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 The Wandering Rogue Ninja-- Augus (Solo Body guard job plus story)

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PostSubject: The Wandering Rogue Ninja-- Augus (Solo Body guard job plus story)    May 19th 2015, 16:32

On the outskirts of the cloud village were several smaller towns and establishments, especially on route to the Asakura shrine. For Enja, the young fiery blood Asakura member-- he was not having such an easy time finding things that suited him. His job as a body guard was fine but boring and the pay was rather bland. Sure there were a few fights but nothing exciting. He wanted to go and travel and not be tied down by this stupid country and its rules. It was those same rules that were impeding his training as a ninja!

And so Enja was off to do his job as a body guard. He worked as a guard for a trader while doing business in a part of the outskirt town of the cloud village. Most of the time, the guy was shrewd and to the point. He made work easy, plus not a lot of people had a problem with him save his 'deals' Either way, Enja had no big issue working for him.

For the time being, he and one other, Kagemaru was stationed outside of the room he did deals with and kept an active eye and ear out for any such changes. "Another boring day right?" Kage said, sighing as he rested against the door frame. Though they were both rookie ninja, they had a good sense of their surroundings and any dangers that would be involved.

Enja didn't reply to his friend. His friend was a rookie swordsman like himself, with black hair and darker skin. Enja just kept his arms crossed and his sword on hand. "What are we doing?" Enja commented to his friend.

Kage looked a bit puzzled as he turned to his friends. "Um... guarding this guy? Making money? Seems like a pretty obvious question."

"NO," Enja replied as he glared at his friend with a hint of anger. "I mean our lives, damn it. What are we doing with our lives?"

Clearly his friend could see he was not pleased with the state of things, and it was not like they had not touched the topic before. "Come on dude, don't do this to yourself. " Kage replied, sighing at him. "We are just doing what we gotta do. Let's be grateful there is no war right now. its just hard times. Hey, you get to live in a mansion as a member of the great and mighty Asakura clan. Me? I live over a laundry shop studio apartment. "

Enja rolled his eyes. He did his best to keep focus but it was difficult for him. "Ya think i WANTED to be in this clan? Look, that place is no more better than a prison if you ask me-- as is this whole law that CHunin can't leave the land of Lightning. " he complained.

"Dude, chill. Ya got your health, your money, a home. I mean I hear you. I'm rooting for you, but its just hard times man. It will change," Kage replied and returned to the training.

There was a pause, and for a moment all they heard was the dealings going on with their client inside. THen Enja replied with something surprising.

"What if I told you I was considering being a rogue ninja?" he replied.

Kage didn't do anything for a moment, then turned with a serious look on his face. "Seriously? I know your rebellious but now you are just going off the deep end. You want to go AWAL from the village?" he said, his tone clearly not amused.

Enja scratched his head briefly before sighing. "Look, I am tired of sticking here playing by the rules. I can't go where I want. Ninja training is down the tubes aside from my own. I don't have my own master and the academy is not helping. " he said, frustrated. "The idea of breaking away is appealing."

"As what? A criminal?" Kage said, his tone now much louder. "Dude don't do this... I know its rough but it can change. But I tell you now, being a rogue ninja won't solve your problems. It will add new ones!"

Still, Enja was curious about it. If he did just up and leave for the boarder and crossed, he would be branded it and be hunted down. With his skill, he would be dragged back or worse-- killed for violating the rules of the village. However, Enja was not the type to accept the rules of things. If nothing was going to change, then HE would cause the change.

"Just please don't do something stupid, Enja. You do have good skills," Kage said, his tone now more considerate than just friendly. "Don't put it all to waste by going rogue. If I do end up a ninja, I really don't want to hunt you down man."

Enja turned to his friend with a smile. "Hey, I am a rebel. Not a criminal. I'm just saying when the rules bite you, you bite back. " he said and he got his mind back on the job. "And I am fed up with just waiting for the higher ups to get off their backs."

The job ended swiftly enough and they were both paid. After which Enja and Kage left down the path of the small outpost. There were a few shops and Pacheco parlors around. After they had collected their payment, Kage turned to Enja. "Hey some of us are going for dinner and drinks. Ya wanna come?" he asked, gesturing to the restaurant at the end of the outpost.

However, Enja was not up for it. He wasn't even that hungry. "Naw... you guys have fun. I may just walk for a bit then head home," he replied.

The concerned look on Kage's face was almost a warning to Enja to once again 'not do anything stupid.' "Alright then... see ya later," he replied and turned into the crowd. As he vanished, Enja let out a breath and turned to wander the street.

He turned to the light filled streets and attractions. Some restaurants and small casinos here, along with some hot springs. There were not a lot of attractions that Enja found particularly exciting, at least not in the mood he wanted. He did find the ninjutsu scroll shop but sadly, he didn't have the money to afford such high class jutsu.

