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 +The Dark Times (IWA region) (Open. NO PVP.) (Event)

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PostSubject: +The Dark Times (IWA region) (Open. NO PVP.) (Event)   June 4th 2015, 21:33

IT had been a rather calm day in Iwa. The mountainous region was clear with the breeze and few clouds that dotted the skies around them. Iwa had always been a quiet place now in this age, and to one young ninja, a bit boring. But Ninja was a stretch as his academy training was lax of late. He had only been doing what training he could with his clan.

But while it sounded simple, the clan was one of the most mighty in all of the Earth Nation. THe Jiin clan. The Jiin clan was a clan of monks and priests that held great respect, but also held an unbeatable power over fire itself. As such, the clan was the lone masters of Fire ninjutsu. While they were dedicated to their cause, one such youth was not one to be easily contained by their priestly lives.

This is the beginning of his story.. the young red headed fiery ninja Asura Jiin. The young student had slipped out of his training again. He had been under the care and practice of a great mentor of the Jiin clan: Master Roku. While Asura had great respect for the man as if he was his own father, he got bored easily when it came to the priestly duties. It was not the life Asura wanted.

Once again, he had chose to roam the wilds of the mountains nearby. He would often stroll and explore there, usually against the desires and warnings of his peers at how dangerous it was there. Still he was rebellious by nature. He was one who had a fire burning in his heart, but even at his young age he was still at risk for that fire burning him.

He was only armed with a short katana by his hip. But the worst you could find in the mountains were rockslides, storms and bears. Nothing bad to worry about right?

Unfortunately while he decided to venture through there... a subtle fog was beginning to fill the valleys and mountains. Little did Asura knew he was walking towards a mass of the enemy soldiers coming from the Akatsuki! From that part of the land, they were likely weaving through the canyons and mountain paths through the wide expanse.  Roughly 10,000 soldiers were making their way through the pass, and using the cover of the mist to advance without anyone knowing.

Neither one was prepared to be discovered but if the soldiers approached and attacked the village, they would be wounded severely.

Asura made his way towards the bend of the mountain range, observing the view but was disappointing to see it was completely obscure by mist. "Aww man... what a bummer. Coming out all this way and to just get a view of nothing..." He sighed, seeing a fog so thick, and the sky so overcast it was a dull view. He couldn't even hear any birds of animals...

... but that was something that raised a flag for Asura. He blinked as he listened. While the mountains was a rather dull area, there was no void of life. There were always some life, even on the cliffsides. While majority of the wildlife lived in the valleys where the foliage grew, there was not a sound anywhere. As if something had driven them off.

Growing more concerned, Asura looked to the fog rolling in down below. He was positioned high enough so he could see towards the epicenter of the fog. It was completely obscuring any view of land or anything inside it. It was too thick by natural fog cover. It also had been clear for most of the day! So why the sudden change?

Acura's senses flared. He wanted to investigate closer but the movement was too linear for fog... it was an enemy. And for the moment, he was alone! There was no one around that could help him or tell to get help.

"THis isn't good..." he said, seeing as the fog began to advance closer. It would be a matter of minutes before it would consume his region of the mountain side.

He needed to get help, but he couldn't let them through. He was realizing it was a true emergency. He was alone now... but as he looked at the fog and knew running was not an option.... he began to think of a plan.

If he couldn't bring back up to the mountains, then they would have to bring themselves to him. It was up to him to make the enemy advance as bumpy and noisy as possible. Even if he couldn't slow them down, it sure as hell would get the attention of the ninja back in the Hidden Rock.

After all if there was one thing Asura knew how to do was cause alot of havoc when he wanted to. He grinned, ideas forming in his head. "Hmm... this may be fun afterall," He said, joking with himself as he attempted to psyche himself up for the obvious trial ahead of him.

(842 words so far. More to come)

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: +The Dark Times (IWA region) (Open. NO PVP.) (Event)   June 5th 2015, 17:41

The thick mist and the soldiers within it continued along the mountain paths. Because of the winding trails and roads that moved through Iwa, it would be impossible for a direct line to reach the Hidden Rock village. They had to move at a calm and regular pace, but that didn't mean they were not vigilant and on their way. They had taken great care to sneak into Iwa without setting off any kind of alarm by the boarder. They were silent and not conversing with one another, like a mindless horde prepared for a single task.

