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 Saving the Leaf Village (Event): Part 1 [Bijuu Training & Nexus Training]

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PostSubject: Saving the Leaf Village (Event): Part 1 [Bijuu Training & Nexus Training]   June 5th 2015, 18:56

Night fall had come and the sound of battle horns had awoken the village. Mei had made it in before the commotion began and she began looking for Shizou. Her heart raced as she wondered what was going on. A loud explosion from the north gate appeared and the sound of war erupted. Though most of the ninja in the leaf village wasn’t prepared for what was going on. An army would burst forth and begin slaughtering the ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. Mei was in shock as she couldn’t believe it. She jumped to the top of the building and now noticed the ninja’s running in panic as well as the civilians. She turned and noticed a group of ninja flying past her. One of the Ninja would so happen to be the Hokage.

As she turned around she noticed one of the enemy soldiers towering over her. She froze in fear as she didn’t know what to do. Just as the enemy brought his weapon down a blade appeared blocking the attack. It was a man with long navy blue hair and dark eyes. A smile lit of over her face.
“Sensei Shizou,” Mei yelled. Shizou repelled the force of the attack causing the opponent to be off balance and would then proceed to cut through him.
“Where is Heise?” Shizou asked standing up sheathing his sword.
“He was on his way to Iwagakure” She said as she dusted herself off.  Shizou gritted his teeth and stood up.
“Mei, this is war. Don’t stand still. Focus on getting the villagers out of here” Shizou yelled as he jumped off in the distance. Mei nodded and moved on her own.

Elsewhere in the forest outside the border of the Leaf Village, Heise and Sun Wukong were running.
“Waking you feel that? It’s like war already started.” Heise yelled as he jumped from tree to tree. Wukong knew of the disturbance as well.
“Do you think it’s happening all over?” Heise asked. Wukong was yet again silent as he was unsure. He knew when he got to the battle he would have to summon the other monkeys to help out with the fight.
“Heise, be ready to use the full extent of your Sage and Bijuu powers, as well as anything else you have in your arsenal.” Wukong said knowing his partner was scared of his powers. Heise shook his head he was now angry. The marks on his face became more defined and his eyes became red. He was entering the Bijuu mode already. Wukong was impressed with how much he’d already mastered on his own but now was not the time for revelation.
“Hayabusa is not here to hold my hand,” Heise said to himself, “Nor is Hayabusa here to fight the battle for me. It’s up to me stop the Leaf village from being destroyed” Heise yelled.

Mei was doing just as she was told. Escorting as many Women and children she could to the escape route when she’d been cornered. There were seven of them around her. And while she was a skilled in her chakra she was unsure if she would be able to take them. She heard a voice in her head pushing her to try and that’s exactly what she was going to do. She charged her chakra to her feet to give her a speed boost. With her Kunai she began slashing through the foes up until one big one came in front of her. This one looked more skilled than the rest. Mei back up a bit. Just as the man was about to deliver a blow. A blue ball of chakra came crashing down on the man’s back.
“RASENGAN!” Heise yelled! Mei was elated to see Heise though she could feel this wasn’t just Heise. There was some other presence there. What was the ominous chakra that he was carrying.

“Sensei?” Mei asked as she back away slowly. Heise slowly picked himself up off the ground and looked at Mei.
“Wukong help me.” Heise said. A monkey appeared and he was next to Heise. Both began forming hand seals at an extremely fast rate.
“Ninja art: Summoning Jutsu!” They yelled in unison. As the slammed their hands on the ground, a giant cloud of smoke appeared. Mei slowly stepped back in awe of the giant beast in front of her. Two large Monkeys one with white hair and the other with brown hair towered over the buildings.
“The Howler twins?” Heise said as he jumped onto the heads of the Monkeys. The first one with white hair was Hun Chouen the other was Hun Batz. Both were stronger some of the top of the line bosses that the Sun Monkey clan had to offer. On the top of Hun Batz head was one monkey in a tiger Mesh.
“King Enma!” Heise said bowing respectfully. Enma immediately could sense the presence of the bijuu within Heise and was impressed that he had it under control.
“You good monkey?” Emma asked to Heise. Heise nodded immediately understanding.
“Emma take care of the villagers, I sense it.” Heise said turning in a direction. Enma looked in the same direction almost instinctively. Emma was using the sage chakra to observe.
“Heise You and Wukong need to go take care of that before anymore of the army comes” He stated.
Heise nodded.
“Yeah I’m on my way” Heise said. Before he left he turned and looked at Mei who wasn’t scared but in awe at what her sensei could do.  Heise jumped down to her and smiled. He walked over and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
“Stay alive and stay with Enma,” He said. Wukong appeared next to him placed his hand on Heise’s shouldering signaling that it was time to go.  Heise stepped back and the two began to be encased in leaves.

