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 Hikari Country: Protection from the new threat (Event)

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PostSubject: Hikari Country: Protection from the new threat (Event)   June 4th 2015, 22:43

Sleeping lightly it seemed everything was just dull today. But it was not until Grave had lifted his head hearing screams coming from outside. Turning his attention to everyone Grave had ran over to see Sakura to ask what was happening. “Hey, what’s up?” She was helping move people to safety. “Im not sure but some have reported that some strange creatures have came through the barrier and are attacking others.” After she stayed quiet Grave noticed she had been hurt a bit but could not worry about it cause if he did she wouldn’t forgive him and decided to shift focus on what was happening to the country. “Well if anything, get everyone to safety after which report everything back to me. EVERYONE line up!” Soon mercenaries suddenly appeared smiling at one another. Grave stood tall with them saying, “I have no idea what is going on here and even more worse I know I owe you all money but help me this one time so we can clear out whatever the hell this is.” Everyone nodded leaving Grave to take a closer look thinking to himself. Could not be the actions of the Uchiha guy is it?’ Stopping for a moment he noticed the creatures coming at everyone. “SCATTER!” everyone vanished the creatures but getting pushed back like something from a horror movie. Grave had dodged several attacks pulling out Jouten to strike one of them only to deal no damage. “What…?!” Jumping back to evade the attack the mercenaries and Grave got into a pentagram formation. “Hey, Grave what the hell is this crap? They didn’t even move once we made contact with them.” Grave nodded to the information from Yoh before whispering to them, “Im not sure but after I struck one something seemed odd it was like…they are already dead…” Taking a closer look at everything Grave noticed on the chest they each had a different symbol on them. “Huh…that’s weird…its like.” Before he could even finish his words everyone scattered to dodge the attack. Grave nodded that all the citizens in the village had been moved. “Yoh you and Phantom had towards the city and check out everything there I do not want anyone killed or harmed if we can cut that down at least.

Within the time frame the each nodded running off leaving Grave and the others to deal with the invaders. “Great, how the hell did they even get pass us and our barriers.” Thinking of it all it seems impossible as they can continue dodging the attacks. “Facing against these creatures it seems hard enough to keep up with them and the power they carry over from them. Landing staring at the ground to pull out Jouten swing it around before clashing blades with another one. Pushing off of it Grave waited till he saw Sou coming from behind to strike the person down with a powerful punch. Moving in closer to Sou and Yiniko it seemed like everything was falling apart. Sou’s thoughts were setting on scanning the enemy trying to learn of their weak points but it seemed like there was nothing as they continued moving. Grave sighed lightly saying, “Don’t worry I have an idea.” Pulling Jouten back he focused as his eyes started to turning light blue because of the aura of his chakra wrapping around him as he pulled forward yelling out, “Ten Seibai!” the blast from the technique had traveled across the land digging into the ground in the village pushing the figures back from the attacking force that was remaining. Soon after Yin and Yang came roaring to the battle. Grave turned his attentions over to them smiling saying, “Good boys…now listen head to Sakura she’s going to need your boys help is that understood!” They soon roared at him as they quickly took off leaving the others to deal with the creatures. Grave pulled Jouten close to him and smirked as they took off knowing everything will be alright. “Okay…everyone stay behind me we are going to take this out quickly and I want to make sure you guys do not get caught in this.” They smirked only to nod at Grave whom had closed his eyes whispering into the darkness of his mind, “Let’s do it…” Soon the flaming feline appeared saying, “I figured you would ask sooner or later but yes lets!” After which Grave opened his eyes having the cloak of the nibi wrap around him becoming clothing once again leaving to stare like a human but having clothing of a priest that were flame like design having two tails waving in the background. With that moment Grave vanished with Jouten by his side as he swung several more times yelling out, “Ten Seibai!” Yiniko and Sou watched as waves of light were fired off repeatedly leaving Grave standing to see that they weren’t affected by the release of the technique.