However, the lead one soon raised his arm and the others stopped.

"WHat is it?" one of the soldiers asked-- having somewhat of a will to ask and respond despite the look of deadness in his skin and features.

The lead soldier seemed to be one of the higher ranked minions and led them all with absolute control. "We have company. Someone has caught on to our presence." he warned the others, giving them a heads up. Very likely they were sensing the young ninja's presence.

"Is it Iwa? I thought our cover was solid?" another asked.

"NO... its just one person, but he is close. It is likely he suspects this is mere cover. We must---"

TWWING!! A kunai went flying across the path of first-- just grazing his head had he not ducked his head back just a moment. Their attention suddenly went to their left, towards the north-east mountainside that stretched up beside them.

Through the mist they could see him-- a red headed youth in a red vest and hakama with a short sword sheathed. He looked shocked that his kunai missed! Needless to say the lead soldier was not amused to have been aimed at. Though the harm would of been minimal at best, any strike was an insult and met with the same results.

"Kill him," he said with a stern tone, as if he was nothing more than an insect.  As he said that, the cover of the mist began to become clearer... giving Asura a good view of the 10,000 soldiers hiding out in the mist, all of them looking like an army of the living ninja dead.

"Oh crap...!" Asura groaned as they saw him, and with that, a good number of the soldiers-- roughly 40 came leaping out and proceeded to get him!

Asura quickly turned and ran-- literally up the mountainside. At a 90 degree angle, he scaled the mountain with just running with his feet. He was not incompetent despite his age. He was a quick study and learned the basics of chakra control. As such, running and keeping a grip on the wall allowed him a good amount of control to evade.

As he ran up the mountain, the enemies were quickly gaining, moving along to hopefully cut him off further up the mountain.

But Asura was not stupid. He had planned it out. He knew alone he could do nothing but he knew the basic ninja rules and those were in his favor. From the enemies, it seemed like he was running and was out of luck... however, Asura drew out his short sword and rushed for his marker.

He soon reached an edge of the mountain and ran past it, but as he did he swiped his sword at a part of the incline out of sight-- slicing a piece of rope that had been there!

CRACK! RUMBLE!! The mountain side awoken as if thunder had came rumbled from the sky. The pursuers as well as the soldiers below would look up to hear the sudden sound... and it was clear what it was.

"Rock Slide!!" someone shouted as large boulders could be seen come tumbling down from the cliffs! Some of the running shinobi dodged them but a good number were struck by the number of rocks. The collapse was massive as boulders the size of small trucks came after them. The ones that landed upon the ground below, threatened to bury many of the soldiers. Several got out but some were now buried under the massive amount of rocks.

Asura kept running up as he got some distance from them. Ninja rule number 7-- know your surroundings, he thought, recalling this from his lessons. Finding a high incline, he took a moment to catch his breath. It was one of the more common but vital rules. Iwa was a land surrounded by mountains and growing up there, he knew the hazards well. He knew this mountain had easy points to trigger an avalanche if someone wasn't careful. Of course, he played that to his advantage. As he learned: when out numbered, use the land and nature to your advantage. Make it fight for you.

At first he was beginning to get a sense of rest to catch his breath, the enemies suddenly jumped up from the cliffs! Asura was near the summit and had no where to go! He turned to see three of them charge him with blades and fists. "Got ya punk!!" one shouted as they struck Asura with a fist...




The blast echoed through the mountains as the mountain top exploded! What soldiers did witness the blast looked in surprise. "What the hell was that?!" they shouted, having heard that their allies had caught the spy.

The leader grumbled, helping his forces through the rocks that buried some of them. "Damn... Watch Yourselves! It was an Explosion Clone!" he warned.

Elsewhere... Asura was observing from afar. He threw the kunai himself, using it to direct their attention at the clone. The clone was not capable of being durable to launch serious attacks, but their true purpose was to trick the enemies and of course... lead them into a deadly trap. Shadow Explosion Clones was a complex form of jutsu, but Asura had become quite proficient in its use. IT was limited, but tricking his enemies into attacking a 'living bomb' was a good kamikaze tactic.

