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 To The Mountain of Fruit & Flowers.

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PostSubject: To The Mountain of Fruit & Flowers.   May 26th 2015, 13:31

“You’ve been asleep for sometime sensei” A little girl said siting next to him. Heise’s brown hazel eyes opened to face the girl. She wore a leaf headband over her head and a simple garments. On her back was a fan.
“Mei, what are you doing?” Heise asked as he reached for his bottle of Sake, “Shouldn’t you be training?” He asked. Mei began to play with her hair.
“Heise, you told me you were going to teach me to be a real ninja. How can you teach me if you’re not a ninja?” She asked with a whinny tone. Heise stood up and shrugged.
“I don’t know, i couldn’t tell you.” Heise said as he walked over to the pond in front of him. He bent over and looked at the reflection in the mirror. His hair had grayed and his eyes had become a burgundy. No doubt from the thing that had been inside of him. He had given up the way of the ninja for some reason. It seemed like it was impossible to reach great heights. Not only that, Heise had lost himself. He no longer knew he was and what he stood for. He knew not of his past or what he was meant for in the future.
“I have to go see him for answers.” He said to himself. Heise placed his hands in the water and splashed some onto his face. He turned around and stared at Mei-Lee for a moment.
“You want to become a ninja? I can’t promise you affiliation to anyone. But I can promise you will be trained by me. A true sage” He said. Mdi-Lee scrunched up her face.
“Your just some old fart who drinks and likes sex with hookers!” She yelled. Heise turned to Mei-Lee.
“Let’s go child.” He said.
“Where are we going?” She asked as she got her bag and began to follow him.
“The Temple of the Monkey’s"
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To The Mountain of Fruit & Flowers.
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