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 ~ The Test ~ {Kokoro}{Solo Training}{Genin Test}{Chakra Cont.}{Stat x 3}

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PostSubject: ~ The Test ~ {Kokoro}{Solo Training}{Genin Test}{Chakra Cont.}{Stat x 3}   January 19th 2015, 17:32

The rain poured down on the village as Kokoro stood under her umbrella, looking at the envelope that she had received. It had been the first letter she had received in years. As she stared at it, she opened the letter and began to read the contents.
‘Yamanaka Kokoro,
We are pleased to inform you that your request for Genin status has been approved. Due to your extraordinary circumstances, you will be given a Genin Exam that has a difficulty level higher than that of the usual, due to life experience and age difference between yourself and the average Genin contestants.
In accepting this letter and mission, you will find your way to the Village’s inventory building. There, you will be supplied with items that may and will be used during this mission. Mission details will be dispersed at this point.
Farewell, and Good Luck.’

Kokoro looked up as the paper seemed to have faded into her skin, becoming a part of her body. Walking down the streets slowly, Kokoro began to lay out her plan in her head. She had so much to do, and not much time to do it. She walks into the inventory building and goes up to the front desk. The person there takes the slip and goes to the back. After a few moments, she comes back and hands her a package. She smiles at Kokoro before walking off. Kokoro looks at the package. She takes it to the unwrapping facility and cuts it open with a provided knife. As it unfolds, there before her lay 3 kunai, explosive tags, and a scroll. The biggest of the package had been in a cedar box. She opens the box and there before her had been a basic katana. She wraps it around her waist as she puts the rest of the material in her pockets.
As she took out the yellow slip, throwing everything else away, Kokoro read the mission brief.
‘Missing-nin have infiltrated the village’s market place route details and are constantly cutting off supplies to the village. Investigate this matter and find out how they are organized, maintainsed, how this group of ninja operates and what they plan to do next. Priority is to locate the current supplies as well as the group’s head.’ She nodded as she let the slip seep into her arm.
“Alright Kokoro…” she said as she stepped outside the building with the umbrella covering her body from the rain. The rain would make most of this a little harder to deal with… her paper would not be able to release itself without getting wet and easily draining her chakra. She then looked below and could see the sewer drain. She stood over the drain, and just as she did, from the bottom up, she dissolved into pieces of paper, falling into the sewer system. Without touching the wall or grounds, the paper dispersed throughout the system, scoping the lines for in consistencies. This process took about an hour in itself, before she had run into a system that obviously did not fit into the usual grid of the village’s lines. It was illegally added…
All the paper that had been dispersed into the systems grid lines had begun to come back at this point, as the paper had come together to make her a full being. She continues to hover, as she keeps herself in paper mode. Slightly gliding, she proceeded to the slightly tighter closed in pipe that led into the building. It seemed to have run straight. She floated back some to get out of the sewer line by going back out of the closest storm drain that still had tons of water pouring back into the line. Squeezing through, she formed herself as a whole, and saw that the place had been very well hidden. It looked like a small house. However, there seemed to have been smoke coming from the chimney… way too much smoke for just a residential home. Pulling out the scroll, and observing her surroundings, she began to write its location relative to the scenary around. It had been in plain sight this whole time.
Tucking the scroll away, Kokoro sat at the nearest bench, and held out her hands. Just then, a book began to form out of paper, making it look as though she had been reading to herself. Less suspicious. Sitting there for about an hour, she documented the number of people who came in and out of this place. There was someone different every single time, and each time, she sent a piece of paper to follow them, just to see which group carries out the attack on resources. Meanwhile, she then has her body shred into multiple pieces, as it floats toward the ‘house’. Invading through and open vent, she infiltrated the building. Reforming as a flat sheet of wall paper, blending with the wall, Kokoro scopes out the area. She had to sit there as she waited for the location of the secret passage in. Soon, a group of men came in.
“Has the attack gone underway?” one asked… he seemed to be one of the leaders.
“Yes, it is en route…” one of the lackeys respond.
“Very well… here… this is the list of orders to take to our secondary brand in Suna. Get going.”
“Yes, Lord Irion.” He said. He bowed and took the scroll. He set it on the desk and left towards the bathrrom. The remaining flipped a light switch, and a desk slid over, allowing them access to the rest of their hidden facility. The leader stopped, turning to look in Kokoro’s direction. She got his facial expression down, before he turned and walked. With a opportune moment, Kokoro formed fully, and grabbed the scroll. She rapidly began her copy process, and formed the same exact scroll, before she then disperse into pieces of paper once again, flying outside, and on the roof, for a breather. As she sat on the roof, she absorbed the copy after making sure it made sense. She then waited, as her mission had been done, but there had been a disturbance else where. One of her sentry paper had followed a team attaching one of the village’s traders for goods. Kokoro shot up, as she disperse, using the sentry paper as a focal point for all of her paper to reassemble at. She later formed on a tree branch, looking below. There had been five bandits, spread out, preparing to surround an old lady.
Pulling out two kunai with the explosive tags, she attached them to each other, and then threw them. She pierced one, and then another, and with the third kunai, she threw it straight at one’s throat, taking him out immediately.
“Arrrghhh…” one yelled. “Get it out!” he said to one, as it was lodge in his back. As one tried to pull it out, they both exploded into nothing but steamy bodies. The remaining one began to look up. Just then, she unsheathed her blade from her hip, and jumped down, in a form of a angel, floating down before stabbing the man in the heart, ending it quickly. Looking at his face, as the life left his body, he slid off the sword. She wiped it on his body, as she looked at the old lady. She smiled a cheery smile, as the old lady looked shocked. She then flew away.
With expended chakra, Kokoro made it to the village gates, but she had to return to her normal mode. She had been exhausted. Walking to the mission’s brief, she walked up to debriefing and show them her scroll. They allowed her in the back to one of the agents.
“Miss Kokoro… what have you for me?”
“The organization seems nameless thus far… however, I have located their secret base. It is on the East side, and looks like nothing more than a house. There is a light switch that opens up its secret corridor. That way, you can send a team to exterminate. I have made here a sketch of the head, named Irion. And here is a copy of orders given to one of his men to take to Suna. I’m assuming they have a base there as well. They try mugging the route in the far South corner, so I suggest higher security. There are 5 dead there now… I suggest clean up.”
“Hmmmm, very nice, for a student… very well…” the agent put her stamp on a sheet and stood up. She present Kokoro with the Leaf Village head band. “I would like to present you with your Village Headband. Wear it with pride, as you deserve it.” She bowed, as did Kokoro, when accepting the headband. She turned with a smile on her face, as she could now prepare for departure. She had just one thing left before putting her ultimate plan in motion. She sent a note to Shizou…
“It’s time… Bring the Senju…”
[1501 Words]
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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Test ~ {Kokoro}{Solo Training}{Genin Test}{Chakra Cont.}{Stat x 3}   February 17th 2015, 16:49

Rolling for Chakra Control and Stats
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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Test ~ {Kokoro}{Solo Training}{Genin Test}{Chakra Cont.}{Stat x 3}   February 17th 2015, 16:49

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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Test ~ {Kokoro}{Solo Training}{Genin Test}{Chakra Cont.}{Stat x 3}   

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~ The Test ~ {Kokoro}{Solo Training}{Genin Test}{Chakra Cont.}{Stat x 3}
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