But it wouldn't last long. They would know soon enough that the REAL Asura was nearby and likely watching them.

"Spread out and find him!! the leader shouted, anger in his voice. "We can't let him inform the village of our approach! "

WIth that, the army began to scatter and search the mountains nearby. Asura grimaced and quickly got moving. There were many ways back to the village. The caves were the best but they were further away-- but many valleys and mountain paths were available to him. He quickly moved and got ready.

Asura was running down one of the shaded paths leading for the village, roughly 3 miles or so away. He was about to turn a bend in the path till four more of the soldiers appeared before him. He stopped and quickly drew his sword-- but before he could , one of the attackers got him and stabbed him in the back.

"Got yo--"


The part of the mountain erupted with a fiery blast, crumbling part of the path and causing the soldiers to fall off or be blown apart.

Asura had placed up several Explosion Clones around the mountains, using them as diversions and means of reducing the enemies. He didn't have much other jutsu but it was the best one he could use!

Right now many of the enemies soldiers were chasing Asura around, some finding him... but only moments before they tried to confront him-- it would explode and echo through out the entire mountain side.

Another group of them had found AN Asara running through a small canyon obscured from view-- but the poor saps were only asking for trouble. " Got you this ti--"


The leader could only groan as he heard some of his 'dead-weight' soldiers run into the obvious traps. He remained composed and thought things out. Those explosion clones are dangerous, but they are not as versatile as shadow clones. One can only make as much as 10 per use. The last explosion made roughly 6... he should have 4 more out there. Then considering he is so young, the number is probably less due to the amount of chakra he has to put into it. he thought as he pondered just what to do.


The sounds of the explosions continued to go off into the distance... to where the REAL ASURA was. He was hidden in a grove of trees nestled deep between two mountains. It was one of the few places where vegetation grew and wildlife lived. It was a bit further from the village, but from there he was in the center of the events. He could hear each explosion go off and tell the position of each forces.

While he had no illusions that his clones would take out numerous enemies, he merely had to buy time till aid came. With all the explosions going off and the mountains to echo the sounds... you would have to be freaking deaf at the nearby outposts to not notice this.

As he did, he held a hand sign as he knelt on the branch of a nearby tree. He was motionless, listening and keeping aware of the enemies nearby. IN the trees, he was far more hidden than he would be on the mountains, despite the mazes of paths and tunnels. Once he had diverted enough away... he could head for the village and get help.

After waiting for a while, Asura came out and jumped towards the forest floor. He looked around, and was prepared to go. THe explosions were further away now and likely following the trail.

"NIce trick, pup," a voice said.

Asura froze in mid step as he heard the voice from behind him. Behind him was the lead soldier-- the Ruler (Kou) Seal ninja that led the others. He glared at Asura with 'dead' eyes, clearly at a point of irritation and amusement.

Asura glanced over his shoulder to see the man, seeing him with a similar dagger in hand. Asura had his own drawn too, but didn't move. The tension now was too strong and he felt the certain aura of death on him.

"I will commend you. That was a clever trick, but the jig is up." He said as he drew his dagger and placed it near the back of Asura. "Explosion clones are handy but are flawed with only so many that can be produced at one time. If I counted correctly, those were the most you could produce, wasn't it?"

Asura didn't respond, a sweat falling from his brow. He gripped the dagger. He clearly wouldn't survive before he could turn around and strike, even in his defense.

"Its a shame that I have to kill a kid, but as you can imagine I have little say in the matter..." he said. "My condolences."

Asura quickly did turn regardless but the man was quicker and struck for the neck!


The explosion went off right in the Kou's face. He was singed by the blast, dealing some damage to him but not enough to really injure him to the point he couldn't fight. Still, it rang in his ears and took him off guard. He was sure that the kid didn't have any more explosion clones!! He saw how he was focusing his chakra so it had to be him!

"Another clone?! Where is the real one?!" he growled in anger.

"RIGHT HERE!!" Asura shouted, dropping out of the trees above him! Sword drawn, he entered a dead drop for the undead shinobi and aimed to strike with his sword.

