should hand it over to the authorities.” He replied before he nodded with a slight bow, “I’ll be on my way now.” He said as he proceeded into the village and snuck into the man’s office that was supposed to give him the proper passports and ID to get into the village.

Raijin sighed as he placed an explosive tag under the man’s desk and left as soon as he heard voices coming from down the hall, once he was there he looked on from across the street at the man as he sat down to see Raijin and he looked shocked, the last look on his face before the flames from the explosive tag went off devouring anything and everything in its path. Raijin looked around before he vanished from the location as the explosion would bring a lot more attention than what Raijin would want to be around, especially as his passport would only pass at a few glances, not having to put up with a lot of looks over and over, sooner or later someone would notice that his passport was a fake and raise suspicion and alarm.

Landing on his feet a few miles out of the village Raijin looked back over his shoulder before he sighed, he could sense a few shinobi tailing him off in the distance, but he had something that he could escape with that the others didn’t, hiraishin no jutsu, he would suddenly vanish without a trace.

Landing back in Hikari he sighed as he looked up into the sky before he noticed the same quiet person walking his way, he then noticed something strange about the person when they neared, they hid their face and their appearance as much as they could but the scent, he picked up and noticed that it was a woman. Handing the scroll with all the information needed he continued his grip on the scroll as he looked at the young woman before him, “mission was a success.” He said simply as he cracked his neck walking past her, “I like your perfume.” He added, he loved the smell of jasmine flowers, as he continued to walk before he vanished into a cloud of smoke leaving the area to appear at the main building for missions and the like.
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Hikari - Mission - B-rank - Solo
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