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 D Class Mission: Weed Wacking

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PostSubject: D Class Mission: Weed Wacking   June 2nd 2015, 14:30

Enja was glad he finally got to go on a real mission-- by real , it meant his skills as a ninja put to a test. To do the work necessary of the village and have his new skills put to use. However... well it wasn't as glamorous as he hoped. Though it was his first mission and he had far more exceptional skill,  

The job was rather undermining as he was given a particular task. Using his skills to destroy a rather resilient form of ivy that had begun growing along the walls of the mountain area of the village. The steep cliff that had laid to the higher reach of the village and where the kage headquarters were. The entire village was built on an incline of a mountain and sometime the foliage began to creep up.

It was nothing better than a weed wacker job. When he was given the mission and left to get it over with, Enja just looked up with an expression of dreariness and dismay. "You have got to be kidding," he said as he looked over the wild ivy that was growing over the wall.

WIth a sigh he drew his katana and got to work. The job was teadious and long as he hacked and slashed at the growing ivy.  It took some time as the thick ivy grew and clung to the walls of the cliff. He had to climb up them and thanks to his chakra control, he could now freely walk along the surface and hack at the vines.

By late afternoon, the sun had set and the only things left of the ivy were the few scraps that still clung to the walls. Wiping his brow, Enja looked at the sunset as he completed his work. It was not glamorous, but he did the job he was asked to do. THere was nothing more he could ask and the rewards he would gain from it.

(328 words)

Rewards: +125 EXP, Ability Pts (AP) & +100 Reputation Pts (RP)

(473 exp , Ryo: 250 X 15= 3,750 Ryo.  100 Rep Points ____ AP) will add AP later.

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D Class Mission: Weed Wacking
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