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 Uchiha Tsukiyomi: Everything has a reason to be pushed in being...Rogue. (RP)

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PostSubject: Uchiha Tsukiyomi: Everything has a reason to be pushed in being...Rogue. (RP)   February 2nd 2015, 23:04

Quote :
The strange night it seemed like as the uchiha was found laying in a puddle of blood, was it his own was it something that caused this, all was unknown even to him. As he laid there still thinking to himself in those final moments of life slipping it seemed. No it was not the time to die nor would it even come close for him to even die, waking up to roll over with the blood staining his armor and his mask the Uchiha boy smiled shaking his head. Standing up slowly he nodded to this movement of life as it seemed like forever with the cold wind blowing on his body the shinobi was finally able to see what he was looking for in life. Flashing to the whole point everyone was thinking it was crazy for this to happen even he knew it was but it did not seem that way anymore. Several days ago is when this all started, standing in front of several high ranked shinobi officers. "Uchiha Tsukiyomi step forward please…" The young uchiha stepped forward firmly only to say with pride, "Yes' Sir!" As the shinobi started to scan him with their eyes they seemed set to believe in something but something about it did not seem right not once bit about the reasons for this to even be happening. "Tell me boy, why did you join the ANBU ranks?" Uchiha Tsukiyomi was without a second quess to his answer and without hesitation yelled out, "To further my goals in protecting the fire country and our way of the shinobi sir." The man in the middle had a long beard that was going down to the center of his chest while his hair was black on his head was being covered up by the bandana he worse with the leaf symbol on it. "I see, now it says here you were in the mission of obtaining the items of, Yamato and two swords known as Fervor, during the course of action two other ANBU members were by your side and reported that you quickly dealt with the enemy without any fear or worries is this correct?" The man seemed to be picking at something but what it was unknown for sure or what he was even aiming at. "Sir, that is correct I dealt with the actions of combating the enemy in order to complete the mission before having to return back to headquarters." The man nodded saying to him before removing their glasses from the front of his face. "It also says during the Chuunin examination you obtain the powers of the Uchiha Bloodline, if I may say this is something only a few can do and I believe its called the "Sharingan" correct?" Nodding to this information and then answering, "Yes, sir the Sharingan was obtained." The man nodded to this placing the paper down saying to himself, 'Odd for a Uchiha to obtain their eye at such a fast pace something must have caused it but what is the reason I truly wonder…' "Uchiha Tsukiyomi please answer me this one thing is it true that you have obtain the sharingan to its finest form?" Blinking to this the young boy nodded saying, "Yes sir at the moment I can currently say its at the fullest of its potential."

The man stood up taking the papers saying, "Very well I shall give you a mission only one of the sharingan can handle then please come back to see me in my office this evening you are dismissed." With that Tsukiyomi bowed leaving the office of the ANBU captain only to feel relaxed and stressed for a bit. As he walked around in the village he was staying at the usually spot staring up at the sky but soon was met with Aki whom always seemed to be around him. "What's wrong?" Aki spoke softly only to turn his attention to her he noticed her dressed up with a dress covering her knees but with a light jacket on. Blushing at the sight he was not sure to say she was gorgeous or even if he should ask if she was on a date. "Nothing…its just a mission that I'm going to be getting soon." Aki smiled walking over towards him to sit beside him saying, "That's wonderful news to hear from I hope its not going to acquire help or at least others to have to join in to help you." That left the Uchiha boy sighing heavily saying, "I think I can handle myself a bit more than others if anything. Besides you have been there to help me and a lot I think its time I did something on my own for once." With that a swift gust came only to have an ANBU member appear saying, "Uchiha Tsukiyomi please come with me back to headquarters." Standing up quickly Tsukiyomi saluted to the arrival of the message before having to watch as the Shinobi vanished leaving the two alone. "Aki…I have to go but…I want to tell you something before that happens…You look really nice in that." With that moment he left leaving no trace of himself at all. Aki blinked and smiled only to shake her head saying, "You better come back Tsukiyomi…" After arrival to headquarters the boy was suited for his mission as they let him in the ANBU captain was there waiting only with a smile on his face, "Great you have arrived, it seems the mission is set and ready to go but before you leave I want you to know you will be on your own for this one okay." Nodding to this the boy was set for the mission allowing him to begin the setting of it all. As he turned the captain said softly, "Now, one of our own have been kidnapped by enemy shinobi we are unsure of whom they are or even why but I figured you would be able to use your sharingan in order to pinpoint this person before the enemy obtain the information from them. Can I rely on you for this?" Saluting to the captain of the ANBU Tsukiyomi yelled out, "Yes sir!" Handing him a document Tsukiyomi quickly raced off to the location leaving the headquarters.

