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 Hikari - Mission - A-rank - Solo

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PostSubject: Hikari - Mission - A-rank - Solo   January 9th 2015, 06:09

Appearing back in Hikari Raijin looked around his location before he shrugged his shoulders and started to walk forwards as he did so he found himself in a spot of an attack by some random shinobi, “why must you make a mess in our village?” Raijin said before one attacked and would have succeeded if he hadn’t countered its move before hand by taunting the man to attack him. Vanishing into a cloud of smoke Raijin appeared above the man’s backside dropping a flipping heel kick into the man’s neck crippling the man as he slumped to the ground in a hump of uselessness now.

Looking over at the others he shrugged his shoulders and his head a bit and waved his fingers to have the others come at him now, to which they did and nicely too, one came in close while a second used a few kunai in both hands and threw them to cut off his escape while the third created a lightning element to try and strike at Raijin. Watching as they did so he sighed and drew upon his style to have the lightning zap the man who summoned it through the chest leaving a burnt flesh smell while he focused the metal kunai’s back into the man’s throat and the other set of three into the back of the shinobi who attacked him at close range.

The last two men turned to look at each other before Raijin raised his hand up in the air, “wait… I have questions for just one of you.” He said as he the sword and weapons of the one standing beside the other man suddenly came out of their sheaths and sliced and stabbed into the remaining man’s body to have the other stop dead in his tracks from the metal on his body.

“I have a very important few questions for you.” Raijin said again, as he walked towards the man who was forced to kneel as well as immobilized from the metal he wore, grunting and trying to fidget he tried his best to escape and move, but to no avail as Raijin added an invisible barrier lock around the man’s body and land with a heavy density to prevent all movements. The shinobi still tried getting free but to no luck before he tried biting down on something before Raijin locked his jaws and tongue in place, “it’s useless to try anything like that around me, you’ll not make it passed me or away from me, you might as well reveal all you know to me or die a very slow and painful death.” Raijin said simply before the shinobi made a muffled sound.

Raising an eyebrow Raijin raised the man up to him with his arms pulled out as well as his legs, “speak, or I’ll rip your body apart.” Raijin said looking at the man, the man nodded, “I was hired by another group with you as my target, although I don’t understand why you were our target, they were clearly stronger and more skilled than we were.” He said, Raijin looked at him and sighed, “You were to draw me out and to force me to reveal my tactics.” He said as he patted the man’s head, “what do you think about turning against your employers?” Raijin asked looking at the young assassin. Looking up into the sky the assassin sighed heavily and tried to shrug, “do I have a choice?” he asked, Raijin sighed, “yes actually, I’m not going to force someone into war.” He replied, the assassin looked at him surprised, “but I tried killing you…” the assassin said surprised at Raijin’s reply. He sat down and fully released the assassin and shrugged his shoulders, “if you wanted to try and kill me again, I bid you the best of luck, but it won’t get you very far.” Raijin said as he turned and walked away before he stopped, “I have one more question though, where do they hide?” Raijin said pausing briefly before he looked back at the assassin, “my last question I need answered.” Raijin finished the assassin stood beside him now, “I’ll lead you there, and be on my way if you are okay with that.” The assassin said looking at Raijin.

Raijin looked at him and nodded, “lead the way then.” Raijin said as he awaited him to start proceeding forwards to the location before he felt something in the air oddly about the air around him he ducked and pulled the assassin down beside him, “ah… it seems their waiting for us.” Raijin said as he grabbed one of them in the distance that launched this trap and squashed him to death, a grim death to be had.

Raijin looked at the Assassin, “run, as fast as you can as far as you can.” Raijin said as he pulled out a kunai and deflected a couple of kunai only to have them stick to the kunai he blocked them with, “return to your master.” Raijin said as the two kunai went flying back to where they came from, a grunt and a few thuds could be heard clearly from the man falling down the tree before he focused his wind into the kunai and tossed it threw the trees to hit the assassin to have the wind causing a spiral effect forcing the body to explode with blood all over the place.

Raijin walked forwards before he heard something in the air and sighed, “I know your around assassin’s, you have no place you can hide from me in.” he said before he stopped and couldn’t move his body before he gritted his teeth and created a thick strong density around himself as a barrier before he noticed a large amount of attacks coming at him before he noticed his walls were breaking from the large amount of attacks, he looked around and gritted his teeth, “damn these limits!” he thought to himself before he thought of something, “instead of making the real wind shuriken jutsu I can make a copy of it with my style…” he thought to himself as he started to build it compressed like and focused as much as he could, the cracks of the walls starting to grow and spread like wild fire now, he looked at the walls as he focused on his attack in his hands for a while still until the final crack and attack happened to shatter the walls he flung his attack watching it rip the land apart as well as slicing everything apart in the large path of it all. Raijin panted heavily and fell to his knees after releasing the attack, he felt somewhat weak after that attack but then again building up all the energy for an attack like that took a lot of energy, that was for sure.

Standing up and looking around he noticed a couple managed to survive the attack and turned to run away, he looked around and got back up to his feet and vanished from his location to appear behind one of the survivors before he was sent flying, his ears ringing, his body hurting like a bad habit that just kicked the habit cold turkey. He pushed himself up off the ground shaking his head before he sat there for a moment squinting his eyes and rubbing his forehead and letting a disgruntled grunt as he did so, “I hate getting hit with explosions…” he said as he sat there for a moment. He looked around after the ringing in his ear died down and stood up, a kunai hit his armor but fell to the ground, he looked at it and rubbed his head again and noticed another one coming at him, this one he managed to block just barely before he caught the third one and vanished from his location on top of a tree, “give me a break already!” he said to himself as he made a giant propulsion circle around him to push all the enemies towards him, and oddly it worked, but that’s the part he wasn’t prepared for.

Standing now surrounded by a small group of them Raijin looked around him before he drew both his katana’s and waited for them to start attacking but something was off even now, he sighed and shook his head, “not again!” he said angrily before he vanished leaving a log behind to take the sudden suicidal kamikaze attempt of the shinobi he forced towards him, “I should have fucken known!” he shouted as he grabbed one of them as he left and smashed his head off a tree as he ran full speed.

Finally a voice called out to him, “It seems that you are far stronger than I imagined when I took this contract.” Said a man as he walked into eye sight of Raijin now, “oh? And you think you can take me on by yourself?” Raijin asked looking back at him.

The man looked at Raijin before he drew a few kunai and a katana before he tossed the kunai at Raijin first before he followed them in at Raijin, to which he just scoffed and batted the kunai’s away before he stopped the kunai from reaching his neck and stabbed the assassin with both of his katana’s and sighed, “there’s no way in hell that you’d make it to me using that kind of attack!” Raijin said before he removed the blood from his swords and vanished into a cloud of smoke back home to which he looked at those around him and nodded, “mission complete… but I’m exhausted and sore as all fuck…” he said as he laid on the couch and fell asleep, he left the mission scroll in his mailbox for the elders to come and take for their files for the mission of the black shadow assassins group that hunted him of very late.
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Hikari - Mission - A-rank - Solo
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