Part of him wished he could just steal it... but no he was not that petty.

As he was walking along, there was a loud commotion from of the nearby casinos. People were gathering as it appeared someone had struck the jackpot or something. Either that or someone was causing problems. Curious, Enja approached and pushed through the crowd.

The inside of the casino was simple, lanes of the pachinco machines spinning, and some people were still playing them. However, many had stopped and looked to the commotion. A rather large man was laughing after he had now a bag full of winnings. A man was at his feet, flat on the ground after a knock on the head. It seemed -- that some guy was mad at him for having gotten the winnings. That or the other guy stole the winnings from the now downed fellah.

"Hahahaha!" the man bellowed, swinging the bag of metal bearings over his shoulder with ease. "Life hands you wins and losses, so accept them graciously."

The man was unusual. He was a large fellow, muscular with markings over his body-- A form of tribal tattoo as he was shirtless, bearing his muscular torso and arms to those who looked to him. He wore a strange almost holy garb of white with shoes and a cloth around his waist. His hair was white and wild in nature and hung off his back, along with a beard to his chin. He appeared to be in his late forties. Also he had a rather long katana hanging from the back of his waist, being made of a rather glamorous design and golden markings. It was clear he was a swordsman at the very least.

The man on the ground grunted and tried to crawl away, only to have the larger guy place a foot firmly on his back keeping from moving. "You owe me an apology for so rudely interrupting my winning streak-- or perhaps you can pay me back with your winnings." he said, bearing a rather cunning smirk.

Looking from the crowd, Enja saw one thing-- his eyes. They glowed a strange white. He had never seen something like that.

"I-I ain't giving you anything, you old fart! Ya rigged that machin--!" He was silenced by a sudden thrust of his other foot into the man's gut, silencing him.

Lifting him up, the big guy held him up till they were looking face to face. "Don't go making claims without proof, you sorry loser. Ya don't wanna pay up, I'll ring it out of you!"

Just when it looked like things were going to get ugly, one of the casino officials and a guard came over. "Excuse me, sir!" the manager, apparently shouted to him, stopping the scene. "Kindly release him. We don't want any incidents here so please let him go. "

He glared through the corner of his eye at the official, and then to the man he was holding. Without much warning, he let go of him so he landed flat on his ass. "Fine... I got what I want," he said and began to walk out of the casino. Not caring for the crowd, he all but shoved his way through. Enja quickly got out of his way just in time, glancing at the mess he had made and the man who he had been threatening.

Curious, Enja watched as the man walked away. He seemed happy with himself and with his winnings. Enja couldn't put his finger on it, but something was strange with how he handled himself as well as his own attitude. ANd a strange sense, he found the guy to be pretty bad ass. Was he a shinobi as well? It was hard to tell, but soon he saw him enter into one of the bath houses and vanish behind it.

It was one of the ritzy ones as well. The guy had good taste and a bit beyond Enja's price range as it were. Still, he found the guy interesting. Brushing it off for a moment and focusing back, he decided to continue his walk.

The taste of cheap ramen never failed to put him in a better mood. The ramen stand at the end of town was indeed a good stop as Enja enjoyed steamy hot ramen noodles with beef and pork. A bit of an expense but it was worth every bite as he had a big bowl of it. It pushed all his troubles away for the time being. After he paid the man who cooked it and left out of the small flap of the diner stand, he began to make his way back towards his clan's estate.

The cool night air didn't hinder him as he soon was about to make his way towards the road, passing a display of signs as well as a few wanted posters. He let out a yawn as he saw a certian face with tattoos and wild hair on it. Still he was pretty tired and was about to go when...

"What the hell?!" he stopped and turned! He rushed for the poster board and looked. There it was.

A wanted poster that advertised one of the priority targets from the Hidden Cloud's Bingo Book! And it was the same man.

The same man who had made a scene at the casino just an hour ago! Grabbing the wall, Enja looked t the picture. It was the same guy, profiled on the front and on the side like a prison shot, with that same smug smile-- like he knew that a prison couldn't hold him. It was indeed the same guy, wild hair, same tattoos and the same eyes. Enja looked at the man's profile and learned who he was.

Augus of the Hidden Heavens
An S class Rogue Ninja!
Wanted Dead or Alive.

Wanted for several accounts of the following: Theft and Grand Theft, Pillaging, Defilement, Assault and Battery. The list was pretty large. One part included a lecherous pervert and a few unmentionable crimes in that area. A lot of powerful people had been crossed by this man and it seemed from how he appeared before, he was not afraid of any of it. Finally... at the bottom, was the reward for his capture.

40, 000,000 Ryo.

Enja nearly couldn't believe his eyes. The man was worth 40 million, even info leading to his arrest was 20 million. This was unbelievable... A sense of both excitement and dread fell upon Enja. On one hand he learned the location of a dangerous fugitive and knew he had to act on it. However, the fact was if this high a price was on his head and with the crimes he had against him, he must be a far formidable person. An S class ninja at that.