The ANBU Captain was left smiling only to lean down showing a dark glare from his point of view, "Finally a sharingan has surfaced and on top of that the powerful blades that exist seem to show no mercy for the boy, obtain the sharingan and kill him to hide information." Two more ANBU member appeared only one voiced the concern of the mission, "What of the hostage?" The ANBU captain turned saying, "Simple, kill them too they know that boy in and out they helped us obtain the information we need and after which we finally will get what I want in order to keep our village safe from the threats of others." That moment they vanishead as well swiftly leaving no trace behind inside the headquarters. As Tsukiyomi was traveling through the woods he looked over at the map saying, "Well the location is coming up but the question of is why if we were able to get this far why did anyone not save the hostage first?" Arriving at the location softly landing on the tree branch Tsukiyomi watched and scanned the land for any signs of traps or even enemies. It seemed quiet enough but soon he triggered his sharingan to see the flow of chakra but was unable to see if anyone was around the location. Jumping down to ground level he began walking forward softly with each blade on him carefully shaking. Tsukiyomi was nearing the tunnel it seemed to lead underground as he rushed in to it to see the target was nowhere in sight he continued down the path for a bit. Only to finally smell something that seemed off, "What is this smell, I know the scent but…I cannot place it." Shaking his head he continued forward only to finally come to the person whom had been captured. With shock he rushed over without second guessing as he began scanning over the female, "Aki aki come on wake up." Her clothing was ripped as though she was in a fight for her own life soon the echoing of laughs came from the shadows, "Seems everything happen like he said it would and to think the Uchiha are suppose to be the smartest clan to exist. Please…they are completely useless it seems." Tsukiyomi stood up quickly pulling his blade out in order to protect Aki, waiting for the enemy to show themselves. 'Stay calm Aki is safe as long as you are by her.' Tsukiyomi was saying to himself, that moment things changed as he ran to get her free and snap her out of whatever trance she was in. Soon he heard the voices again but this time they came into view showing the mask of the ANBU. "Oh good, backup has arrived quick help me get Aki out of here before the enemy comes back." Tsukiyomi turned around only to have a kunai fly pass him cutting his face and cutting Aki's arm to which she reacted to the pain slowly waking up but unable to move her lips and body. Tsukiyomi turned to see that one of the men had thrown the kunai that was aimed at him. "What…hey now what's going on?" The ANBU that released the kunai carefully said, "How stupid can you possibly be? A mission that requires the sharingan the one that is at its fullest, even worse the ANBU captain asking questions and sending only you alone on a mission?" Tsukiyomi thought carefully about it before it finally clicked in his mind, "A trap…to obtain my sharingan?" The ANBU members nodded and started clapping only then did the one speak again, "Seems he's smarter than he looks guys, now let's take the sharingan and kill them." Getting ready for battle Tsukiyomi was in no room to fight so he hurried cutting the rope that was binding Aki and placed her in his arms dodging the incoming attacks from the ANBU members. As he rushed outside he was struck from behind by another weapon that seemed to solid wood, "AUG!" Falling over he lost his balance having Aki fall from his arms as he landed face first into the dirt. Feeling the pain he rolled over only to see the ANBU standing over him. Fear was closing in around him for that time alone it seemed like his life was flashing only to end. As the two picked him up leaving him unable to form hand seals Tsukiyomi started as the man took aim with the blade getting ready to kill him, "To think we are using your blade to kill you but after that we are going to kill her and have it seem like you went mad and you two battled to the death." From which that moment Tsukiyomi struggled to get free as the blade came flying aiming at his heart something moved swiftly taking the blade instead. But delivered an attack to the one's holding him. After which a fist came flying across the air hitting the ANBU which had his sword, Yamato. "Tsu..kiyo…mi are you…alright…" coughing up blood Aki took the hit from the blade only to catch her in a weaken state, "No…Aki stay with me please, don't leave me…" She was smiling only to place her hand softly on his cheek saying to him, "You…are…so sweet, thank…you for…everything…an know…I do…lov…yo…" before even finishing the lines from her heart the life of the female was lost in the arms of her lover. Tightly gripping her and rocking back and forth he felt the weight of the world crushing down on him. Laying her carefully onto the ground and removing his blade from her lifeless body. The ANBU stood up getting ready for battle.

"Please like you can take us all on at once," That moment the sharingan's view became sharper and deadly vanishing with the speed he obtained the blade of yamato slashed the one that lead the two into the battle. "I…will avenge her!" Turning his attention over to the remaining two ANBU they charged at him only to be cut down with that moment as flames were released on their bodies erupting in flames. Breathing heavily Tsukiyomi sheathed the blade up only to turn his attention over Aki's lifeless body. Having tears run down his cheeks he picked her up carrying her body to a empty spot of dirt to where he began digging a hole for her body to be laid, after a hours had passed he had finished her burial for her and placed a flower on it. Falling to the ground the blood stained armor and blood running from his back during he was hit by Tsukiyomi closed his eyes softly only to hear a faint voice saying, "You better come back Tsukiyomi…" Waking up with his mask placed on he could only say softly, "Aki…I will and I will come back to be with you as well…but first I have to live." Standing up this is how it began this is how it was from that night on Tsukiyomi removed his bandana from is his placing it by her tome saying, "This is where I died as well but only to be reborn to repay a village that would kill someone it truly wished for peace. Aki…I love you too.." Placing his hand on the tome he pushed himself off only to fall into the darkness of the woods. Several hours had passed since that point of accident it seemed. The ANBU captained arrived only to see the death of his men gripping tightly with his fists it seemed filled with anger. "Seems he has escaped…place Uchiha Tsukiyomi as a traitor it seems he has gone rouge on us and report this to the Hokage as well!"

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Uchiha Tsukiyomi: Everything has a reason to be pushed in being...Rogue. (RP)
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