Jumping backwards as they began attacking Sou moved into distracted the figure as Grave came from above crashing at them with a Rasengan. Jumping away carefully watching as the figure stood back up shaking its head like nothing had happen Grave was amazed and gripping his fist together. “Fuck…what the hell are these guys made of…” Sighing to this Grave felt that if he did a full release it be a waste of the energy and cause more damage to the entire village. Soon screams could be heard from the safe haven for the village. “WHAT! SOU YINIKO! LETS MOVE!” Leaving the creatures at the entrance Grave appeared fighting off the figures protecting the villagers. Sakura watched as Grave had appeared and quickly weaved his hand seals placing the barrier of the Asakura around everyone. Grave released the form as he tried to relax for a moment as they creatures kept trying to break in. “This is just great…I did not think this could happen.” Soon a villager moved over yelling, “What are this things!” Grave shrugged his shoulders saying, “That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. Even more so Yoh and Phantom are in the city but no telling what’s going on there.” Soon someone came knocking from the back of the barrier from which Grave let it down allowing the person to appear it was Yoh and Phantom to report. “So what’s the word out there?” Yoh turned to glance at Phantom and nodded. Answering Yoh began explaining how they came to city to get the survivors out as it seemed the figures were killing and destroying any and everything. Though It did not get bad until they noticed something that seemed to be different than the rest of them. Each one had a seal on them that was different but one stood out from the rest. “So they have a seal placed on them but one stood out that had the symbol of Kou on it?” Grave had said lightly thinking about it. “Yep that seems to be the case if anything we should plan this out and take care of these but if there is only one of those Kou figures here so that must be a connection to the these things right?” Grave thought about it carefully and thought about everything he was attacking before he nodded saying, “Yes it does seem like something is off after all. But could this be due to the one’s that had attacked before…” Grave said out loud but decided it was time to act. “Everyone listen I need you all to move towards my home Phantom lead them to the secret training grounds its safer than having everyone here, after which meet back up here with us we are going to rushing to the city in order to stop this crazy madness if anything.” Grave turned around as everyone got ready he released the barrier seeing the figures charging at everyone but released the nekomata becoming the two tails priest again pushing them back with a swift slash of Jouten. The sun was starting to set as they continued to do battle leaving only nothing but attack after attack carved into the ground. Techniques and explosions were set off from only one side. It seemed odd but everyone was holding their own. Sliding back to release the state once again, Grave moved closer to Yoh whom was watching the enemy carefully. “I’m not sure if these talk or anything but all they keep doing is roaring.” Grave noted that but something was even more interesting to him as they are just attacking with basic attacks not even using techniques. Grave figured something was off but did not place what was really going.

“Everyone read…” Grave leaned forward waiting until Phantom was on the rooftop whistling for the signal for everyone to move from the position and move to the next location. As they all smirked Yoh shook his head saying, “Show off he always things that’s the best way!” Placing the blade away Grave laughed as they all jumped onto the roof top rushing to the small forest on the island. As they all jumped over the entrance of the village. Grave turned to look back for a moment before hearing Phantom’s voice softly say, “They are safe…they have Yin and Yang with them as well…” Grave turned his attention to Phantom before smiling nodding staying to face forward on his own before they landed on a tree branch to lunch off of it to the next location. “Okay everyone listen up, Kakusen and Sasu are the targets however we have to be careful cause we do not know how strong this Kou character could be if anything. The rest of them show to be at our levels and somehow even rival my strength as a Jinchuriki. But the main question is where was the Kou character located after you helped clear the cities.” Phantom glanced over at Yoh as they both answered, “It was in Sasu, it seems these guys were not just here though…they came by surprise and it was not just a quick surprise either it was more or less they came from the ocean we noticed them coming out after we cleared by they just started their work so we hurried and cleared everything and split to the port to double check there as well.”

Grave was amazed at the information that was gathered before the landed on a branch and launched from it carefully Grave closed his eyes to think, “I see.. so they came by attacking a city but really split off attacking everything in the country if that’s the case…then they are aiming to completely destroy all of us in one swing if anything we need to stop this before its too late understand that everyone this enemy is not to be taken likely.” With that they all nodded agreeing as they jumped from the last branch landing in to the street sliding on the ground lightly seeing the figures moving around. Everyone pulled out a weapon as Grave pulled out his Jouten. “Everyone…full force attack!” everyone heard the words and darted off with the plan beginning with them being the main force attacking. Phantom had started using his earth technique, “Hasaiki!” With the force of the technique coming to life Grave smiled as he pulled back his arm starting chidori to crush through it hitting the figures one by one leaving them standing but him finishing with the technique ending and they soon fell over but after a few minutes started standing back up leaving Grave puzzled again but then he snapped from the moment thinking of the information given to him. Remembering what was said about Kou character. “That’s it…the symbol Kou I figured I’ve seen it before.” Grave remembered his grandfather saying everyone has a ruler they follow just like the Kages follow the Daimyos. “That’s it I wonder if that’s how they are connected….” Within that moment Grave continued moving forward with everything jumping up on to the building running up as everyone was following. They stopped at the rooftop before Grave turned to Yoh yelling, “HEY you said the Kou character had that on what part of their body?” Yoh thought about it carefully before Phantom said lightly saying, “Forehead…”