Enja tore the flyer off the board and realized he should take this right to the office of the Hidden Cloud security, and report him. He was about to go running off at high speed...

... but then he stopped.

What was he thinking? Sure the guy was powerful, even dangerous but there was two things that occured to Enja's mind. One, a ninja never runs away, even to inform allies of a situation. ANd two, the reward for his capture was far higher than simply reporting him. With that alone, he could afford any ninja tool or scroll he wanted and develop further as a ninja on his own. He wouldn't have to struggle so much, and then have enough money to do whatever he wanted with it!

He knew better-- the risk was too high. He could end up dead if he didn't do it right. He wanted to live sure, but still, a criminal on the loose was right under his nose. ANd if he wanted to rise as a shinobi, there was no way he could just run away from this. He held the flyer in his hand as he decided things in his mind. What should he do?? Would he report him in and not bother, or aim high and attempt to bring the man in with his own strength and power.

The stoic and thoughtful look might have been an indication of the right path-- but it wasn't. He couldn't turn away from any chance, and furthermore he couldn't stand and pass up this golden opportunity. To gain respect by taking down a true criminal and help out for the sake of his village.

It was a bad idea... but he was going to capture the man.

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PostSubject: Re: The Wandering Rogue Ninja-- Augus (Solo Body guard job plus story)    May 19th 2015, 16:34

Enja had tracked him back to the hot spring resort where he had gone to and had spoken with the receptionist at it. She had seen him but didn't make reservations at the rooms there. He came in to use the baths and then left. Realizing this, Enja quickly left and searched the town. Luckily the guy being so big, he could be spotted easily so he ascended high upon the buildings.

All the chakra control training and physical training was beginning to pay off as he could now move as fast as other ninja. He easily scaled up to the height of a building and landed on its roof. He lept off roofs to the next in a single bound and moved at a fast speed. As he perched from one spot to the next, he kept an eye out for any sign of the man. Large build, white hair with tattoos. He knew he could spot him if he moved correctly.

He just had to be patient for a while and hope to find him.

However, something did occure to him. Perhaps he was still near the baths. Moving through the village, he quickly got to the roof of the bathhouse, and beneficial to him, the entire place was steamy from the hot spring. He wouldn't be able to be detected easily. He crept forward and searched for a silhouette similar to the man he was seeking.

To his luck though, in the woods nearby he did see him-- but what he did was surprising. The man was hiding out calmly by the trees that overlooked the woman's bath...

Enja had not realized he had been so near to the woman's baths as he soon saw through the steam-- the visions of four women naked there and bathing. Realizing he could be discovered, he quickly jumped out of sight... but not before he had gotten a good sense of his target.

And of course a good sight of the ladies in the baths. That was worth it Razz
Augus, the wandering swords man had finished his 'sight seeing' as he called it and had left for the forest path to travel along the coast of the land of lightning. Night time had fallen and the sky was dark and overcast. Unbothered by a dark lightless road or any troubles, Augus marched on, armed with his sword behind him and a small sack of belongings he had.

The man appeared very care free and gazed at the path with a confident smirk. He had come to explore this region as he always admired the culture of the Land of Lightning. He found its people rich in ambition and desires. Hence his drawn to the more vicarious parts of the settlements. He had a blast gambling, relaxing at the bathhouse and of course couldn't resist to peek at the women. He would of enjoyed to spend the evening with a few of them begging for his skilled touch... but alas, he knew he couldn't stay in one place too long. He was a wanted man after all, but odd thing was, he had no shame about it. He had his reasons after all.

However, while he was walking, he was not aware he was being tailed. Enja had hid in the shade of the nearby trees and kept an eye on him as he softly walked on the path.

After a bit of time, Enja took steps to be ready for him. However, strangely, he came to a stop in the middle of the road. He waited there for some time. Enja kept quiet and didn't make a sound. He was aware of every twig and stone, and he made sure not a sound escape him...

..."Come out, punk," he said in almost a leisurely tone. "What? Shy or something?"

Enja felt the color drain from him a bit-- he knew he was being followed all this time! He was not sure what to do. He had hoped to trail him, and then ambush him at the most obscure part of the forest. How did he detect his presence? Damnit, he thought.

"Do I have to come and get you. Come out now and I won't make you cry like a baby," he mocked.

Enja felt the urge to wipe that smug smile off his face. He knew hiding was pointless. He could likely tell where he was exactly, so to hide would benefit nothing.

He then moved as a blur of motion and appeared in the center of the road behind Augus, roughly 30 or so meters away from him. Augus never turned around to face him. Enja glared at him. His fingers moved slightly, itching to grip his short katana for defense. All the while, Augus never faced him. He could only guess if he didn't detect him with sight, he either had a way of using his other senses. Or even worse-- had a sensory type jutsu that allowed him to detect enemies and their actions.

