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 Hikari Country to Taki Country then back, Forbidden arts are known and needed.

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PostSubject: Hikari Country to Taki Country then back, Forbidden arts are known and needed.   June 1st 2015, 18:43

The morning sky showed nothing but the darkness of the world as it was still covered with the curtain of clouds. As for the young leader of the village, Asakura Grave stood up from his bed side stretching from the rest. As he turned to noticed that Sakura was laying beside him. Smiling he leaned over to give a light kiss on her cheek before having to get up and get his things on. Pulling the blanket up more to place onto her keeping her warm Grave had suited himself up in order to get the needed gear for him. Sakura had rolled over a bit rubbing her eyes before saying lightly his name, “mm…Grave where are you heading off to so early?” Grave smiled turning his head to nod at Sakura saying, “I have to go to Taki I want to obtain the Kinjutsu scroll from them to keep it safe from harms way.”

Sakura had nodded before laying back down trying to go back to sleep. As Grave took a few steps over and placed his hand down outside on ground before warping towards Taki with the use of Limbo. Grave had arrived within the village shortly after the spiral had closed behind him. “Sweet made it.” Soon the citizens moved in to greet Grave with bows to show respect before he did the same heading towards the village leader’s home. Stepping out from behind the door Grave gave a slight peek into the house before coming all the way in glancing around for everyone. Grave took a step in until he heard a voice, “Well hello their long time no see?” Grave smirked only to bow before Hanzo whom was having a cup of green tea.

“Grave what do I owe the visit from you young man?” Grave was set on that fact that he had to obtain the powers from the kinjutsu scroll before saying anything. “I wish to have the Taki’s Kinjutsu scroll, the techniques within there could be dangerous and I wish for them not to fall into the wrong hand if anything please understand this.” With that moment Hanzo blinked before leaning over to think about the request but instead took a sip from his cup with the heat rising from the green tea before saying, “You honestly believe you can do that…if that’s the case as you are the ruler of this country you can take it if you must. But be warned now I will have that scroll returned to me before the ending of this time.” Grave nodded as he walked towards Hanzo to bow on one knee, “Thank you…” Grave arose as Hanzo pointed into the direction of the Kinjutsu scroll from which he was able to walk down and obtain it minutes later he sighed at the fact what he obtained but opened limbo with the scroll under his arm vanishing to head back to Hikari.

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Hikari Country to Taki Country then back, Forbidden arts are known and needed.
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