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 The Missing Staff and reason behind it all.

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PostSubject: The Missing Staff and reason behind it all.   March 5th 2015, 18:16

- Dear Members,

> On behave of the site, We've hit a small issue and problem not based upon the site but because of family and schooling issues. As the year is coming to a beginning and ending with the school, work is building up on top of myself. I'm not done with the site nor will it be closing the reason for the lock down was because of the missing of myself. Though time is allowing to come back and allow the site to be updated and fixed up a bit more to become easier for everyone, even with a side project coming up as we are hitting a 3 year old age mark. With that everyone please forgive myself and everything else I'll be working day and night for the site for everyone. Thank you everyone and have a good night.

- Omnicron -

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The Missing Staff and reason behind it all.
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