"Hmm... what do you want, kiddo?" Augus asked, his voice a bit lighter in tone. He knew he had been followed, but didn't think it was by someone so young. He could tell right away just what kind of person he was dealing with, even while not looking him. "This is no place to play."

A furious look crossed Enja's face as he glared at the back of the man. "You're Augus right?" he asked. "I have something to discuss with you."

Augus's head rose a bit at his name. He took interest in the events going on. "Oh, you know who I am, hm? Guess I am a pretty big celebrity. " He jested with a chuckle, and stretched out his arms. All the while he never turned to look at Enja. "So, what is it you wanted to discuss? Came for an autograph to show your friends?"

And Enja thought he was cocky. Still he pulled out the wanted flyer and flipped it open. "Only the fact that you are a wanted rogue ninja. Seems the reward for you is pretty high, but you already knew this. You may call me foolish, but you were no different strolling around carelessly." Enja said firmly.

Augus had a general idea what this was leading up to long before he got the flyer out in the open. Finally, he turned around to face Enja and got a good look at him. He could see Enja, a youth no older than 18-- 17 if he had to guess the earliest age. He could see the cold scowl on his face, and the poster in his hand. Also the hint of a short katana behind him.

"Rogue Ninja? Er... sorry, fraid I have no recollection of that," he said in an overly played tone of voice. He then scratched his head with a finger. "My memory is not what it used to be. I am an older man after all...."

Enja grumbled at Augus' attempt. Was he trying to make a fool out of him? Still he watched him carefully and didn't give him an inch. "This here says you clearly, and what you have done... bit of a reckless bastard, aren't we?" Enja replied.

Still, Augus looked and then seemed perplexed all the same. "Er, you mind coming a little closer with that flyer? I fear my eyes are not as good as they used to be..."

Sure they aren't... Enjin thought as he kept his guard up. He didn't honor the request. "Just drop it, old man. You're coming with me. "

At that moment, Augus dropped the old man act and let out a bellowing chuckle. It was like santa's laughed but creepier. Enja's blood began to pump with awareness and anxiety, making him tightens his stance to the ground. After he had his little laughing fit, he smiled at the youth ninja. "Now THAT is funny. You will take me by force huh? Tell me, you here to 'have me face justice' or crap like that?" he said with amusement.

"Nope. I just wanna drag you back for the reward is all. You're crimes are your own buisness," Enja replied curtly.

What Enja said made Augus looked at him with wider eyes and grinned. "Oh, is that so... Least you are honest about it. Good..." he said, his appearance becoming more sinister. "Had you told me you were here to serve the law and 'in the name of justice' I would of killed you on sight."

The tone of the man was now going dangerous uneasy with Enja. He still held the paper as he never left the man's gaze. "Yeah well... cause or not, you are not getting awa--"

Snag! Something snagged the paper out of his hand! Alarmed, and in a blur of motion, he turned to find it was Augus-- suddenly standing behind him! In the blink of an eye, he had moved from one spot to another. He turned and looked to see he was now completely gone, before snapping back to see the man crumble the wanted poster of himself in his hands. Finally, all while glaring down at Enja, he scattered his hands and the paper suddenly caught fire. It vanished in the blaze, reduced to bits of smoke, ash and embers. "What was that about me not getting away?" he said with a wicked grin.
Enja took a step back, realizing he was in deep trouble.

"Now ... what to do with you? " Augus said, stroking his chin and beard. "I think I will play with you a bit. Do make this entertaining."

He had two choices: Attempt to fight him and throw him off balance, or run. Run fast, run hard, and try to out maneuver him.

He chose fight! He quickly drew his short katana and got ready. "Maybe it was foolish to face you, but I don't back down!" he shouted and he lunged to attack with his borrowed blade! He aimed to swipe at the man's head, trying to catch him. However, Augus was not only quick but aware of his opponent's moves.
And this time, Augus didn't move as a blur. He merely side-stepped or tilted out of the way of the assaults. Enja swiped for the head but he tilted and moved away. Once he touched ground, he turned on his heels and went to slash at his exposed chest. Once more, Augus stepped out of range of the swipe and remained a few inches away from his blade attacks.

Now frustrated, Enja moved to attack with both blade, along with his free arm and feet. He had trained in basic taijutsu and kenjutsu methods, so he had hoped mixing them up and attacking him through its methods would allow him to throw off his enemy and land a blow! Unfortunately, Augus was not an S class Rogue Ninja for no reason.

After three swipes of his sword, Enja reached to deliver a punch right for his jaw. This time Augus didn't dodge and merely reached out a hand. Slap! He caught the punch as it landed squarely in his large hand! WIth that, he gripped it, keeping Enja in and unable to back up or get distance. Once again, Enja could see his wicked grin appear.

