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 B-Ranked Mission: "Protecting Gekko" PT.1

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PostSubject: B-Ranked Mission: "Protecting Gekko" PT.1   June 3rd 2015, 21:29

“Protecting Gekko”

It was around 5 in the afternoon when a raven came flying over Heise’s head with a scroll perched in it’s feet. Heise extended his hand out and the raven began to descend. Before the Raven would land on his hand he dropped the scroll into Heise’s hand and then landed. Heise took the scroll and began to open it up. Immediately Heise recognized the hand writing and header. It was from the Snake kid back in Gesshoku. Hayabusa must have authorized a mission for him. The real question was how did Hayabusa know where he was? Heise continued to read on and noticed that his client was heading to make a business trade in Kumogakure. That would explain why he was tasked with the mission.

Heise knew Gekko. When he left Gesshoku, the most recent time, Gekko was about 14 years old and was an orphan living on the streets. But he was a bright kid who was never really violent. Granted he did steal a lot but never anything to serious. Heise wondered how it was Gekko who was coming to do this transaction? Did he become a ninja ? Did he make money some way now? Did he steal a fortune. Whatever the case was Heise now had a mission assigned to him. He pet the raven a bit and would eventually find it food. He then sent the raven off back to Gesshoku.

Mei returned from the store just as Heise had begun organizing his Senju Armor, 3 Giant scrolls and other accessories.
“Sensei, tell me what’s going on?” She said as she grabbed her own weapons. Heise looked at her and began to wonder if he should bring her along or not. Granted it was just a B-Rank mission the threat of danger was still real.
“I’ve been sent a mission by the Gesshoku Village.” Heise said as he equipped all of his armor. His weights were also equipped. Nothing like getting some side training in anyways.
“I’m coming to right Sensei” Mei said sounding a bit worried. Heise sighed knowing that she probably wouldn’t give it a rest until He said yes.
“Yeah, but you have to do exactly what I say no fucking around Mei” Heise said as he latched the last of his scrolls on his back. Mei smiled in excitement and got her equipment ready as well.

The mission was pretty complex for Heise and Mei. Although it was just a B-Rank there were many levels to it. Gekko had been tasked with trading documents from one company to another. Both documents were expected to help either company in some way. There were two threats that lay in this mission. The first was that one company would try to take Gekko out in the trade. If one company had both documents than the other would most likely be forced out of business. The second was that Gekko had to make it out without being killed. Getting Geeko home would be easy. But Protecting the documents without getting to close and letting the other party know would be a problem. If he engaged in battle to close and let people live the would run and tell their superiors.

The Rendez-vouz point between Heise and Gekko was an old coal mine along the ridges of the mountain. It was about 5 miles out of the village to the west and a good meet up spot. Mei had been waiting for Gekko as the contact to ensure everything would be okay. When Gekko arrived Mei was quite astound. He was well dressed and groomed. This was not the poor orphan that Heise had described on their way to the travel spot.

“And you are?” Gekko asked as he looked at the girl, “You’re not the ninja i was suppose to Rendez-vous with”
“i Am Mei-Lee or Mei for short.” She said, “I will be escorting you to the trade point” She said.

Heise had arrived at the trading point a bit early to clear of any straggler ninja. And just as he’d imagine, there were a group of Ninja waiting to ambush Gekko.

‘Sensei, the package is secured’ a voice said in his ear. Mei was good enough to get Gekko to the location from thugs and bandits.

With the package secured Heise directed his attention to the five in front of him. Heise could tell that these ninja were more than just your average bandit but what he couldn’t tell was what country they were from and what village they were aligned with.
“Who are you?” Heise asked.
“Where is Gekko Oshitami?” One asked rudely cutting of Heise.
‘teach them a lesson boy’ a voice said. Heise knew that voice and that urge. It was the Kyuubi he’d presume. While Heise was upset he didn’t necessarily feel the need to kill them. What he needed to do was get them out the way for quite a bit of time. The first two came charging at him. Heise raised himself into the air and round House kicked both of them.

Heise now had his focus on the other three that remained. Within his arsenal, Senju Heise had multiple ways he could have killed them but since he was working on something during training he decided to continue with that them. He formed a few hand seals and sent two dragon head flames at his opponents knocking them out.
Eventually Mei would take meet up at the location. But then the second half of the mission would begin. Heise would remember this day.
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B-Ranked Mission: "Protecting Gekko" PT.1
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