The Kou looked up to see him incoming. THe clone he was talking to was a decoy, acting as if he was using chakra himself. WHile the other clones were going off, Asura had hidden in the grove But for extra assurance, he made one more clone to pose as a decoy in case anyone found his true hiding spot. And now the leader was open for attack!


Steel met steel as Asura and the blade of the Kou soldier met. While Asura had struck brilliantly, his enemy had far superior speed and dexterity. He grunted as he struck, but using the strike he used a kick to deliver an attack. However the enemy quickly blocked iwth his other hand and threw Asura in the other direction with its force.

Asura flpped in the air but skidded as he reached the ground. He guarded himself with his blade, aware of his enemy's movements. He was at a disadvantage. He had fought valiantly and skilled, but against a warrior of this caliber, he couldn't out maneuver or trick him. On top of that, the Explosion Clone Jutsu took a lot of chakra and Asura was out of it. He met his limit.

The leader shinobi of the undead army re-positioned his blade. "The game is over. I'll put you out of your misery you BRAT!!" he roared and charged. Asura saw him incoming and prepared to parry-- but it wouldn't work as the blade would swoop at such speed it would take off his head.

However... the arm of the assassin was stopped by the grabbing of a hand. In the blink of an eye, someone had intercepted the attack, standing in front of Asura. Standing between them was a tall man with with long black hair, tied in the back with a flame style crown. He wore deep red robes with a three flame crest upon them. He appeared almost like a lord among the village. However, he was extremely skilled as he stopped the enemy sword strike with a grab at his wrist, not allowing to go any further. He appeared to be in his forties his black beard checked with bits of grey. HIs eyes were amber in color and hold firm as he glared at the enemy, a fiery look in his eyes.  

"I can't have you kill him yet. After all, he has to pay for skipping out on my lesson again," he said almost casually, his expression to the KOu soldier firm as stone.

Looking up, Asura was surprised to see the man, recognizing him instantly with his family crest. "M-Master Roku!" Asura said in surprise. On the ground he looked up as he held the enemy at bay for the moment. For Roku it looked ridiculously easy. "What are you doing here...?"

Glancing over his shoulder, Roku gave Asura a calm look. "Well... I came here looking for you to put the fear of god in you for skipping out on your lessons again," he said, a clear indication of sarcasm in his voice.

"Ah... ehehe... sorry about that," Asura replied, rubbing the back of his neck.

Still, Roku held his smirk at Asura's rather attitude. "However, I happen to come across the commotion that you were causing. You done a surprising job, Asura... but I can take this fight from now on."

The Kou shinobi growled, keeping his eyes on this man. "You... how dare you interrupt my kill!" he said, eyes glaring at Roku with menace and hate.

Turning as if he had been interrupted by a casual comment, Roku turned once more to face his opponent. "I'll be your opponent now... unless you get your kicks killing kids for sport. Rather shameful for a shinobi, dead or alive," he said.

WIth a grunt, he shoved against ROku and grew distance away from them. "Why you... I'll make you choke on those words old man!" he growled and quickly weaved hand signs. Asura knew that combination... a fire style jutsu.

"Katon-- FIREBALL JUTSU!!" he roared and exhaled, causing a massive fireball to come flying at Roku. Roku merely stood still as he felt the heat wash over him. He didn't hesitate as the flames struck.


Asura braced himself against the blast and looked through the smoke-- but what he saw was awe inspiring. ROku was completely unharmed, and even more, the flames were merely swirling around him. "There is an old saying my clan has taken to heart when facing our enemies," he said as he flexed his arms, his sleeves brushed aside. WIth a simple motion of his hands and arms, no different than Taijutsu-- the flames responded to him.

"Play with fire, you are going to get burned," he said calmly. WIth a shove of his palm, the flames suddenly gathered and were shoved back towards the enemy! The shinobi's dead eyes opened wide as he saw the flames come flying back against him and exploded!

Asura looked in amazement at Roku's power. He was also known in his clan as 'Roku the Red' holding a title of high respect for both the clan and village.

"C-Curse you..." the enemy grumbled as he slowly got up. The fireball redirected had in fact left lasting damage, but of course-- the enemy was dead to begin with.