There was a sudden sound like thunder, followed by the undeniable force of a punch into Enja's body. He was sent flying backwards and towards the ground. He went skidding and fell to his knees. The blow felt as if someone had fired a rock salt shot into his body. It stung like a bitch as he pushed himself up and saw AUgus, still grinning at him.

He couldn't fight him head on, and with no jutsu of his own-- he couldn't contend to his stronger state. So he had to use his original plan after all.

Enja lunged once more and attempted to strike with his sword. While Augus did indeed dodge to his left-- Enja did not stop! Instead it was a feint and he quickly dashed into the woods! He fled, leaving Augus behind him.

This surprised the rogue ninja as he saw him vanish into the woods. However, Augus grinned and clicked his tongue in interest. "Oh, so now you choose to flee. Sorry, but you aren't getting away that easily!" he said and sprinted off after him as well!

Using his chakra to enhance his speed, he flew through the trees and jumped from branch to branch. Still, he knew running would get him nowhere fast. This person was far faster. In this case Enja knew the truth. He had bitten off more than he could chew and now he was going to pay the price... or was he? He had one method he had prepared for. He was cocky but not stupid. He knew his enemy was a highly skilled ninja and one with a sense of arrogance to him.

He couldn't hear his pursuer but he knew better to not even stop to check. His opponent could appear at any moment. Soon he found an open grove in the trees and stopped there. With his sword still drawn he looked around, hoping to find any sign of movement. It was quiet for a moment, till there was a rustling in the bushes. Finding a stone near his feet, he picked it up and swung it at it-- however the only thing to emerge was a small hare that had been grazing.

A sigh escaped Enja, realizing it was not the target till...

"DId you really think you could escape?" a voice growled.

Enja turned to find the same guy now behind him. Augus cracked his knuckles as he glared down. "Now... time to die..." he said like a dramatic villain.

However, Enja was not about to go down that easily. Using his short katana on hand, he swung it back and actually threw it for him. A surprise move and one he had hoped to catch him off guard. Augus merely tilted his head as it went flying past his shoulder and for the nearby tree. A laugh erupted from Augus and his chest shook with hilarity. "Are you kidding me? What a desperate punk of a shinobi-- a swordsman never discards his weapon and your threw yours away--"

But that was not the real goal. It was Enja's time to smirk, as he had set the stage perfectly and now it was time for the climax.

SHRIT! The sound of a rope's snap sounded as Enja's sword had severed a rope he had tied up till this point. There was a sudden rumble from nearby as movement could be seen through the trees-- to reveal two large wooden sledge weights coming in from both sides of the small clearings. Enja had laid a trap, and Augus was right in the middle of it. For the first time till now, AUgus showed a look of surprise to see it as the two ends came down on him and struck!


The thunderous sound of the hitting was loud and ENja jumped away to get away from the shock area. He had been clear but still better to be safe than sorry. He looked through the small bit of dust to see if his trap had worked. He held a breath, hoping he had done damage to him.

But once the dust settled, he could see it. Augus was there, between the two sledge hammer like logs as tall as any man. However, he was holding them both apart with his bare hands. It looked as if he was straining but he had stopped their momentum completely. All the while with a calm expression on his face. Enja realized his trap failed. Now he really was screwed!

Pushing the logs for a moment, Augus grinned. "Heh... clever brat, but I been around long enough to smell a trap a mile away. ANd this one was just child's play." he said. THen, with a shove of his strong arms, he pushed the two away and vanished in a blur.

Enja's line of vision was met by his body as he now was high over him. "Got you!" he growled and slammed his very head down against him! WHAM! Enja was struck by the guy's own forehead as if it was a rock and fell to the ground, the force of it painful and disorienting.

He quickly began to get up and defend himself, however-- something heavy fell on him! Almost crushing as it knocked the air out of Enja. Now as if in a wrestling match, Augus had pinned Enja beneath him. He merely had flopped right down on top of him, his position more lazy but his huge size and weight of muscle made it feel like he was under a piece of metal. Enja immediately tried to push him off but he would not budge.

As Augus pretty much had Enja under him, he laid on his side and rested an arm, as if he was reclining somewhere. "So... how do you intend to get out of this?" he said now in a mocking tone.

"Grrrr!" Enja growled, now pushing with all his might. "Sh-Shut up, old man!!" he growled. However, it only earned a laugh from Augus. It was clear the rogue ninja was not going anywhere as he ascerted a set weight on the younger man.

