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 Academy Schooling!

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PostSubject: Academy Schooling!   February 2nd 2015, 16:56

Omnicron wrote:

> Walking carefully into the room with the alter in view the man with lashing black hair and leather gear carrying the blade to his right side came standing fairly tall and smiling as though he was playing the part of being sinister but only had high hope for the world that he knew to become a reality. Coughing lightly to release anything blocking his voice box so that when he spoke he did not have a crackling. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Starting off with a strong and powerful yell to get the attention of everyone he would see fit for this program. "It is an honor to be here before all of you to wish a new year has begun but not with some sorrow and not without happiness. For all of you know the importance of education and how the world works well the same in the world of Jidai."

Taking a step back from the alter he came to stand beside it leaning over saying, "The the Major Countries have all gathered and spoke with having a program that we seem confused in the path we must take in life but not just any life, your life! With that several tutors and teachers have been hired in order to help with that though you will have to sign up for their class if you wish to go to their classes. With this in mind they have a few set rules on how they are wanting everyone to be in life and wishing everyone on having a better understanding of things. Allow me to introduce you all to the teachers and tutors of the Academy."

First - Fire Country's Hidden Village of the Leaf blazing beauty!
- Uzumaki Keitaro! [Blessed Whirlpool] < - Teacher of Konoha
(Bowing before everyone with a smile on her face the female's hair was blonde and long to her hips but the thing that caught the attention of anyone was the large blade she wields before her.) "Hello everyone, and thank you for welcome I'll be teaching the ways of battle for those wishing to learn it.

Second - Wind Country's Hidden Village of the Sand hard working trainer!
- Kentaro [Sharp] Master of the Elements! < - Teacher of Suna
(Having a strange blindfold over his eyes the man wore a ripped up shirt but the end of his kimino pants were ripped as well as his hands were bandage as well. He bowed before everyone as well speaking calmly. The hair on the man was jet black from the view but unsure.) "Good evening everyone, and thank you. I shall be teaching the ways of the elements for those wishing to learn of them.

Third - Water Country's Hidden Village of the Mist strict but smart beauty!
- Junpaku Marise! [Infinite Pure White] < - Teacher of Kiri
(With white hair the female shook her hair side to side as it waved down to the mid of her back before she placed her glasses on to speak while wearing a white kimino outfit.) "Well now don't you all look like a lively bunch, I'm not going to just help you improve in your life but help you obtain knowledge needed for surviving the wild life a shinobi.

Fourth - Earth Country's Hidden Village of the Stone hardheaded and forgetful elder!
- Mibu Jin! < - Teacher of Iwa
(As the light came onto show Jin he was no where to be found.) "Seems...he's not here or...he completely forgot...otherwise this man teaches the way of being able to keep information secret."

Fifth and Finally - Lightning Country's Hidden Village of the Clouds Swift Young Dragon
- Hiraishin Ryu < -Teacher of Kumo
(Walking in with his robes of a dragon design on him. The young man stood tall and bowed before everyone as he lifted his hands to the air showing the braces over his wrist that were in the shape of dragon claws.) "Those wishing to understand the destructive powers of your time must first harness the inner strength to protect others first!"

With that speaking and showing of all three the man Omnicron came back to the stage only to bow before everyone saying, "Now these are the teachers for each country, just because they stated that's what they train does not mean that is all they can do. They will help you to get ready for the survival the date for this to happen for all countries is listed within the calender to begin. Classes are always held Monday - Friday if you do a Saturday class there is a bonus of course you have to be able to be free. Now enjoy everyone and thank you for this time.

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Schooling!   February 5th 2015, 06:01

Quote :

"Do to some issues I was having with it snowing here my place was a little cold and unable to be dealt with as I was trying to spend time with family. But I have returned, and with that classes will be starting today instead because of this issue, now the way to join up for a class is simple you must have the following requirements in order to join."

+ Lv = 1 - 5
+ Rank = Academy Student
+ Must be within that major country.

"Now the rewards for joining this class will vary but be worth it if you are wishing to do so then place your name under here for the sign up and we'll begin the fun once everyone is signed up. This is for classes for Feb, 5th to Feb 11th."

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Schooling!   February 5th 2015, 10:49

Signing up for Enja Asakura, lvl 1-- located in the land of Lightning. Looking forward to it.

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Schooling!   

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Academy Schooling!
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