Roku kept his eyes on his adversary, but still addressed his pupil. "Asura, just stay back. I'll handle this." he said and addressed the enemy once more. "Your cause is lost. On my way here, i saw the signs of your troops, thanks to a certain youth's explosive tendencies," he said referring to Asura's explosion clones. "Before coming here, I sent a messenger hawk to the village. They know of the attack by now, and are having forces to meet you.  Surrender," he warned.

Still, the Kou enemy stood up and gripped his sword. "Perhaps... after all we are already dead, but that doesn't mean we take defeat lying down... I'll fight with all my soul!" he boasted and readied to attack once more.

Roku shook his head. "No... this battle is as good as over. I am putting you to rest right now," he said as he closed his eyes for a moment. There was a sudden pause of tension, Asura watching his master cautiously.

From the Kou leader's view Roku once more opened his eyes-- and the irises of his eyes changed! In their place of amber was a symbol of a yellow and black sun pattern! The gaze of the eyes were eerie and intimidating. Roku's Tengan! The key trait to the Jiin clan and the source of their great power!

"Th-Those eyes! You're with the Jiin clan of the Iwa?!" he shouted in response.

But Roku gave no answer as his eyes widened for a brief moment. Just as the enemy was about to advance-- flames suddenly coated his body! As if the very gaze set him ablaze. However, this fire didn't burn or injure him. It was merely growing on his body, consuming him slowly but surely. "Wh-- What is this?! What are you doing?!" he shouted in confusion.

Asura knew this jutsu but never seen it in action before!  The Tsuiho [Banishment]

"I'm sending you back to the afterlife. Return, and rest in peace, fellow warrior," Roku said in a small tone of respect, as if to pity the man for the fate of being reborn by a dark jutsu.

At first the Kou tried to fight it, reaching out to finish the fight but the closer he got to Roku, the more the flames grew around him. It soon consumed his arms, legs and body. He was but a shadow bathed in the white flames of the Jiin. With a gurgle of last breath--- the Kou vanished from sight, returning to ashes and back to the land of the dead.

Once the flames had vanished and the body reduced to ashes, Roku closed his eyes again, and opening them, returned them to their natural state. He gave a mental prayer to the soul, and then turned to Asura.

"Sigh... I will say this for you Asura. When push comes to shove, you are resourceful. " he said and walked over to Asura. He reached up a hand to help the youth up.

"So... did I empress you enough that you might forget my little mishap missing training?" he said with a small laugh, trying to brush off his master's disapproval of not showing up.

Roku just smirked. "Not a snowball's chance in hell," he replied. Asura grumbled a little, but still grateful, he took Roku's hand and he helped pull him up.

As Asura sheathed his blade once more and looked at his master, he was very impressed. He knew master Roku was a powerful Shinobi but he rarely got to see his powers in action. His use of the Tengan was considerable.

In truth, Roku was not too mad at Asura. While sure, he did skip out on his lessons again, but he had a deep love for the young boy. He held much promise and the fact he survived so long against these forces, it made him aware just how much he had grown. "Just next time seek help and not try to fight them all on at once," he said to Asura, smirking at the obvious joke.

"They didn't give me much chance to do so. They would of spotted me regardless" Asura replied. Side by side, they walked through the woods, reaching the end of it that overlooked the nearby mountainside. "What about the others? There were much more of them!" Asura informed ROku.

Still, the black haired man didn't bat an eye at the question. "Oh, you don't have to worry about that," he said as he pointed beyond the bend. Turning to where Roku pointed, he could see the valley there, and the forces of both the Akatsuki and the Iwa shinobi fighting one another. While Asura did thin them out a bit thanks to his clones and triggered land slides, they certainly did a much better job to thin out the numbers.

"I think we will fare just fine, my friend," he said with Asura at their side, watching as the tide was turned and thanks to Asura's warning and bravery.

Asura watched the fight briefly as the sunset bathed the sky crimson, and with that, Roku gestured them to head back home.

The End.

(Word COunt: 3,693. Grand Total from both posts: 4,535 words!!)

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+The Dark Times (IWA region) (Open. NO PVP.) (Event)
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