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PostSubject: Re: The Wandering Rogue Ninja-- Augus (Solo Body guard job plus story)    May 19th 2015, 16:36

Augus didn't even assert further pressure. Nor even offer any kind of offense against Enja as he was now completely immobile below him. Stuck in the grove of trees, no one could see them for miles and there was no one around likely to hear a cry for help. Enja never did raise his voice for help. ALl the while, Augus was curious about the guy. He was brave if a bit foolish, and driven by his own desires and not some notion of 'justice and law' that Augus had hated. It was true. Had Enja said he was with the law or something; Augus would have killed him in the most cruel and bloody of fashions.

For Enja, this situation was humiliating so he was glad no one was around to see. He knew this could happen and he did it anyway. He went alone to try and capture a rogue ninja for its reward and the respect that came with it. Now he was pinned under the guy who thought it was all a big game to him. He should be grateful that he was not dead, but death might have been better for him than this kind of embarrassment. He was the man's fucking lounge cushion! He pushed and pushed, trying to get some sort of leverage but Augus' body was so heavy and massive, he was having trouble doing so. "Damnit...!" he swore, trying to squeeze out but it was no use.

Augus resisted the urge to laugh. THe man's attempts tickled him a bit but he enjoyed seeing some people squirm. It was amusing and hinted perhaps a slight sadistic nature in the man. "You know," Augus said with amusement. "I might just let you go if you admit you can't win... and of course get on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness," he said with a smirk.

"I rather be eaten alive by beetles," Enja grumbled as he continued to shove.

"Careful what you wish for, punk. I can arrange that. Death is but the least of an enemy's concern when I am involved," Augus said with glee. It would paint a good picture in anyone's mind what the rogue ninja did to his victims. Still, Augus had to admit, the kid was persistent. Though older than most shinobi he had seen, this one had untapped potential. He could only guess as to why he was much older and still had rookie training. It was indeed almost sad to him.

Enja constantly kept struggling. From pushing him off to even sliding out, the man's position made it impossible for him to try and break free. Why the hell couldn't he have learned the escape jutsu or body flicker? Wait that's right... the academy was shut down and no one would train him up till now! When or if he ever got out of this mess, he was going to raise hell with the academy director for their short comings for training future ninja. He used this anger, this frustration to motivate him and push harder. However, Augus was far superior in strength and hold.

Augus let out a yawn as laid on top of Enja, the late hour being frustrating for him. "Well... it has been a long day. I think I will take a nap," he said calmly, even now more lax as he laid there with a hand resting his head.


Regardless, Augus lay out and rested. He had no intention to go anywhere so he made himself comfortable and waited.

Hours past into the night as it became all the more ridicules that this guy was not moving. Regardless, he kept pushing and shoving, trying to lift the bastard off of him. He could only just hope no one spotted him like this. He would be joked at for life. Augus had indeed gone to sleep, snoring a bit as he laid there. At first he moved briefly, but only till he was repositioned. Enja tried to move at that very moment but no luck. THe guy was just too heavy! HIs muscles ached from the very attempt and despite his anger and frustration; it was not the fuel he needed to overcome this guy.

It was about late evening that Enja was still trying to get the old man off of him. Physical strength was useless, so now he had to apply his own chakra. He focused his chakra where it could, much harder now that he couldn't make a hand sign to channel it. Regardless, he drew it to his body and pushed hard. He moved. It wasn't alot but he did get him to move, but only an inch or so. Despite how much chakra he put into it alone, it still was not enough. "OH come on!! Move you fatass!" he grumbled.

However, Augus just grinned at the string of creative names the kid was giving him. "Hmm... I am not fat. I am big boned," he joked in return, his expression still that as if he was asleep.

"DAMN IT YOU BEEN AWAKE THIS WHOLE TIME!! You suck!" Enja shouted, now just thrashing.

Finally, having exhausted all his chakra and his physical strength, he didn't move. He huffed and puffed, having been at it for hours and still he was the man's mattress. The shame just weighed on Enja's mind. "Damnit.... "

"THere's no shame to admit defeat kid. If i wanted, I would of made you my bitch," he said.

Repulse and anger raged in Enja, hearing that detail. "Ya sick bastard! I don't swing that way!!" he replied, the thought teetering on his mind and it just wanted him to get out fast.

Augus however just laughed in amusement. "Naw, relax. Not my type anyway... " he said, messing with Enja. Still jokes aside, he had his fill. "Admit defeat... You are clearly outmatched. You put up a good fight, I'll give you that-- for your level of experience anyway. Come on, this is only making you look more pathetic."

A twitch formed in Enja's brow as he wanted to tell the old man to go fuck himself... but alas, he was right. It was the worst judgment call that Enja had ever made. He tried to best a criminal with considerable skill and he could of easily have died. He paused and bit his tongue for a moment. "Damnit..." he groaned. Augus chuckled, knowing it was coming. "Fine... you win. I surrender..."

"And you will get on your hands and knees and beg." Augus added.

"Fuck you..."  Enja replied, still holding on to what pride he had left.