Grave started scanning the area carefully to locate the figure with a seal on their forehead that read ruler. “Cmon where are you, the fucking asshole has to be around here somewhere but where is he.” His eyes continued moving faster and faster with each scan he was remembering everything he had noticed before he pointed in the distant. “THERE IT IS!” It was the only one that was surrounded by another group of the figures that seemed calm and not moving like the rest. Rushing over to the field they reached over only to deal with the battle under them as they landed Grave stared over smiling as he ran over towards the figures to deal with them but was shot backwards from one of them giving a good swing with their fist. Leaving Grave leaning over shaking everything off before staring at the figures that pulled out their blades Sou moved close smiling “Grave remember you paid us to help you so let’s get moving!” Vanishing quickly both of them delivered a powerful punch into the guard that seemed to protecting the Kou one. Sliding back from the force they deliver it stood up roaring heavily before it felt like it was in trouble. Phantom turned behind him and figured out something as the figures started turning around. Phantom turned to poke Yiniko on the back saying, “Behind…” Yiniko was yelling at him, “What is it now you see….oh shit…hey Yoh!” Yoh turned to noticed only for him to tell, “Oh fuck!” With that the three mercenaries teamed up to take care of the others that were coming. Leaving Grave and Sou to take care of the others ones. “Let’s do this!” Pulling out Jouten Grave quickly transformed into a priest once again with the two tails of the nibi waving. Clashing with the figure Grave noticed it had the seal of Master on it. He couldn’t believe it but continued his push as Sou would come in with his techniques. “KATON – GOURYUUKA!” Soon Grave had to do a quick roll as the technique fired from Sou’s mouth. Sitting up seeing the flames it seemed like they defeated however it stood up roaring once again. Grave turned to notice everyone else was fighting which left Grave and Sou fighing the front line. “Great…they are too busy Grave what do we do?” Grave stayed in his form before pulling back Jouten having the rush of chakra covering him once again his eyes started to seem like they were turning blue as he pulled back saying, “Simple we cut our way through the heavens…TEN SEIBAI!” The powerful rush of energy started rushing through the ground with Grave standing to see the figure had taken the attack but was only pushed back having blocking the damage. Grave smiled only to vanish with his speed to clash the blade and pushes the figure back even more. “Jouten is not weak…he is the true supreme being of all the blades!” The ground under them broke pushing them back as Sou could only watch as Grave was matching the figure with power. “Odd never seen him like this…he’s actually smiling I guess facing the hachibi changed him a bit.”

Grave pulled the blade back but turned it to have it becoming an upper slash to knock the blade from the figures hands upward as he quickly moved downward to push off a kick into the figure’s face to push them back even further leaving them open as Grave released another hit, “TEN SEIBAI!”firing into the chest of the figure to push them back further away Sou figured Grave could handle the battle as he rushed over to deal with battle with the others. Grave finished by landing with a smile on his face saying softly, “I cannot believe this thing is so strong…can you.” Soon the nekomata appeared within the mind of Grave saying, “No, but then again they seem a bit off as though they have no idea what is happening to them but that does not mean you should let your guard down is that clear Grave.” Nodding to that Grave vanished once more to continue the onslaught as the figure was still standing tall but it was not until Grave started to notice the figure with Kou on it did not move the as the battle was continuing between them and the others its as if it was watching and recording everything the moment. Sliding to a stop Grave turned his attention for a bit as he left the figure with the Master seal on him just stand tall with nothing to worry as though the damage did not phase him at all. “Great…still can take more huh buddy.” Soon the cloak vanished leaving Grave blinking and sighing heavily, “Shit…I overused it and did not even think about it.” The figure started charge at Grave as it delivered a punch into Grave’s stomach pushing him into the air but he was tightly gripping Jouten never letting go. After which it through him into the ground before lifting its food to stomp on Grave who had rolled around as he dodge the attack to counter with an upper slash once more.

The figure staggered a bit as they were still battling as Grave jumped over he figured something out. But was picked up again this time being choked to death by the figure. Everyone had been cornered as well about to be finished it was not until Grave pulled Jouten back yelling out, “Catch this asshole!” As he fired the blade like a kunai the figure with Kou turned its attention only to have the blade strike it in the forehead. Roaring loudly with a large amount of pain the figure fell over shaking violently leaving Grave being able to breathe once again as everyone of them was starting to vanish leaving nothing behind. Grave landed on the ground turning to look at everyone before they were confused. Grave walked over to Jouten that left only itself but nothing else. “What the hell was that….” Grave breathe heavily before saying, “I think it’s the start of a very powerful threat…I should go check the other countries if they are in trouble we could aid them. But I want you all to return and make sure everyone is safe got it…” Sou and the others nodded as they rushed to leave Grave gripped tightly with his hands before thinking about it. “I should do training within that domain if anything…I cannot leave this unchecked and leaving them to deal with this is something I cannot allow.”

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Hikari Country: Protection from the new threat (Event)
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