The battlefield where he stood was a cold and desolate place. His skin was cold pale and his eyes… they weren’t they’re. Somehow Heise could sense the emptiness within him. The man drew up a cigarette to his mouth and took a drag from it. He then moved the cigarette from his mouth and then blew out a puff of smoke.
“Who are you?” The man asked.
“I Am-“
“Doesn’t matter, you’re most likely going to die anyways” He interrupted. Heise felt a chill run up his spine. This man wasn’t normal. Everything he was saying he could have backed up most likely.
“Do you know who I am?” The man asked. Heise shook his head. Heise couldn’t help but feel reduced to a child. He felt helpless  at the man’s power. Wukong stood there paralyzed in fear as well.
“Heise attack” Wukong said.
“Bitch, what the fuck do you think i am trying to do?” He asked as he stepped closer.
“I am Kou” The man said. “I have no name, No title, no rank, no purpose but to kill.” He said charging at Heise.
‘defend yourself heise. don’t let him hurt you’  Heise though to himself as he began to move. But he was to slow. He had been hit by the man and was sent charging back. Heise immediately go up and was on the rebound to attack. Whatever fear he had was suddenly knocked out when he was grabbed. Heise would then throw his right hand at the man. The kou dodged and made a swift jab to Heise in stomach. Heise reacted fast enough to grab the hand and using the force of the man he would throw the man to the side. He grabbed jumped back and looked at Wukong who was still standing there.
“WUKONG MOVE” Heise yelled.
Just then Wukong began forming hand seals and began to draw chakra to his chest and expanded a giant flame bullet at The Kou.

Heise moved in right after the flame bullet. He then extended his right hand out and charged chakra to it. In his hand a spinning ball of chakra. He brought his hand forward and slammed his hand into the ground where the kou was. Once the technique was finished Heise jumped back to see the effect of the combo he’d just perform.
“I applaud you.” The Kou said as he stood up ingraining that his shirt had now been ripped and his stomach had been churned in a spiral.
“But I feel no pain. The best you could do is cut off my head” The kou said jokingly, “But, I know someone who had power like that. Some Asura kid way back when.” He joked. The kou suddenly charged at Heise creating hand seals.
“Ice style: 1000 ways of death” He yelled. Suddenly large spike rides of ice began to burst forth from the ground. Heise instinctively jumped in the air. The kou, almost seconds away, grabbed his leg and slammed him right back to the ground. Wukong rushed in and began to launch an assault of Taijutsu on the Kou to give Heise the time to recover. Once Heise stood up, Wukong backed off and began to calm down.

Heise was now more intrigued and happier than ever. Knowing he would have to save the Dream island next, Heise knew that the Kou there would be just as challenging. Heise wiped the blood he had coughed up from the crash way from his lip. He then smirked.
“I guess I can’t play around then can I?”  Heise asked as he closed his eyes. An orange flame slowly appeared around Heise. His eyes grew red and more feral and his body grew more hair.
“You chakra has increased.” The kou said with a smiled. He reached for his sheathed sword and pointed it at Heise.
“I’m not done yet” Heise yelled. The kou’s own hubris allowed him to put the sword down and wait. The orange chakra that was around Heise began to change turn into a bubble like aura that covered his entire body. From the Bubble like aura sprouted one tail slowly. Heise refused to let that be the extent of his control though. He continued and a second tail grew as well. His body had also notable changes. His hair was longer more spikey and more defined. A full beard had grown around his chin and his muscles had bulged.
“You my friend look like a monkey.” The kou said. Wukong who was standing right there was now more afraid. He wondered who was in control, The Kyuubi or Heise.
“Heise, You there? Talk to me Monkey sage” The monkey said. Heise snarled a bit at the Kou then turned to Wukong.
“I’m here. Summon Enma.” He said. Emma appeared before anyone could do anything and was standing next the Heise. The Kou retrieved his sword and already Enma knew why he was summoned. A cloud of smoke appeared and the when the smoke cleared, Heise was holding a black and gold staff.
“Shall we dance?”

The two rushed at each other trading blows. The skin of the Enma made staff was harder than the Kou imagined and the strength of Heise had also appeared to be greater than what he was expecting. Heise stopped for a moment to jump back and threw Enma in the sky and began forming hand seals.
“Wukong!” Heise yelled.
Immediately a large forest began to grow from the desolate ground out of nothing. Also from the ground a giant golem appeared where Heise would be standing. Wukong, Enma and The Kou were busy battling it out while Heise was busy. His kyuubi chakra disappeared for a moment and Heise was sitting still on top of the Golems head. Hair hair now broke from it’s pony tail and turned onto full on spike and his beard also turned spikey. His chest became more hair and his iris widen.
“It’s still not perfect balance but this will have to do for now.” Heise said. Heise jumped off the Golem’s head and was headed straight for the fight. Instead of the bubble like aura, the flame like aura appeared and increased his strength. Now the Kou was having to deal with 3 strong enemies at the same time.