Augus chuckled, sticking a finger in his ear to clean it before attemting to wipe off the residue on Enja's clothes. "Oh? Well then, I'll just go back to sleep. See you in a few--"

"DON'T YOU DARE! ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! I'll FUCKING DO IT!" he shouted, disguised and irritated by the man.

Resisting the urge to laugh, Augus finally hauled himself up and stood up. Enja rolled out of the way quickly and got to his feet. However, Augus was not kidding. He wanted Enja to beg for his life and for forgiveness. Augus merely gestured him 'down' like a dog at his feet. Enja didn't want to. He would of rather taken his sword and cut off his arm... but it seemed he was not going to get out of it. He deserved it after the foolish things he did that night.

Swallowing his pride, he fell to his knees and soon placed his hands on the ground. If Augus had wanted, he could have easily beheaded him like that. But he didn't and just enjoyed as the youth humiliated himself before him. "And what do you say? I want to hear you beg for your life...." he replied.

A growl escaped Enja. "I was... foolish to think I stood a chance against you. I let my ambitions cloud my judgement. Please forgive me..." he said, and still feeling each word cut at him like a knife.

Augus had hoped for more pleading but..."Meh... good enough I suppose," he said and let out a chuckle. "You got guts kid. Had you just been some punk I would of just offed you a long time ago. "

"Kind of wish you did," Enja replied, still wounded.

"OH? Want me to change my mind?" Augus replied.

Enja quickly jumped up and raised his hands. "Ugh wait ! No i didn't ---"

"BAHAHAHAHA!!" Augus bellowed with that strong laugh, his hands on his hips and his head hung back from the hilarity he was feeling. "Relax. You suffered enough I say... but level with me, what the hell were you thinking? You clearly have talent as a shinobi... but why do your skills suck. Someone your age should be Chunin already." he asked.

This part was particularly hard to explain to the stranger, even more troublesome that he was a rogue ninja. Augus could sense his hesitation, and would tease him further. "You know, considering I did just spare your life... you shouldn't feel any reason to hold out from me."

"you're a rogue ninja. Why should I tell you the sensitive issues of my village?" ENja shot back, his voice firm a bit in his resolve.

It was a good point. If this rogue ninja had come to start trouble in the Land of Lightning, the sensitive issues with the training academy would give enemies the edge. However, Augus merely scratched his chin in thought. "Hah! I couldn't care less about the affairs of your country. I just came to see the sights, enjoy the pleasures of this land and its women," he said with no shame in his answers. "What ? You think I am a spy or something? No spy would wander into enemy territory alone."

He had a good point there at that. Realizing he didn't really have a choice nor would it matter, Enja decided to tell him. "I am a member of a clan whose duties sort of kept me from pursuing becoming a ninja. However, training at the academy has been postponed indefinitely due to troubles with higher up. Point is, training for shinobi like me have been cancelled without a time to resume. It has cost me and I can't learn any jutsu with that situation. So i been forced to self-teach myself ninja training." he explained as best he could.

Augus had a rather thoughtful expression on his face as he listened. It made sense to him now that someone like Enja had not demonstrated any significant combat skill, because no one was teaching him properly. It made Augus sick that such a thing would prevent anyone from going forward and being stronger. HAD Augus come to start trouble in the land of lightning, he would fix that. He was a man who loved the thrill of battle and the desire for power. This young man was denied it cause of instability in the village.

"I see... that is frustrating. " Augus said calmly, though in the back of his mind he wanted to mow down the forest at the thought of it. What a pathetic display of a nation's military development.

Enja sighed. "Anyway... I wanted to get some money to learn more powerful jutsu via the scrolls they sell, but they are too much money. When I saw your wanted poster, I thought I could buy all the jutsu I could ever need but... It was foolish I admit." he said.

He thought money would solve his problems?? That was a poor thing to think , Augus thought as he looked to Enja. It was rare that Augus would feel sorry for someone. If they were weak, they were weak. He would stomp on bugs without hesitation. But Enja here had ambition. He had desire and drive. THat was not weak in any form. Underdeveloped perhaps, but potential all the same. And to the large guy's mind, it reminded him of himself when he was young. Driven, wanting to be stronger and pushing his limits and never backing down. He grinned at the thought.

"Was that all? Please..." Augus boasted, resisting the urge to laugh. He gripped a fist, tightening it for his own sensation to feel his own power boil within. "Money is a coward's path to power. Heh... I could of just given you the money if you asked."

Enja frowned at his boasting, and wishing he was stronger just so he could knock that smile off his face. "I am well aware of that, but I don't see any other option." he said, casting his gaze down in thought.

However, Augus huffed and folded his arms against his chest. "Is that so? Then I will give you another option..." Enja looked up to him, curious to what he had in mind to better his efforts in becoming a ninja. "Why don't you let ME train you."

THis was a surprise as Enja almost backed up a step, unsure what was going on really. "Huh...? What you..." he said, not sure where that came from. A criminal Rogue ninja, and one of considerable skill, training him?! "Are you kidding me?!" Enja exclaimed.

Augus smiled at the surprise on his face. "I like ya, kid. You got fire in you, so I will tell you what. If the Cloud Village can't keep up, I'll train you myself. You keep quiet about me being here, and I promise to train you with skills you can't even imagine. You won't be the same when I am done with you."

At first, ENja was apprehensive. He WAS a rogue ninja, and conspiring with one was a big thing. HOwever... a part of him understood how just cause he was a rogue ninja, he wasn't too bad of a person. He did spare him at least. And again... just hours ago he considered going rogue, just so he could live the free life he dreamed.

"Why should I believe you? You are a rogue ninja after all," he still asked. "I can keep a secret sure but why should I believe you can keep your word. "

"Bah! Fool, open your mind," Enja said with a boastful laugh. "I admit I done some things... but what is a crime can be a necessity. After all, you don't strike me as someone who plays by the rules either. I think you and I have more in common than you care to admit... but I will see to it you will in time."

The insisting nature of this man was a bit hard to deny, as Enja could already admire the sheer strength he possessed in character and in ability.

"If you want to see just how skilled I am, let me show you what I would of used to kill you," he said iwth a grin and turned to the row of trees nearby. Augus had a good idea how to 'ignite' the spark of interest in Enja and chose his jutsu well. He calmly weaved hand signs before him, stopping at Tiger and inhaled. "Scorch Release-- Solar Wind Jutsu!!" he shouted and exhaled, releasing a blast of bright red light. THe light was like a fire as it made contact with the trees, and followed by a blazing flash!

Enja braced himself against the light as he soon waited for it to subside. The heat from the blast alone felt intense as he soon saw the results before him. In the path that AUgus had faced, he had reduced all the trees in a 50 meter range to nothing but cinders! The place was completely dry of moisture and gone. It was an impressive display.

Augus turned around and grinned. "Any doubts now? And that was one of my weakest abilities. I have spent years to master many excellent jutsu. So... what do you say?" he offered.

Enja was impressed, but he still wanted to be sure... "Before I answer you , just tell me... just what did you do to become a rogue ninja. I think I have that right before I agree to train with you," he asked.

Augus knew that he already had the young shinobi interested. Still, he would give him an answer. "I won't go into details, but let's just say it was a very big difference of opinion. But if you are worried about me being some deranged serial killer, don't be. I don't slice throats of villagers or whatever. Not my style." he said with a prideful tone. He was not as bad as the posters made him out to be.

While Enja was sure the true story and details would only ever be written in his country's bingo book, he could only hope that he would not get involved with his problems. Enja gave a long breath and thought it over... till he realized this was exactly what he was looking for. He now was before someone capable and willing to train him. Whether or not he had an end goal for training him, he was not sure... but he had had it waiting and waiting for the cloud village to grant his desires. He was sick of being tied down and forced to obey their rules that prevented him from becoming a realized ninja.

Augus was a rogue ninja, and lived a free life. So did Enja wanted to be...

"Alright, I'll take you up on your offer. Wherever you want to lead, I will decide if I follow you or not" He said with a smirk of his own.

Augus grinned once more. He was glad to hear the young man take him up on his offer.  "Glad to hear it, kid. What's your name?" he asked.

"Enja. Enja Asakura," he replied. As they talked, Enja walked over to the tree he had thrown his sword earlier. He found it through the brush and pulled it free from the bark it had been stuck into.

Standing there in the dark, Augus nodded in approval. "Alright Enja... consider yourself my pupil. However, don't think I will go easy on you. I'm gonna work you to the bone till you will hurt more places than you thought you had." He said with a wicked grin, as if trying to scare him.

Enja however, just smirked at him. "Riiight... I don't scare easy, Augus. I look forward to it," he said, a hint of a challenge in his tone.

Once more, Augus released a loud laugh, not caring if anyone beyond the woods heard from its volume. Walking over to Enja, he gave him a rather friendly but somewhat forceful slap on the back. Enja nearly fell over but he caught himself and Augus grabbed him by the shoulder. "Kid... you are all right in my book. I think we will get along fine. " He said.

And so, Enja and Augus would start training together. Though he was being taught by a rogue ninja, ENja didn't care in the least. He was a capable ninja, super strong, and probably more impressive was that he lived a free lifestyle. He went where he wanted and nothing stopped him. Not the rules, not the law... he followed his own desires. Though how the training would proceed... Enja would have to just wait and see for himself.

Either way, it was going to be an interesting adventure working with the crazy, somewhat pervy, rogue ninja.

The end... for now

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The Wandering Rogue Ninja-- Augus (Solo Body guard job plus story)
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