It had been about thirty minutes or maybe more and still the Kou was holding his own. Heise had run out of Sage chakra and was depleting his own chakra reserves. Wukong and Enma were both injured and Heise had refused their help any longer. He didn’t want them returning in worst condition. Heise looked up and smiled as he wiped blood from his life. Suddenly his smile turned into laughing. Even the Kou was confused.
“Is there something that’s funny?” The Kou asked noticing Heise moving closer and closer to him.
“Yeah, this battle.  I haven’t even been giving it my all.” He said with a laugh.
‘Kyuubi, if you’re in there buddy. Now would be a great time to help’ Heise thought to himself as he now stood directly in front of the Kou. Emma stood up and transformed into the staff and flew to Heise.
Enma grabbed his sword as well and again thew two were going at it. Though this time Heise was now using his Mokuton to shape the terrain as the fought. With he slight advantage Heise was now moving more fluid and faster than before. Not only that his orange chakra was keeping into Enma and Revitalizing him. Heise knew that the only way to beat this one was by using everything he got and being two steps ahead of him. He placed enma to the side and began to form a string of hand seals. Two large crystal wings emerged from his back and formed. Heise grabbed Enma and continued the onslaught on the Kou this time each attack hitting heavier and heavier each time.

“Something’s not right!” The kou yelled as he parried the attacks from Heise, “Where are you getting all of this power from.” He yelled as he was forced to continue defending. Heise could have said it was the Kyuubi giving him chakra, or the sage mode that he’d entered again or even his own strength that he hid from the world but no one of those answers would have been true. The only thing that popped into his head was the villagers of the hidden leaf village and suddenly he knew what it was.
“To protect that which matters most! That is why I live. and If you and your team ever comes to lay a hand on my village again I will destroy you!” He yelled. Suddenly Heise’s aura exploded and was stronger than ever. Heise was no longer in control and Enma knew it. The seal was slowly allowing the Kyuubi to slip through. Emma waited for the correct time to untransform and move out of the way.  When he did, He watched as Heise would tear the Kou limb from limb and obliterate his body. When that was finished Heise drew his hands back and roared into the air. Enma quickly moved behind Heise and hit him on the neck making him unconscious.

When Heise awoke he was dressed in full gear and his body was healed up. It must have been no thanks to the Kyuubi inside of him. Standing at his side was his new team that he would take with him to Dream Island: Mei-Lee Hyuuga, Uchiha Shizou, Sun Wukong & Monkey King Enma. Heise knew it was Enma who had controlled the Kyuubi’s powers and put him to sleep. With Enma on the team there was no way he’d loose control. Now all that left to do was go save the dream island.
“Enma I-“
“Heise now is not the time. Whatever power you have, control it and use it to save dream island.” Emma said as he gathered his equipment. Wukong sighed and nodded.
“I suppose I should stop playing around as well” Wukong said. Heise knew that Wukong wasn’t using his full power. He figured he was trying to help Heise use his full potential. His eyes now focused on Shizou who only carried a sword.
“I’m with you.” He replied. Just as he did a boy walked in with black hair. He wasn’t from here but he carried the crest of the Gesshoku village.
“I am Kaitou, I am here to help you Lord Heise” He said as he bowed to the ground. Heise nodded and approved. His final eyes turned to Mei-Lee who was confused at the whole situation. She didn’t know whether to be scared of Heise or Proud of him. She decided she would go with the more positive side of things and smiled.
“I am with you” She said. Heise felt a bit reassured now that she was sure. With the Six of them Saving dream island would be a piece of cake. Not to mention the Sun Clan who was supporting him.

Heise closed his eyes and held his stomach where he would appear in a dark cavern for a moment away from reality. He stood there looking at the seal on a large door and noticed it was fully in take not a tare on it.
“To think, this little paper is holding you from unleashing your full power.” Heise said. “I know you don’t like me Kyuubi, but i’m going to ask this favor of you. In order to live out our lives peacefully, I need you to trust me and believe that I can turn this around with my friends. You could have given me way more power back there and allowed me to control it.” Heise said. He heard a small whisper of something but didn’t saying anything. He knew the Kyuubi understood his message loud and clear.
“I’m counting on you.”

With that Heise opened his eyes and stood up to face his teammate.
“All five of you grab on to me.” Heise said. Everyone managed to get a hand on Heise. He closed his eyes and remembered where he placed the seal.
“There.” He said. Heise charged up his chakra and the entire group disappeared in a yellow flash. Astounded, the chunin who was watching him went to go find his Hokage to tell him that the yellow flash had returned.
‘I am here Heise'
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PostSubject: Re: Saving the Leaf Village (Event): Part 1 [Bijuu Training & Nexus Training]   June 5th 2015, 18:57

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PostSubject: Re: Saving the Leaf Village (Event): Part 1 [Bijuu Training & Nexus Training]   June 5th 2015, 18:57

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PostSubject: Re: Saving the Leaf Village (Event): Part 1 [Bijuu Training & Nexus Training]   

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Saving the Leaf Village (Event): Part 1 [Bijuu Training & Nexus Training]
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